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Group managers: razmus

Why visit the Isle
So, you have a team which graduated from the 145 Club, and maybe you've improved a little as a coach. This is the league to bring those teams together and schedule some games. Most will laugh. Some will cry. The players will continue to grow. Hopefully we will all have fun and learn a little.

The plan will be to launch the first season after the end of the next 145 Club round robin season, likely in April 2018. At that time, we'll divide into (roughly equal) divisions of 5-9 teams by TV and start playing, with two week rounds.
League raison d'être
The basic idea will be to accept teams which have graduated from the 145 Club (i.e. are too large to run another season over there), one team per coach, and hopefully have enough teams to divide into more than one division (by TV) to play some tournaments. I assume we won't be of interest of the top tier coaches, but I'm hoping the league will be open to teams, even if they started in open play or some other league. This is a place to play and learn and have fun.

The El-Aljana, also known as the Isle of Misfit Teams, is north of Sorcerers' Island, well off the coast of Araby. It is warm, sunny, and is blessed with red sandy beaches, rocky red cliffs and several defensible harbors. Its people are beautiful and have been made moderately wealthy by trade and some say piracy. They are tough and independant, and have recently taken a liking to Blood Bowl. They've hired a Blood Bowl expert, the goblin Bhenjamyn Sculkrak to get a league started on the island. To that end, he has acquired a two kilogram Gromril ingot of an unknown origin as a tournament prize, and has started sending out heralds to nearby lands to entice teams to come compete in the tournament.
Do NOT use that link. --^
It produces teams which will not be useable in play!

Prizes and Awards!
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The most visually impressive of the magic items brought to the island by Extinction Plague was a glowing green pendant on a thick gold chain, which will be awarded to the winning team in Season Eight. (The winning team will be able to pick one player to receive the Plague Pendant, which will cause the player to glow in the dark, convey Fan Favorite, and receive a random mutation.)
But don't read the fine print. Okay, the fine print is folks winning the tournament will get to define some of the parameters of the next tournament, and supply the prize! See razmus for more information when you win!
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Do I need to start with a new team?
Naw. The island is looking for teams which have played somewhere else in League play and are now orphaned. This is especially true of teams which graduate from the 145 Club. Bhenjamyn wants 'em to come play for the enjoyment of the islanders.

Any team?
Well, teams built on ruleset '6'... that's the normal 'League' (not black box, not ranked, not secret league or one of the other special rulesets) ruleset. If there's a team or coach that is especially disruptive, they might be escorted off the island. And I'm anticipating the island will mostly be for coaches below 160 CR or so, kinda a 'post-145' group, but agreeable enough coaches will be allowed regardless of their ranking.

So, in Season Four, I uncovered an issue with 'Any Team'. If a team was created using ruleset six, but for a specific league (or imported into a league), the ruleset will not allow them to play against other teams. There's a setting in the ruleset, "Allow cross-league matches, assuming ruleset is the same." which is turned off. So, if your team sorts under your coach's page under something other than the major division header 'League', they won't be able to play here. Yes, they can be imported into a league... but importing the team into the IoMT league wouldn't help because none of the other teams are league specific teams. May look at this again a little later, but for right now, IoMT is for generic [L]eague teams.

[But, ]I have a Secret League team (ruleset 303) which needs a home. Can they join? Not here, but on the otherside of the island, they're building more stadiums and barracks to welcome Secret League teams. Fortunately the Secret League ruleset allows cross league games, so it won't matter if your team was created for one of the many associated leagues. (Remember though: CIBBL, BIBBL, and LSD use their own rulesets.)

[But, ]Is there a limit on team size? [joining before season one]
I'm going to say there isn't, but I don't expect to see many teams with a value too much over 2M gold... with quite a few being in the TW 150-200 range.
My thinking goes something along the lines of: in my home TT league, teams usually just cross the TW 160 threshold, and the season ends and we go thru the end of season stuff which trims the team down. Teams also frequently get to about this size in 145 Club before the season winds down... usually about 10-15 games. HOWEVER, as a coach relatively new to FUMBBL and who loves league play, I've had the opportunity to play up 50-100% of my team value on occasion. It's a helpful skill to cultivate. (And one, like so many things, I'm very slowly learning.) That said, I also believe the most fun is playing teams somewhat close in value. Assuming we get a dozen or more teams, we'll be dividing into divisions based on TW, so at least initially big teams are more likely to face big teams. AFTER season one, I assume we'll have several teams grow into the TW 200+ range, so I think potential problems will smooth themselves out fairly quickly.

Okay, long winded way of saying, "Great question! I'm gonna say 'Nope, there isn't,' and see if I need to reconsider or regret that later."

Why around the rounds so LONG? I want to play more often!
Well, if you can play ahead, play ahead. Join some other leagues too. This is ment to be a low stress, fun league so we can learn things. I don't want folks to feel they need to leave because they're gonna be unavailable for a weekend or week.

What kinda things could we possibly learn?
Leagues are fun. How to use the scheduler. How to schedule games across timezones, days or weeks in advance. How to cope with divergant TVs. How to build (or how not to build in my case) teams with larger total TVs. (That's one of the things I'm working thru.) And how to run a league. (Okay, that last one is mine too. Be patient with me. I'm learning. :-))

Is it permitted to time-out opponents in IoMT?
Timeout is not forbidden in IoMT. IoMT is intended as the next step between 145 and guiding folks into what is standard blood bowl. Fumbbl standard guidelines - warn your opponent that they're running out of time, and if they are having connection issues or have a RL issue that they let you know about... just don't time them out. (E.g., They ask for a break to get a cuppa or to relieve themselves, and you acknowledge; please don't then time them out.) If they're legit playing, and are just taking too long, it is permitted to time them out. (Be aware, some folks will still consider it... rude in a friendly game, and some folks just won't time out their opponents. But yes, it is allowed.)

Season VIII start: 17 July 2021
Round 1: 31 Jul
Round 2: 14 Aug
Round 3: 04 Sep
Round 4: 18 Sep
Round 5: 09 Oct
Round 6: 23 Oct
Round 7: 06 Nov

Playoffs (tentative)
Initial Round: 20 Nov
¼-Finals: 4 Dec
½-Finals: 18 Dec
Final: 8 Jan 2022

Tournament Options in Effect
WIZARDS are on the island this season

Greased stunties (Right stuff cancels tackle on block)

Free Magic Item card Each team will have an extra 50k to purchase a free Special Play card from the Magic Item deck. THIS cash must be used for the magic item special play card or noth'n. (Other cash can be spent on other inducements).

Playoffs: Each of the divisions will send four teams. Tie breakers will be face-to-face results, total TDs, total CAS. The playoffs will be seeded by total score... with similiar tiebreakers. Rank high and get seeded higher! Wildcard slots in the playoffs will be filled as necessary.
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Season Champions
30 September 2021
01TW Divtwo kilogram Gromril ingotKosmicheskaya programma
02Bal Style Divdip in Blood CauldronUrsus Maritimus of Cruithin
03Single SwissViking Funeral (ress) w/decayFour Legs Good!
04TW divSpiked Dwarven helmetFulminating Bullheads
05TW divHendrick's bootsDark Heretics
06TW divBracers of SmashingWolverhampton Waddlers
07TW divNuffle PopExtinction Plague
08TW divPlague Pendant