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Viera Florida BB2020 league
We have 10 coaches for our first run through with the new rules on tabletop. We're playing outside in a avenues/shops courtyard with masks and all. But happy to give the new rules a go. Underworld with snots should be interesting for me.

I'll update how I feel about the new rules in comments as we move forward - new rules that work well or get kind of sticky; that sort of thing. Just posting updates to help folks thinking about getting into the new rules.

Cheers guys!
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Posted by ClayInfinity on 2020-12-04 00:57:40
As much as the forums become a flame war on the new rules, be interested to follow your thoughts on a forum rather than blog..., but am very intrigued!
Posted by Jogrenaught on 2020-12-04 07:47:49
So for my first match, I played underworld V black orks. It was a really fun experience to get into the newer teams right off the bat. I've played underworld but never with snotlings - at 1 mill I had a full 16 person roster including all positions and 4 snotlings with 2 Rrs and an apoth - pretty cool.

The Black orks were more interesting than I thought. Initially I saw them as weaker lizardmen BUT with a troll, brawler, AND grab they worked out well for smashing things in a different way. The front line basically would just hand off one of my goblins until someone pummeled the poor guy.

Key things about the actual match:

Troll vomit is awesome. A very low risk attack that causes no turnover even if it goes awry AND doesnt need the block dice for a chance to be great. His troll vomited a skaven linerat to death. At one point trolls were exchanging vomit - welcome to 2020.

Swarming, snotlings, and underworld, with a gutter runner - theyre tier 2 now and it makes total sense. The difference in positioning, presence on the field, all was greatly advanced by the snotlings.

The gutter runner was a terror and scored 3 of the 5 TDs. he got one off a blitz and an extra turn as well. When playing a slower moving team, the gutter was just deadly.

At one point a troll tossed a goblin at the gutter and KO'd him too. That was fun. AND btw, it PAYS to try random teammate throws now because if you roll a 6 on the toss and a landing then the thrower gets an spp! He cannot pass anymore but he doesnt NEED to: key word in gutter runner is "runner".

Skaven throwers have a pa of 2 plus! HOORAY!!!!

The thick skull goblins made a difference. A few times I rolled that 7 and started to say it was a KO but they stayed on the pitch. Pretty sweet.

The injury table is interesting - just remember not to use the GW D16s because of how the low numbers and high numbers arent mixed on either side. I think we did a D6 and then a D8.

The final score was 5-0 Underworld - a crazy first game of BB2020. So how did the post match sequence go?

Throw out how you think skills work in BB2016. I actually really like the new skill system. Being able to spend a small amount of spp for a random prim, or basically dbl to pick one or more for a sec or stat is just really cool. I feel like you have to work HARDER to make a great character and thats part of the fun of it for me - the journey.

My gutter got block as a picked prim for his first skill up earning 9 spps - so he basically has 3 left to add to whatever else to buy his second level skill. Kinda cool in that you dont have to remember when a character levels - you just spend the points. Points get more expensive with each level.

So mutation on snots - I have a snot that got mvp (4 points now) and he got disturbing presence randomly. Thats snazzy! And what fun too!

Theres a whole new list of passing skills. I know I heard on the fumbbl podcast that passing wont be a thing anymore. But I dunno, seems like if you build a nice passer/catcher combo that it can work well. Of course Im saying this after only 1 game.

Anyways, overall impression is I had fun, I co-vomited with my opponent, I scored 5 TDs because his goblins refused to pick the ball up, and several Halloweenies died. I have a host of other games to go through but all in all, give it a whirl. Ill post my progression as I go.

Posted by coachclyde on 2020-12-04 13:52:17
Very interesting. I've been reading up on the rules and have been wondering how they will work. Now that you are back to TT, how would you compare the dice roles on TT vs Fumbbl?
Posted by Jogrenaught on 2020-12-04 14:43:37
I don't want this thread to degenerate into a complaint/defense of random number generators. I'll just say that no matter where you get your dice rolls, they are what they are and there's nothing you can do about it. So do your best to enjoy the ride.
Posted by ClayInfinity on 2020-12-04 14:45:16
Thanks for the update... again, this would be better in a forum post. Did you throw a pass? If so, what were the odds of a Wildly Innacurate?
Posted by Jogrenaught on 2020-12-04 15:19:03
I threw a quick pass to the gutter which felt like normal (2 plus pass, 2 plus catch).

We had a few throw team mates, none went wildly inaccurate. One almost got a troll an app for being a 6 on the pass.

A goblin on the ork team tried a pass and got wildly inaccurate on a modified 1 I think (attempted a long pass) - it scattered 4 spaces to the left of the thrower and hit the ground - this was very different and neat.

I had a clanrat attempt a deep pass that needed a 6 and he got it, but the gutter failed the catch on the 2 plus - felt like normal.