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145 leagues & tournaments group page is here

The Bookcase, including records, fluff, guides and the FUMBBL Badges are here


145 Discussion Forum

145 Club is a group for tournaments and leagues set up specifically for newish coaches and those with a win percentage around 45% or less.

Your CR should normally be 150 or less. (Originally 145 - hence the name)

It has been running more than 10 years now, and has helped countless coaches to get used to the game, learn strategies - and all in a friendly environment that wont effect your CR.

Experienced coaches with higher CR can also take part in 145 Club or offer up matches as Faculty members (see how to do so by clicking the How Can I Help? button), but with restrictions on what type of rosters they can use.

145 Club runs only in the League division.

Please ensure you read through the rules, and then make a team and join the group with it. You can find out how to do so by clicking the relevant buttons above.

To join and be a full member you need a CR of 150 or less and/or win% 45% or less.

Coaches with CR slightly over 150 may be accepted if they have played relatively few games.

All acceptance is at the Commish's discretion.

If you find that you are consistently over 150 or 45% you will be in danger of being kicked from the group.

Coaches hovering around or just over the cut off limits may be allowed to play in certain events or using certain teams. e.g. stunties.

Experienced coaches always may join with a tier 3 race or all lineman teams.

Once you join a tournament you can remain in it until it completes no matter how your CR/win% changes.

Most tournaments will be for fairly new teams i.e. under 145 TV/TW. Teams should be from [L]eague division. Any LRB race accepted.

Some tournaments will be new teams only.

Comments and recommendations from members are welcome.

You too could soon be enjoying the warm, cosy glow of a championship win.

Leagues and Tournaments

145 Rookie League (Open League for brand new teams)

145 Championship League (Scheduled league for teams under 1500TW)

145 Rookie Rumble (KO tournament - 8 teams - new teams only)

145 Brawl (KO tournament - 8 teams - teams under 1500TW)

145 Cup (KO tournament - any teams - unlimited spaces)

To make a team go to your home page by clicking on Home towards the top left of the screen.

Toward the bottom of your page you will see Create A New Team highlighted in red. Click on this and it will take you to team creation.

Next choose the League division to create the team in. This is important as only League teams can take part in the 145 Club.

Now choose your race. If you are a newer coach, under 150 CR you are free to choose any race.

More experienced coaches are restricted on their choices. Experienced coaches should click on the How Can I Help? button above for more details.

Once you have selected your race you will see a brief description of the race, and a rough scoring on their playing abilities.

Click on Create Team. You will be prompted to enter a team name. Refer to the site naming policy if you are unsure if it's suitable. Basically don't make them rude or offensive.

The team naming screen will automatically tell you if a name is already taken, so you can choose another.

Use the Buy New Players button to add your players. Adding other things such as rerolls and apothecary can be done using the add buttons next to their category.

Once done selecting your roster, click on Submit For Approval. If your team complies to the site rules, click on Yes, My Team Complies.

You have made your team. Now you just need to enter it in the 145 Club. To do so click here, then scroll to the bottom of the page. Select your League team from the drop down list, and click Apply For Membership.

Once approved, you are in!

Here are a number of helpful guides and strategy tips made by the community to help newcomers and slightly more advanced players. Click on the name of the guide/thread to be taken directly to it.

Rookie Guide
General Strategy - For LRB4 ruleset, but still helpful
Newbie Tips or 7 Tips for Blood Bowl Competence thread on forums
Welcome to FUMBBL! help page

You can also find useful information in the Help section of the FUMBBL site.

We are always looking for experienced coaches to offer training matches, advice or just to generally be helpful. If you wish to choose a tier 3 race or an all lino team and enter in the leagues feel free.

We are also looking for coaches to offer exhibition matches that can be viewed by newer coaches with commentary in live chat.

If you would like to be a part of this or can offer help in any way, please feel free to pm any of the admins of the group.