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Group managers: razmus

Why visit the Isle
On the other side of the island, folks are playing Blood Bowl and having fun. There have been a few... 'unusual' teams who have wanted to visit, but we haven't been able to accomodate them. The Isle of Misfit Teams is now into its fourth season, and maybe it's time to splinter off a group to the far side of the island to play their own brand of the game.

The plan will be to launch the first season after the 2019 holidays, likely in early January 2020. At that time, we'll divide into (roughly equal) divisions of 5-9 teams by TV and start playing, with two week rounds.
Incipient League
The basic idea will be to accept teams which have left their own leagues to participate in Open Play or have always been Open Play teams. I love scheduled play and struggle with random matchups. The isle wants to give teams a home for a while and an opportuntity to play. If you come and play in a division, please play your games... we'll accomodate what we can within reason, but teams come to play. Please play.

The El-Aljana, also known as the Isle of Misfit Teams, is north of Sorcerers' Island, well off the coast of Araby. It is warm, sunny, and is blessed with red sandy beaches, rocky red cliffs and several defensible harbors. Its people are beautiful and have been made moderately wealthy by trade and some say piracy. They are tough and independant, and have recently taken a liking to Blood Bowl. They've hired a Blood Bowl expert, the goblin Bhenjamyn Sculkrak to get a second league started on the island. To that end, he has been scrounging to find a suitable prize, and has come up with a 100,000 gold piece purse the first season winner.
Prizes and Awards!
Semi-sentinent Treant Trousers! These incredible pants don't require tailoring to fit, but adjust on their own. They'll make the wearer much harder to move out of position (stand firm) and will reach out to hold opposition opponents (prehensile tail) but will unfortunately occasional need to draw forth sustainance (take root).
The winner of the El-Aljana Charity Invitational shall receive a fine trophy and have 50k gold donated to a charity of their choice. (Bhenjamyn is administering the prize however, and will very likely be willing to accept the team naming themselves as the charity. He is goblin after all, and completely understands corruption.)
But don't read the fine print. Okay, the fine print is folks winning the tournament will get to define some of the parameters of the next tournament, and supply the prize! See razmus for more information when you win!

Do I need to start with a new team?
Naw. While new teams won't be turned away, the Isle is really for teams that have games under their belt. In fact, if your brand new Secret League team is looking for a place to start, I can suggest the Old World Rookie Rumble! Bhenjamyn wants 'em to come play for the enjoyment of the islanders.

Any team?
Well, teams built on ruleset '303'... that's the 'Secret League' (not black box, not ranked, not standard League or one of the other special rulesets) ruleset. If there's a team or coach that is especially disruptive, they might be escorted off the island. Teams from compatible rulesets (I'm looking at ruleset '6' here), can likely be imported to play in the Secret League, but realize that you will have a rough time going back.

[But, ]Is there a limit on team size? [joining before season one]
I'm going to say there isn't, but I don't expect to see many teams with a value too much over 250 TV... with quite a few spread evenly being in the TW 150-250 range. Secret League teams seem to get a little larger... and with a wider spread. We'll see how this goes.

What timezones will SIoMT be oriented towards?
Well, to coaches who are in one of them. Anyone on the moon will have a few seconds network latency, and that would be frustrating... but I probably won't deny coaches on the International Space Station. I already play in the Secret League team for my timezone. This one is intended to bring everyone together.

Why around the rounds so LONG? I want to play more often!
Well, if you can play ahead, play ahead. They're long to give folks the maximum opportunity to schedule and play their games. Each round should have two weekends in which to try to get those games played. If you wanna play more games, I encourage you to join some other leagues too. This is ment to be a low stress, fun league so we can learn things. I don't want folks to feel they need to leave because they're gonna be unavailable for a weekend or week.

What kinda things could we possibly learn?
Leagues are fun. How to use the scheduler. How to schedule games across timezones, days or weeks in advance. How to cope with divergant TVs. How to build (or how not to build in my case) teams with larger total TVs. (That's one of the things I'm working thru.) And how to run a league. (Okay, that last one is mine too. Be patient with me. I'm learning. :-))
Season Six is delayed

We've dropped below critical mass. Season Six is delayed until interest in games pick up... I assume after the full release of the BB2020 client.
start: 31 March 2021
Round 1: 17 April
Round 2: 1 May
Round 3: 15 May
Round 4: 29 May
Round 5: 12 June
Playoff ¼-finals (Invitational): 26 June
Playoff ½-finals: 10 July
Playoff finals: 24 July

Tournament Options in Effect
Wizards can be induced
Apothecary or Igor (100k bonus inducements exclusively for,)

Playoffs: Top four teams shall be in the championship playoffs. Ties being 'Head to Head', CasΔ, TDΔ, Total Cas, Total TD, Total Fouls. And if I'm still stuck unable to break ties, coins will be flipped or dice rolled.
The remaining field will play in the first El-Aljana Charity Invitational. It shall be a three round elimination tournament.
Both tournaments shall be seeded by placement in the regular season.

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Season Champions
01TW Div100k goldMors Clan
02TW DivVeil of the Seeress (sidestep)Athel-Loren Avengers
03TW DivWillow Cloak (Tentacles)[SL]am The Tombstone
04SwissHypnosis LessonsAthel-Loren Avengers
05Swiss+Treant Trousers[SL]am The Tombstone

17 July 2021