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DLE Season 6- ARC Mid-Season rankings
Due to high demand, we are releasing this edition of the DLE-ARC at the mid-season break. So get out your reading glasses and Megaphone. That way everyone can hear you complain about your ranking.

Without further ado...

32. Skar Bay Sharks: Even with that other team not appearing to even attempt to earn any points in the standings this season, the Guppies still reside in this bottom spot. Not much to talk about with this team.

31. Hargendorf Unicorns: Just a little effort from this coach and this team would probably jump up at least a dozen places in the rankings. But the Tank is on and I'd be surprised if they earn a single point this season.

30. Averheim River Bandits: I've honestly not watched a lot of ARB matches. But from what I've seen there is a little bad luck and a lot of tilting. And believe me, I know all about the TILT! I foresee complaining about this ranking.

29. Great Ogham Griffins: If this coach can avoid repeating history and making poor trades, next season should be much better with 4 first rounders (2 of which should be rather good)

28. Muckenhof Manticores: Still waiting for these beasts to take flight. It's been many seasons of mediocrity in Muckenhof and the fans are getting restless.

27. Templehof Thunder: This team has been a little up and a little down. Never at the highest points but never at the lowest either. Kinda like a kiddie coaster.

26. Brionne Buccaneers: The bucs are one of my favorite SHC teams. And I don't think I've ever ranked them this low. But at this point it is what it is. Coach Meanandugl must have done something to piss off Nuffle. Don't worry Buddy, eventually even Gods forget or forgive.

25. Carroburg Crimson Cascade: 3C continues to struggle this season. I have faith in this coach and feel that the Red Wave just needs a couple stat bumps to catch up to the field and be competitive.

24. Wolfenburg Wolfskins: Long gone seem the days of the Laskas Pelts. Or even the Danish_Dan ones. But these Puppy Pelts will continue to improve as the coach seasons in the league.

23. Norden Legion: Since the former coach left this team it seems that the Agility experiment hasn't gone too well. Maybe it's time for an overhaul for Pink Power.

22. Monte Castello Wreckers: For the first time ever there is a new coach at the helm of MCW. 3 losses in 3 games may not look well, but it was against 3 teams vying for playoff positions. So the verdict is still out...

21. Altdorf Thunderbolts: This is quite a bit higher than my historic rankings of the Bolts. After 5 Seasons of being bashed by the Pats every season coach 71 finally seems to be compiling a team worthy of starting to compete. With the departure of Mack, I believe Arnold Miyers to be the Top blitzer in the K-Dub.

20. San Luis 49ers: Another new coach to the DLE family, GotrekSlayer has shown acceptable form. Taking over in Round 2, he has gone 3/2/3 in the leagues most competitive division. Currently 9th in the KFC standings this ranking may be an injustice.

19. Nuln Gunners: My personal Let Down Team of the Season thus far. I expected the usual from this team, but they can't seem to get it together on the pitch. I still have hope that in the KFC-Least they can pull it together and maybe win the division... Although that hope is VERY dim at this point.

18. Talabheim Sluggers: The final KFC-Least team. The one currently leading the division and the favorite to represent them in the playoffs. And I have them ranked in the bottom half of the league. This is a representation of how weak I feel this division is.

17. Kemperbad Knights: Not the team they once were. Most of the Stalwarts are still there, but they are so close to crippled that dwarves look like Gutter runners when compared to them. Or under that Armor they are just an injury waiting to happen.

16. Los Cabos Marauders: The Monkey at the helm of this ship has taken a slight change of direction with the squad which I feel will be rather beneficial.

15. Erengrad Vikings: Spelledaren is one of the best coaches in this league. His roster on the other hand is suddenly young and inexperienced instead of wise and crippled. Yet to see if this new look roster has the THUMP! that the old guys did.

14. Emsk Red Cardinals: This team is not bad and neither is it's coach. But they've yet to produce on the Big stage. Last season they squeaked out a winning season for the first time. This season I foresee a slight regression back to around a .500 record. Mostly due to the competition more than anything.

13. Irrana Avalanche: When I look at this roster, I first notice lots of RL Eagles names (past and present) the next thing I notice is a pretty good roster, but not as good as another team in their division. And as such, I put the Avs here.

12. Rotenbach Razorbacks: Setting aside the division rivalry and trash talk, Head Piggy SpecialOne is one of my favorite coaches in the DLE he does amazing things with lesser rosters. And that is why I have him at 12. If I were just ranking his roster it would likley be in the 20s. BUt coaching means something here.

11. Flashfurt Universe: Starting to turn it around is coach badpublicity. The Universe sits tied for 6th in the KFC. Can they achieve the level of their historical norm? That is yet to be seen.

10. Barboza Bruisers: Making me more of a a believer each and every game. Identical record to the Universe but they actually had to earn all of their wins.

9. Broekwater Patriots: This is another team I don't remember ever ranking as low as this current ranking. The Pats are surely down. And much of their roster has few skills. There are only 6 players remaining from the Championship roster. I believe they still make the playoffs, but only because they play against the KFC-Least this second half of season.

8. Grenzburg Greenskins: The Orks have been a staple in the DLE since inception. They were the +ST team before it was en vogue. Now not only are they a staple, but are mentioned in the championship discussions.

7. Wolfsbach Scimitars: This team has been the DLE rollercoaster. Success in Even numbered seasons and poor Performance in Odd. This is Season 6 and they are holding to form. They have a Gauntlet of a second half schedule but I feel they will handle it pretty well.

6. Middenheim Classics: CURSE NO MORE! The Classics have whethered the storm that is the K-Dub and coach Bigf has made them a competitor by improving each season. This team should win the K-Dub with the backward steps by the Pats to re-tool.

5. Remas Eagles: I had said I was going to leave them out of the rankings but then realized I started with #32 instead of #31 and didn't want to go back and change it. My biased opinion is that the Eagles have the strongest roster in the league currently. But they lack in the coaching area and that is why they are here instead of #1.

4. Marienburg Foxes: With the re-tooling of the Pats, this is the best team in the KFC. A good roster and one of the league's top coaches the Red Tails are the smart pick at th top of the KFC.

3. Bilbali Rangers: The Butchers from Bilbali continue to do what they do. Kill, Maim, get to the playoffs and lose. Will this season be different?

2. Kislev While Wolves: This team is similar to Bilbali in that they have had awesome success in the regular season. And then when the post season comes, they might as well stay in bed. I know coach Doofr wishes to change this and I think he very well could with a victory this post season.

1. Praag Grizzlies: Coach sonrises and his staff in Praag have amassed a huge team. Lots of STR in the Northern lands these days. And he seems to have done so very strategically, while many of the other SHC powerhouses are down (Erengrad, Wolfenburg MCW, Brionne, Kemperbad....) Major Kudos to Coach sonrises. Now go out there and prove me right!
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Posted by FRSHMN on 2018-10-18 04:13:12
Averheim at #30?!?? No respect for the former Super Bowl participants! You know, that year when they send home Poopriots and Looneyverse in playoffs... KFC champions, that should gain some respect... not by a stupid standing in a stupid ranking...


That aside, nice write-up! Still love to read something about DLE from time to time.
Posted by Meanandugl on 2018-10-18 10:02:31
Averheim is ranked right were it belongs - not so much because of their current performance but because of the heritage. They changed the coach, they even changed the logo, but no matter if their flag shows Bucco Bruce or that cute little bandido, they will always be a bunch of river bandits in their rowing boats.

That said the Buccaneers mourn the death of Bandits' Coby Fleener, a true bloodbowl hero that deserved to play in a better team.

Last but not least: great write-up Arcayn, as always a much appreciated season highlight!
Posted by Calthor on 2018-10-18 10:11:47
Now this time Emsk can at least accept the ARC again when it comes to the Cardinals being ranked. At the start of this season we got ranked no. 24 - that made our feathers stand up in anger! Now we flew 10 spots ahead, and got a fair description that we can't argue with.

It's time for the Cardinals to step it up a notch for the final stretch...
Posted by bghandras on 2018-10-18 10:16:47
Arcayn showed huge willpower and demonstrated significant self-resraint when he placed Eagles at no5 only. They could be as high as no3 in my book.

Lets see how high they can fly, and how long can coach keep his cool before boasting around the league. :)
Posted by CroixFer on 2018-10-18 10:29:36
Go ahead, Andras. Write your own APR (Andras Power Rankings) and correct this issue with Eagles.

Also, thaks for the fluff, Arcayn. Pressure in the SHC having 3 teams in the very top... Will any of them win the S6 superbowl? Or even qualify for that event? :P
Posted by bghandras on 2018-10-18 11:04:58
1. Kislev While Wolves
2. Marienburg Foxes
3. Remas Eagles
4. Grenzburg Greenskins
5. Praag Grizzlies
6. Bilbali Rangers
7. Middenheim Classics
8. Broekwater Patriots
9. Wolfsbach Scimitars
10. Barboza Bruisers
11. Irrana Avalanche
12. Erengrad Vikings
13. Flashfurt Universe
14. Kemperbad Knights
15. Emsk Red Cardinals
16. Talabheim Sluggers
17. Rotenbach Razorbacks
18. San Luis 49ers
19. Nuln Gunners
20. Los Cabos Marauders
21. Altdorf Thunderbolts
22. Monte Castello Wreckers
23. Brionne Buccaneers
24. Wolfenburg Wolfskins
25. Norden Legion
26. Muckenhof Manticores
27. Templehof Thunder
28. Averheim River Bandits
29. Great Ogham Griffins
30. Carroburg Crimson Cascade
31. Hargendorf Unicorns
32. Skar Bay Sharks
Posted by horekim on 2018-10-18 12:26:19
Great read. Thanks. Agree about the KFC-least notion. Hope to bounce back next year!
Posted by ben_awesome on 2018-10-18 14:05:43
Griffins are running with the leagues top-scorer and cannot get out of the bottom 4?

We also have unfinished business with KFC East who we are meeting this half and if they are least then surely we deserve a higher ranking.

Still a season opener vs. a full strength Thunderbolts team for an under strength Griffin side could see this half of the season slip away before we've even got it started properly.
Posted by SpecialOne on 2018-10-18 15:46:36
Say what? Grizzlies on top! I did not that see coming. Sonrises better rise to the occasion. Me as no 12? That is too sweet. Both Scimitars and Eagles will run away with the division. Nor Razorbacks, and we will not be found in the playoff as a 12th seed should provide. :)

Besides. This is an even season, so history says I will not make playoff. Talk about pressure for next season!
Posted by datom on 2018-10-18 16:33:57
Scraping that draw against the Eagles is looking more and more lucky for the Sluggers. Great writeup!
Posted by grunth on 2018-10-18 17:51:09
hehe Thunder are waiting the end of this cursed season... and will be back stronger next one ;)

Posted by grunth on 2018-10-18 17:52:36
... and nice reading, thx A LOT !
Posted by sonrises on 2018-10-18 19:28:34
A note was awaiting jeffrey when he reached his desk that morning "Come to my office as soon as you arrive. Coach S." This was not the better start of a new day in Jeffrey long experience with coach sonrises. When commuting to the office Jeffrey had the chance to read the ARC Rankings... #1! On one hand he felt flattered and proud of the job done by the team and staff involved... but in the other hand...this meant trouble with coach sonrises.
Getting coach sonrises ego grow the size of the tower of Zharr Naggrund had only a possible outcome...madness! Another scheme of nosense had to be in the making... it was only a matter of time to discover its magnitude.
That note on Jeffery's desk was announcing the beginning of a surely embarrassing day for Jeffrey...if lucky.
"Coach, it's jeffrey. Shall i come in?"
"Come in, Jeffrey"
As he enters the office, Jeffrey sees coach sonrises kneeling on the floor of his office. Wood ribbons, angles and other wood pieces all over the floor. Coach with a hammer in his hand and nails in his mouth. Some sort of an amorfic figure half built next to him.
"You called for me coach?"
"Yes, Jeffrey. A great day for our organisation, innit? ARC rankings finnally makes me justice... dont you agree?"
"Sure coach"
"Only sure?. I see... you are speechless...i understand young man. Don't you worry... at the end of the day, all the weight of this endevour shall rest on my shoulders. And i take gladly this task... like a lighthouse guides a ship to safe port. Look at me, trying to learn the insights of building a proper cage!. Did you know that our game let you build cages, screens and multiple other geomutr... geomatrik...guom..."
"Geometric shapes coach"
"that! Exactly, geometric shapes. And you must wonder how i know all this, i guess.."
Sonrises makes a dramatic stop...Jeffrey doesnt move a muscle.
"I tell you then...Because i read the great coaches of all time interviews and i learn from them! I must be ready! I shall go to all those interviews with the brightest minds in media sports and show them that i master the art of making a cage or a screen or whatever the other great coaches like me have done in their careers. Do i spare any energy to accomplish such goal? No! look at me now, here, building a cage! ...with my own hands... and in doing so getting the ancient knoweledge of ... things...only to be revealed to the greatest minds of this sport like myself"
Jeffrey stays motionless. He doesnt dare to move a single muscle. he cant help thinking.. "If this of coach sonrises building wood cages is the only thing coming out of ARC ranking Grizzlies at #1...then...this might be a great day after all".
"Anyway Jeffrey. I called you for something else" Coach hands a clipboard to jeffrey. "Here the training planning for the team till season end".
Jeffrey gives it a quick glance. "Excuse me coach... Monday off, Tuesday off, Wednesday off, Thursday off, Friday off, Saturday off, Sunday game day. I don't get it coach."
"It is quite simple Jeffrey. We dont need training anymore."
"How it comes coach?"
"I have an alternative scheme in place. I have already given McCants instructions. He is following them right now."
"would you mind to enlighten me please?"
"Do you know about Sant luis famous doctor...Dr.Curro Jimenez, i think, right hand of coach neabau during his tenure at San Luis?"
"I heard about him" replies jeffrey "and..."
"Well...I have come to get in good terms with one of his associates and i have procured ourselves with some of his finest stuff... you know..."
"What sort of stuff coach? and... who did you buy it from?" Jeffrey is making big efforts to control himself. The wildest of jeffrey's fear in such a day is taking shape in front of him by the seconds.
"A find lad" continues sonrises. "very close to Dr. Curro jimenez himself...Axzekle Lazyskimmer is his name ...and.."
"A goblin!!!!!" shouts Jeffrey in despair. "Show me what you bought!!"
"Relax jeffrey!" Coach seems puzzled and offended by jeffrey reaction. "The nfinest stuff i assure you, 50 grand it cost me but i secure supplies for the next five seasons..."
"Show me what you bought!!! Now!!" Jeffrey face goes red in wrath.
Coach is scared now...reaches fo a small dark bottle and hand it to Jeffrey. Jeffrey snaps the bottle and reads the label "Diarreaxitin".
"You bought Diarreaxitin!!! Do you know what that is???"
"Relax jeffrey, please...no need to get overexcited... of course...i mean..."
"Diarreaxitin is a laxative!!!" interrupts Jeffrey shouting
"What?" replies coach sheeply...
At this very moment, McCants, the new assistant coach and former vikings player storms into coach sonrises office.
"jeffrey, Coach...I have very bad news... the team is... the team is..."
"let it go McCants. What is wrong with the team?" pushes jeffrey
"The team is locked in the toilets... they can't stop pooing... for two hours now"
Posted by spelledaren on 2018-10-18 21:17:38
Posted by SpecialOne on 2018-10-19 15:29:07
What Spelle said! Well. They will not have any extra weight on them for the next game. Lovely..
Posted by bghandras on 2018-10-20 10:22:41
As Forrest Gump said: Shit happens.