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National League Round
-6 or more coaches from the same nation play against each other in a round robin tournament.
-If there are more than 6 coaches, a swiss format of 5 rounds will be played
-7 day deadline per match for the National League round only
- Only two Teams of the same race are allowed per Country (Only in the National League Round)

- The top 2 teams of each National League round advance to the Champions League round
- The 3rd and 4th ranked teams advance to the UEFA round
- The remaining teams compete in the Intertoto round

International League Rounds
-The International League rounds will be given 11 days to complete. Rounds start on Saturdays and end on Wednesdays. Rounds not played on schedule can make arrangements with league admins for an extension up to a maximum of 2 days. All forfeits will be awarded on the 14th day to keep the tournaments on schedule.

Miscellaneous Rules
Teams may be replaced, but always with a new team or another team that has played only in the International League, and has no more games than oldest team in the current round.

-In the event of a tie in the swiss format, automatic tiebreakers will be used. In a round robin format the head-to-head match will decide the winner. In the event of a tie the criteria will be: td difference, cas difference, more touchdowns scored, more casualties inflicted. If everything is equal, a coin-toss be used as last resort.

-Wizards and stars are allowed

- No non-competitive games are allowed (ie; no friendly or builder games)

- A forfeit in the Champion's League round or UEFA Cup renders a team ineligible of participating in the following season's Champion's League and UEFA.

-In a KO tournament the seeding will be 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd
-Overtime will be used in KO tournaments

-Forfeit's will be awarded to the coach that attempts to schedule the game in a reasonable time period by site pm. If both coaches make reasonable attempts to schedule the game, or both make no attempt, a coin-toss will determine the winner.

Naming: Please include [IL] before your team name.

Tournament Scoring: Win = 2, Tie = 1, Loss = 0


Summer Cup

-Swiss format between all the teams of the League
-6 matches
-11 Day Deadline
-The Winner of the Summer Cup earns the right to play in the Champion's League round.

National League Round

-Round Robin between 6 coaches representing the same nation
-If there are more than 6 teams, a Swiss format of 5 games will be played

Champion's League Round

-This group will consist of the top 2 teams from each country that participated in the National League round, as well as the winner of the Summer Cup and the previous season's Champion's League winner.
-A Swiss Format of 3 games will be played to determine the top 4 teams
-The top 4 teams then advance to a KO tournament, to determine the winner.
-Overtime will be used in the KO tournament.
-The winner of the tournament earns the right to play in the next season's Champion's League round.


-This Group will consist of the 3rd and 4th ranked teams from each nation's National League round.
- A Swiss tournament with 3 games will be played to determine the top 4 teams.
-The top 4 teams then compete in a KO tournament to determine the winner of the UEFA Cup.


-This group will consist of a Swiss format between all the teams which dont play in the Champion's League or UEFA Cup.
-This will be a Swiss Format tournament with 6 games played.

World Cup

-The World Cup will be KO tournament consisting of every team in the International League that desires to play.

League Progression - Season 14/15

- PRESEASON: not played
- SUMMERCUP (Starts 16th August) 11 day deadline
- NATIONAL LEAGUE (TBA November?) 7 day deadline
- WORLD CUP (TBA)11 day deadline
- All match deadlines start on a Saturday and end on Wednesday

Additional Trophies:


League IRC channel: #International

Please contact Badenprinz or BillBrasky to join the league or to ask any questions.

Admin: Badenprinz(Runs the League,helps incomers, recruits, decides in International admins meeting if result is a tie,notice news to Group)

Admin: BillBrasky(Runs the League, helps incomers, recruits, forfeits matches)

Admin: NickNutria( helps incomers,recruits,makes and gives the trophies and decide in International admins meeting if result is a tie, forfeits matches)