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2018-12-12 11:19:56
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Introducing the new legendary Dodge Challenger
A few you of you may have seen the recent forum thread in which gamelsetlmatch pointed out a massive flaw: There has never been a legendary assassin on Fumbbl! The greatest star so far had merely more than half the star player points required to reach legend status.

How could Fumbbl as the leading free fantasy football online playing platform be taken seriously, if one of the best and most balanced positionals our beloved game has produced was so dramatically neglected! The consequences were obvious. A blackbox task force was built to remedy this fact as fast as possible, and junior assassin Dodge Challenger started his run for fame.

TLDR, as you kids say: He succeeded yesterday.

It was a ride. Dodge started furiously, with his first skill a double roll. Now, BB schools have been teaching us relentlessly that Multiple Block is the way to go. But although stabbing is light-hearted fun, it yields zip SPPs. So Mighty Blow it was. And Dodge was truly mighty blowing, tearing through the opponent lines and occasionally cherry-on-top scoring a touchdown. The team remained undefeated for its first twenty-one matches and developed nicely, eventually hosting four Guard players. A very memorable moment was this match against Malmir's Norse, where Dodge shadowed the ball carrier eight times (a 7+ roll was needed to succeed at that point) into our own endzone. The Norseman made all dodges but got so irritated at the end that he snaked the final GFI to score.

However, the overall success had dire consequences. The team left the realm of mushy blackbox trophy hunters and started running into nasty dwarf, chaos dwarf and other bashy oppositions. Dedicating resources such as team rerolls, apo and linemen to protect Dodge came with a price. Both win ratio and Dodge's SPP gains dropped. As well as his unfortunate team members. Three of them - all Guarders - paid with their lives in this particularly bloody match. The dramatic cut in team value at least meant that we met slightly less violent opponents in the following match, allowing Dodge his personal record of 17 SPPs in a single game: three touchdowns and four casualties - all serious injuries.

Legendary status was only a few SPPs away, when both Dodge's ambitious plans and heart beat nearly came to an end. A random one-die blitz against him had left him dead on the pitch, but the team doctor was able to resuscitate him. It was already the second time in his career he came back from the dead.
When he finally turned legend after 14 days of intense work, fittingly causing all touchdowns and casualties, he was still in the youthful shape he started in. Much to the surprise of his coach, who expected to drag a niggled strength-busted shadow of his earlier self over the finish line.

His final stats are Mighty Blow, Block, +MA, Frenzy, Tackle and Leap. Obviously a very offensive build to maximize damage, that often left him in precarious positions and forced him to dodge or GFI back to safety. The extra movement worked great with Shadowing. He stabbed once or twice in his career, mostly against low AV blodging side steppers. If he hadn't been on a fast-track to legend status, I would have preferred to give him Dodge and maybe Sidestep. Leap was the final skill. Normally not my first choice, but who would take an assassin without Leap seriously!
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Posted by GAZZATROT on 2018-12-12 12:06:47
Well done!
Posted by Kondor on 2018-12-12 12:26:29
No self respecting Assassin would want to be legendary. Why would he want so much attention drawn to himself. Dodge's days are numbered. The assassin guild will look into this breach of norms. I suspect Dodge never was truly part of a guild and is an Assassin in reputation only.

Well done and congrats on the excellent player.
Posted by MenonaLoco on 2018-12-12 20:36:46