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2024-04-30 13:52:36
rating 5.4
2024-03-06 15:15:56
rating 6
2024-02-06 11:59:00
rating 6
2024-01-01 07:34:29
rating 5.4


2023-12-18 21:01:59
rating 6
2023-11-10 13:25:10
rating 6
2023-12-18 21:01:59
7 votes, rating 6
POTY 2024 Prizes
POTY 2024 Prizes

1st Expertly Painted Deathroller
Possibly the most expensive single BB mini you’ll ever own and fantastic enough to function as a trophy while not in use. I’m on the far side of the hobbyist-gamer spectrum, but still have a place on the mantelpiece picked out to display this (one that’s currently only being used for a wedding photo).

2nd Deeproot Strongbranch

3rd Ripper

2nd and 3rd prizes enabled by generous support from our Benevolent Overlord Christer.

Scoring in previous blog post.
Prizes sourced when the winner (and more importantly their location) is known. I think this is the best way to handle the logistical issues of providing a physical prize for an online competition with a global playerbase. This flexibility allows you to substitute the models for something roughly equivalent if, for example, you already own them. We’ll work it out so you should get something you’re happy with. Similarly, if a hobbyist wins and would prefer to assemble and paint the Deathroller themselves, the paint job can be substituted.

Bonus for 145ers/graduates (until further notice): Win a POTY-scoring Minor for a GW Team Box. I expect you’ll each get 5-6 chances at this throughout the year.

Eligibility of claimant determined by 145 admins.

Prediction comp: Win a GW Team Box. Submit predicted top 3 in order via site or discord direct message by end Dec 31st 2023.
3 pts per correct name in top 3 regardless of place.
+4 for correct winner.
+2 if 2nd place pick finished 1st or 2nd.
+1 if 3rd place pick appears in top 3.
Example: Prediction (Malmir, Elyod, DimmyGee) Result (DimmyGee, Gdaynick, Malmir) = Score 7/16

Selections anonymous until 1st Jan when they’ll all be revealed.
You can predict yourself to win, but everyone will see what you did and judge you.
You can predict yourself not to win, but everyone will see what you did and judge you.
Ties in all competitions settled by the Wheel live on stream.

If you don’t have a Jan Gauntlet team qualified team yet there are still two weeks to go in the season to bang out 15 games. If you don’t qualify don’t worry – only 8 of those who do will be getting POTY points - there will be plenty of time and tourneys to catch up.
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Posted by dentface on 2023-12-19 16:07:10
Can we call it Player Of The Tournament Year? That way we can call the winner the POTTY
Posted by Spence on 2023-12-19 18:39:58
A handful of points have been added to the 3x 4 monthly BBTs in 2024. Check scoring post for details. It's a slightly higher points yield than the Minors while being a lot more work and lower frequency. Top 5 in BBT is easily the least efficient way to gain points so no-one should feel compelled to put in the volume (or significantly handicapped by the lack thereof), but it recognises the competition and may prove decisive in case of a close race.