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POTY Jan Update
Our first points scoring major of the year is nearly complete

Steel Gauntlet II

Tschirgant 7*
Bazakastine 7*
Yuri_the_Scourge 4
happygrue 4
fxiii 2
Storr 2
Naama 2
lautrehamon 2

*winner of final gets 12 points

Look out for the upcoming Khorne vs Vamp final which promises to be extremely exciting.

It’s been a minute for this two-time major winner, but Bazakastine charged back into the online competitive arena like a raging bull at the end of last year with a fantastic 14-1-0 1800 TV Vamp qualifying run and has since sailed to the final. Word on the street is that he’s keen to prove he can win without six strength 6 saurus.

Tschirgant meanwhile is looking to make his first tournament win on fumbbl an important one. While his path to the final was a little shakier (slipping past Ogres on kicks in the quarter), he’s already saved us from the indignity of an all-American final (kicks vs Grue’s undead in Semi) and, just quietly, is one of the few top coaches who is trending stronger every time I see them play.

While the Vamps may be favourite, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tschirgant Houdini this.

Blackbox Trophy 10

Only a month into the new four month season we might have already crowned a winner.

Orc 13/2/0
Dwarf 11/4/0
Khemri 11/4/0
Chorf 11/3/1

Sees Malmir sitting astride the leaderboard with 62.5 points. Massive applause and a likely 6 POTY points.

Reachable? Probably. But oooooh mama that’s gonna be a brutal chasedown for whoever attempts it. Psychologically testing would be an understatement. There’s nothing currently that looks to be challenging it, but there will likely be a few expeditions to conquer Mount Malmir over the remaining three months.

Oh, and a shoutout to SideshowBob for putting that lone loss on Malmir’s squad and giving everyone else a sliver of hope leading the way to later misery and despair when their run falls apart near the end.

Warpstone Open

12/16 Qualifiers decided (Candlejack, spinball, Spence, MartinSeptim, Malmir, Storr, proff70, DaCoach, lautrehamon, The_Murker, Tuga, happygrue)

Elyod/Fermanowar is the remaining qualifier final presumably played soon (as the main draw is tomorrow night).

If you came up short in your qualifier don’t worry, just #qualifyanyway via the 3 lottery places.

First minor of the year will be here soon (5 POTY points available to the winners) and, as usual, if a 145 member/grad wins one they’ll get a GW box.
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Posted by datom on 2024-02-06 13:01:41
Exciting first update!
Posted by happygrue on 2024-02-06 15:04:31
Great update! Though I'm sad that everyone has avoided the indignity of an all-American final. I'm thinking that if I placed my ghouls better on T23 I might have avoided kicks? Among other things. Was a heck of a match against a delightful opponent not afraid of taking the big swings needed to stay in it as the underdog. Looking forward to seeing that final!
Posted by Bazakastine on 2024-02-06 17:17:31
Gauntlet final will be later this evening. Timing a bit unknown as I have an RRR game im playing first but hopefully around 23:00 +/- an hour (if I can push the RRR game earlier)
Posted by Bazakastine on 2024-02-06 22:53:56
Scratch that we are having to postpone.
Posted by happygrue on 2024-02-06 23:35:45
I'm literally angry with rage!
Posted by SideshowBob on 2024-02-07 21:29:03
perhaps award 1 POTY point for wins vs Malmir?