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Group managers: JellyBelly, Kzarik, razmus, Tzalaran

The new Secret League America 2020 is here:

Secret League Americas is an American-timezone league that uses the Secret League ruleset. Detailed info on Secret League can be found here - essentially, it comprises some 70+ custom team rosters that can be used, in addition to the 24 standard Blood Bowl rosters and the Simyin roster (which has been available in the FUMBBL [L] division for some time).

Due to lack of interest, Secret League America 2016 has shuttered rather than start season fifteen. January 2022

Round deadlines for Season 15: start 26 December 2021
Round 1 - 5 January
Round 2 - 12 January
Round 3 - 19 January
Round 4 - 26 January
Round 5 - 2 February
Round 6 - 9 February
Round 7 - 16 February
Round 8 - 8 September
Round 9 - 15 September

League Structure and Scoring:

SLA is a round robin league with weekly rounds - each round has a deadline of Wednesday of that week. Round deadline dates will be posted here once the season has started.

Scoring is 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. However, there are also 'player prizes' awarded at the end of the season (see the Booty tab for more details). Teams will be awarded +1 to their season score for each player prize they possess; however, there will only be 1 of each player prize for the whole league (regardless of no. of divisions).

Further to this, there will also be items of 'lost treasure' that can be uncovered during the course of a season (again, details can be found in the Booty tab). There will be one of these per division and any team that possesses a lost treasure at the end of the season will be awarded +2 to their season score.

The league divisional structure will be somewhat flexible and will be tailored to suit the number of teams that have applied for each season. I will aim to strike the best balance I can between high/low-TV divisions and East/West Coast divisions, depending on the TV spread of the teams.

Seasons 1 and 2 featured two East/West coast divisions, with a final playoff tournament to decide the overall winner. Season 3 featured two East/West Coast, lower-TV, Builder Divisions and one higher-TV Upper Tier div. The top 4 teams in the Upper Tier and the top 2 from each of the Builders were awarded places in the final playoff.

Lost Treasures:

As mentioned above, each division in SLA will contain an item of lost lustrian treasure, which can be uncovered and adds +2 to the season score of the teams that end up holding them at the end of the season. There are some other rules that are specific to these treasures:

  • Lost treasures (once uncovered) can be stolen during the course of the season. If any team beats another team that is holding a lost treasure and scores either 2 more TDs or 2 more casualties than them, then they steal the treasure (note that this is only active during the league season, not during the final playoff tournament).
  • If the team that wins the league (i.e. the crown) is also the current holder of a lost treasure, then that team has the option to keep that treasure permanently. However, to do this, they must voyage back to their homeland to return the treasure. This means that the team cannot play in the following season and their coach must choose (or create) a different team to play. Note that this is completely optional.
  • In a similar way, if a team starts a season with a lost treasure and manages to hold it for the whole season without losing it, they will also have the same option to keep it permanenty, as described above.
  • Any treasures that are won permanently will be replaced with new ones.
  • There can never be more than 1 lost treasure in the same division (or it will rip a hole in the spacetime continuum and the unwashed hordes of chaos will pour forth).


New teams joining the league are allowed to play up to 3 open 'friendly' games before they start the season, to help them get off the ground. Similarly, teams that don't make the final playoff tournament are allowed to play up to 3 open games in between seasons, to help them replace injuries and prep for the new season. These games can be against any Secret League Open teams, but should preferably be against different coaches.

Teams that make the playoffs don't get to play any inter-season friendlies - they have to jump straight back in to the fire again! ;)

League Rules:

  1. Only 1 team of each roster will be accepted (after all, there are ~100 different teams to choose from!). This may be reviewed at a later date, if we end up with a large number of coaches.
  2. Standard rosters will be welcome, however at least two thirds of the teams must be Secret League teams (it is supposed to be a Secret League league!). The League Commishioner may refuse entry to standard rosters if we have too many.
  3. Turn time limit will be 4 minutes (FUMBBL standard).
  4. Concessions are allowed, however if a team concedes then, along with the usual penalties, the opposing team will also steal any 'lost treasures' that the conceding team had.
  5. Both teams will be given 50k extra at the start of each game, which they can use to purchase a special play card.
  6. Claw and piling on work as normal. However, Right Stuff prevents tackle on blocks and Sneaky Git acts like guard for fouling assists.
  7. All games are expected to be competitive - players are expected to play to win. This includes pre-inter-season 'friendlies'. Any uncompetitive pre-game agreements or behavior in-game (such as farming of spps or player stats) will be frowned upon and may attract sanctions, as appropriate. (2018-11-09)
  8. At the end of the season, after points from lost treasures and player prizes have been taken into account, ties will be broken by 1-on-1 result between the two teams; then TD diff; then cas diff; TD scored; cas scored; and finally by a coin toss, if all else fails (v unlikely). (2018-11-09)
  9. (Holiday Rule) A team which has played three (3) consecutive seasons is permitted to take a one (1) season holiday, allowing the coach to play a different team. During the holiday, the roster is reserved in the league. Upon returning, three additional consecutive seasons would be required before they can take another holiday. (2020-03-26)
    Added: razmus 17 July 2020, based on league PM from JellyBelly 26 March 2020 "SLA Season 9 - the Slaanesh are taking over:".

How to join SLA:

  • The league is open to all coaches that are able to play games in American-timezone evenings (approx. GMT-9 to GMT-4). In terms of bbtime, that is approx. 00:00 to 07:00.
  • To sign up, please pm coach JellyBelly respond to the league recruiting thread in forums, stating the roster you would like to play and your preference of East/West coast. Roster assignment will be on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the rules above.
  • Once your choice of roster is approved, you will need to create a new team using the Secret League ruleset (there is a link at the top of this page) and apply it to this group. I will make an effort to include as many coaches as possible when a new season starts; however, if you apply mid-season, I will add you to the waiting list for if/when a place becomes available.

We also have a league Discord channel, which can be accessed at the following link. Feel free to drop in for a chat, or if you have any questions:

Forfeit Policy:

Momentum is very important to the health/credibility of the league and round deadlines will be actively enforced, with foreits where necessary. Extensions will be given for games where both coaches have been communicating and a firm time/date can be arranged for the game. If a game is forfeitted and one coach can show that they have made an effort to contact their opponent, then they will be awarded 3 points for a 'forfeit win'.

The league will be operating a 3-strikes-and-you're-out policy regarding forfeits - if you forfeit 3 games in any given season then you will be kicked from the current season.

(Note that in the first 2 seasons I have been taking a hard line against 'droppers'. If it is obvious that someone has dropped and they aren't responding to pms, then I usually don't wait until that third strike ...)

Ever since Marco Columbo returned from his expedition of discovery to the New World, rumors have spread like wildfire of the forgotten continent across the Great Ocean. Daring explorers have ventured there in search of lost riches. Many have not returned, but those who did brought back enticing tales of lost civilizations, ancient cities and temples hidden deep in the Lustrian jungle, which contain ancient treasures beyond mortal imagining. Legends abound also of unusual races and creatures that can be found there – of cities full of deadly lizardmen; packs of ferocious dinosaurs; and primitive tribes of amazons and cannibal halflings that reside in the depths of the jungle.

One tale in particular that has intrigued Empire historians are reported discoveries of Blood Bowl stadiums that have been found in these lost cities. It had previously been thought that the venerable sport had been invented by warring Dwarves and Orc tribes in the Old World, several centuries ago. However, if true, this discovery would suggest that the origins of Blood Bowl go back much further, perhaps even to the early days of the Slann and the Old Ones.

To settle the mystery once and for all, Emperor Karl Franz dispatched his most intrepid explorer, Dr. Averland Jones, to the New World to find out. For many months, Averl scoured the hostile Lustrian jungle, surviving only on insects and having no choice but to kill many ferocious Lizardmen and dinosaurs with nothing but his bare hands and trusty whip. Eventually, exhausted by his trials, he stumbled across an ancient, ruined stronghold, concealed in a lost valley at the base of the Spine of Sotek mountains. On venturing into the stronghold, he discovered that it was home to a legion of undead Rasetra, who quickly apprehended him and brought him before their leader - a huge, powerful Slann Necromancer named Sloss-tti.

As he was awaiting his fate in the great Slann’s throne room, Averl was sure he was going to die. However, to his surprise, Sloss-tti offed him a bargain. In exchange for his life, Sloss-tti demanded that Averl return to the Old World to spread news of a new Blood Bowl league that he was preparing to launch. The victors would be declared the greatest team in the Warhammer World and their coach would be worthy to wear the Crown of the New World – an ancient treasure that had been handed down through generations of Slann for centuries.

And so, that is how the rumors began. Now, Blood Bowl teams from all corners of the world – from the Empire and the Skaven underworld, to the remote reaches of Nippon, Ind and the Chaos Wastes in the north – are travelling to Lustria to compete in Sloss-tti’s league, for timeless glory and ancient treasure.

Do you have what it takes to defeat them all and stake a claim to the Crown?




Season Eight CHAMPIONS
Season Seven CHAMPIONS
Season Four CHAMPIONS (3-peat)
Season Three CHAMPIONS (repeat)
Final Standings for Season 14
Upper Tier
SL Shogun MrNomad5-4-019423
[SL] Shadow HordeKzarik6-2-120020
Mo's Missilesmotay6664-2-314216
Montreal Casnakiennezknine4-3-215015*
[SL] Kharry OnEnglishJake4-2-314115
Embers of AqshyNelphine4-1-413013
Les Demons des CaribesGotrekSlayer3-1-510111
Secret Shananigansburnsy873-0-6909
Of Coral and ShellsXelron2-0-7606**
Monks of Gangren AbbeyKing_Mad1-3-5606

*Fourth place, and playoff spot by TDΔ because Head-to-Head result was a tie.
**Ninth place from Head-to-Head result.

Lower Tier
Knights of the Dotted CubeThresh6-2-120222
[SL] Dripping Fang ClanSigmar16-3-021021
Hangman's AngerArdonite5-0-415015
[SL] Da Spiked Clubrazmus4-2-314014*
Ellyrion Wild HuntPraiseTheOmnissiah4-2-314014
Octopath TravelersUber3-4-213013
[SL] Barn Cat SistersPhontome2-2-5808
Fauna AmericanaSavageJ2-2-5808
Kindred Unioncaptainmalkor1-4-4707
[SL] Redcoat CapersTheBarmyBrit1-1-7404

*Fourth place, and playoff spot from Head-to-Head result.

Final Standings for Season 13
High Tier
TeamCoachRecordRaw ScoreBonusScore
Ecstasy and AgonySigmar18-1-025227
[SL] Kharry OnEnglishJake6-2-120020
[SLA] Purgecaptainmalkor5-4-019120
Les Demons des CaribesGotrekSlayer5-1-316117
Mo's Missilesmotay6664-3-215015
(SL) Attack on TitanRainsford3-0-6909
{SLA} Rat Tailed Barn CatsPhontome3-0-6909
Keeping UpUber2-2-5808
Just Another Snake CultPraiseTheOmnissiah2-1-6707

Low Tier
TeamCoachRecordRaw ScoreBonusScore
Sisters of SpeedAzure8-1-025227
Of Coral and ShellsXelron4-2-314216
Sequoia Smasherswintergreen134-3-215015
Demon DaimyosKzarik3-3-312012
Monks of Gangren AbbeyKing_Mad3-2-411011
Montreal Casnakiennezknine2-5-211011
Secret Shananigansburnsy872-3-4909
Pulling BullocksRhumy2-3-4909
Khergit Khanate BatallionThresh1-5-3808
[SLA] Hammer Prod. LegendsAzur0-5-4505

Final Standings for Season 12
Upper Tier
Ecstasy and AgonySigmar15-2-017118
Seekers of Holy Nuffleburnsy874-3-015318
Grimjaw JackhammersKzarik4-2-11414
Mo's Missilesmotay6662-2-388
Keeping UpUber2-1-477
Bastion of BronzeKing_Mad1-2-455
[SL] Kharry OnEnglishJake0-5-255

Lower River Tier
Just Another Snake CultPraiseTheOmnissiah5-1-11616
SL Baltimore MonStarsCam15153-1-310212
[SL] Bilbali Blackhearts ♥razmus3-1-31010
[SLA] Brood of Bloodcaptainmalkor3-1-31010
Caribbean Rhum DrinkersRhumy3-1-31010
Kingdom of Ind-iana County(PA)pafootball223-1-31010
Waagh-Street-Boyz SLgolum892-1-477
Minotaur MinutemenJogrenaught2-1-477

Lower Mountain Tier
Embers of AqshyNelphine6-0-118119
Les Demons des CaribesGotrekSlayer5-0-21515
Morai-Hegs PhantomsBazakastine4-0-312214
(SL) Attack on TitanRainsford4-0-312113
[SL] House of Belmontlonek4-0-312113
{SLA} Rat Tailed Barn CatsPhontome3-1-310111
Colubras MortisXelron1-1-544

Final Standings for Season 11:

Upper Tier
[L] Ecstasy and AgonySigmar17-0-021223
[L] Black Ark Mother Fluffersex-convict4-1-213114
[L] [SLA] Purgecaptainmalkor3-3-112113
[L] [SL] Kharry OnEnglishJake3-2-21111
[L] ⚰️Dead Men Walking⚰️razmus2-3-299
[L] Bastion of BronzeKing_Mad1-3-366
[L] Bloody MobstersGotrekSlayer1-2-455

Middle Tier
[L] Athel Loren ArborBazakastine7-0-02121
[L] [SL] Shadows of AraanjaganNelphine4-1-213215
[L] Mo's Missilesmotay6664-0-31212
[L] [SL] Strong Jaw Baylonek4-0-31212
[L] Eternal RowdiesCosmodon3-0-499
[L] Slaanesh's Sexy SlavesMinnesotaChris2-2-388
[L] Only Rugby Backspetalwarfare2-1-477

Lower Tier
[L] Keeping UpUber9-0-027229
[L] Seekers of Holy Nuffleburnsy876-2-120222
[L] [SL] Nagadoches DesperadoesTzalaran6-2-12020
[L] Grimjaw JackhammersKzarik5-2-217219
[L] Score quick or go homesteinerp5-0-41515
[L] I screamJogrenaught4-1-41313
[L] Patchwork PunishersRoto3-1-51010
[L] Erry' Day I'm Steppin'Adorryable3-1-51010
[L] TorontoMapleLaughsknine3-0-699
[L] Pâtisserie of PainMiyuso2-2-588
[L] [SL] 5th Expansion ArmyRogerDeath1-2-655
[L] Trees go marching onJoeBob7070-1-811

Final Standings for Season 10:

Upper Tier:
1[SLA] Purge20
2Athel Loren Arbor16
3[SL] Shadow Horde12
4⚰️Dead Men Walking⚰️5f2f tie, wins on TDΔ
5Bastion of Bronze5
6Bloody Mobsters4
7[SL] Black Widows1

Middle Tier:
1[SL] Shadows of Araanjagan23
2Black Ark Mother Fluffers16
3Kurnous Cowboys15
4Ape City University10f2f win vs Eternal Rowdies
5Eternal Rowdies10
6Grungis Spite7
7Injury Surrogate Providers4
8Mo's Missiles0

Lower Tier:
1[SL] Drakwald Gorehorns24Won head to head
2In for a Nickell24
3Slaanesh's Sexy Slaves15
4Yargh Shiver Me Timbers14
5[SL] Michigan GT12
6L.o.V.E. Bites10
7[SL] Kharry On9
8Seeking Speed7f2f tie, wins on TDΔ
9Only Rugby Backs7
10Slither n' Shake1

Final standings for Season 5:

Upper Tier:
Kurnous CowboysdashergeauxKurnous27
Ecstasy and AgonySigmar1Daemons of Slaanesh19
Khorney JokesAntithesisoftimeKhorne15
SL ShogunMrNomadNorthern Nippon15
[SL] Shadow HordeKzarikClan Eshin14
Dead Men WalkingrazmusZandri13
[SL] Raining Cats and Dogz!JellyBellyWere12
Scarlet KissersXelronLahmia9
G.E.M.S Greeniespafootball22Engineers3

Lower Tier:

Meister Frantz Schmidt and Corodney_dangerfieldNecrarch20
Martek MagiciansBazakastineAraby20
Honorable PrivateersAzurePirates of Sartosa17
Heavy Steel Elf MachinesKazeSea Elf17
[SLA] PurgecaptainmalkorSisters of Sigmar16
Rubble RouserspdarbsRasetra11
[SL] Noricum NomadsTzalaranBorder Princes9
[SL] Vanguard of a Lost GodSalad_BarDaemons of Malal8
Khazar of OrkHunsGotrekSlayerSavage Orc7
Kadrin DoomBuu88Slayer6

Final player stats for Season 9:
Upper TierMiddle TierLower Tier
Winston (Ape City University)
Desir (Eternal Rowdies)
Throtdrak Gnarlhaowl ([SLA] Cursed Marsh Creepers)
Most Valuable Player
Jonah Goborowitz (Mo's Missiles)
Star Player Points
Throtdrak Gnarlhaowl ([SLA] Cursed Marsh Creepers)
Rayth (Eternal Rowdies)
RushingLay Priest Hotem (Bastion of Bronze)
Throtdrak Gnarlhaowl ([SLA] Cursed Marsh Creepers)
FoulsHutep (Bastion of Bronze)
Scoring Thrower
Shimhan O'Dearney (Mo's Missiles)
Rayth (Eternal Rowdies)
Lief Droopytooth (Mo's Missiles)
Blocking Thrower
Shimhan O'Dearney (Mo's Missiles)
Blocking Scorer
Shimhan O'Dearney (Mo's Missiles)
X'ao Yang (Chaos Wastes Marauders)
Shimhan O'Dearney (Mo's Missiles)
CompletionsJarren Williams (Black Ark Mother Fluffers)
Bjorn Grudgethrower (Grungis Spite)
Chaghagan ([SL] Shadows of Araanjagan)
D.J. Ivey (Black Ark Mother Fluffers)
Tana Umaga (Only Rugby Backs)
Most Valuable Player
ATTack (Injury Surrogate Providers)
Uri Dragonteeth (Grungis Spite)
Star Player PointsD.J. Ivey (Black Ark Mother Fluffers)
Gary Farmer (Cayuga) (Iroquois Confederacy)
Bjorn Grudgethrower (Grungis Spite)
Calio Vainlord (Grungis Spite)
Snorri Gromrilfoot (Grungis Spite)
Scoring Thrower
Brad Pitt (Drinker I Hardly Know Her)
Eddy Murphy (Drinker I Hardly Know Her)
Blocking ThrowerKhalja ([SL] Shadows of Araanjagan)
Blocking ScorerChaghagan ([SL] Shadows of Araanjagan)
Urk Tremorbeard (Grungis Spite)
TripleD.J. Ivey (Black Ark Mother Fluffers)
Canasatego (Onondaga) (Iroquois Confederacy)
Urk Tremorbeard (Grungis Spite)
Chaghagan ([SL] Shadows of Araanjagan)
Eddy Murphy (Drinker I Hardly Know Her)
Gary Farmer (Cayuga) (Iroquois Confederacy)
Final player stats for Season 5:

This is what you can win!


Crown of the New World

An ancient and coveted relic, said to have been worn by Shak'rilak, a long-dead Slann of the second spawning who, according to Lizardman legend, is said to have first invented Blood Bowl. Now, the crown is in the possession of the Slann necromancer, Sloss-tti, who resides in Crokus Keep.

Awarded each season to the team that wins Secret League Americas.

Silver and Bronze Chalices

Awarded to the second- and third-place teams.

Player Prizes

Golden Ball of Shak'rilak

This golden statue was directly cast from the very first Blood Bowl ball, which was used by Shak'rilak himself. Made from the skin of an Oinkasaurus (hunted to extinction centuries ago, as the popularity of Blood Bowl exploded across Lustria), it was crude and barely fit for purpose.

Awarded each season to the player that scores the most touchdowns.

Season 14
Still Rouford (Mo's Missiles)
Season 13
Amaya Riatha (Sisters of Speed)
Season 12unawarded
Season 11Stormi (Keeping Up)8
Season 10Amasandji ([SL] Shadows of Araanjagan)7
Season 9Caleb Brewster ([SL] Shadows Horde)6
Season 8unawarded
Season 7
Ena Elzeiros (Heavy Steel Elf Machines)
Season 6
Zufar(Martek Magicians)
Season 5
Simimar Neriric (Heavy Elf Steel Machines)
Season 4Unclaimed!N/A
Season 3Unclaimed!N/A
Season 2
Sister Mary Ellen (Sisters of the Silver Hammer)
Season 1Unclaimed!N/A

Golden Gauntlet of Ixlsis

This gauntlet was worn by the legendary Saurus Temple Guard, Ixlsis, who was the captain of Shak'rilak's personal bodyguard, as well as a member of the Lizardman team that first won the Lustrian Cup many millennia ago.

Awarded each season to the the player that makes the most blocks.

Golden Mace of Ixlsis

This solid, but lethal mace was the favoured weapon of the Saurus Warrior, Ixlsis, when he went into battle (or just wanted to hurt someone really bad). Countless invaders and unwary colonists fell beneath its swing, before it eventually became a museum piece.

Awarded each season to the the player that causes the most casualties.

Golden Wings of Vraxx

These wings once belonged to a fearsome Lord of Change of Tzeench, who was part of the first Chaos incursion into Lustria. Vraxx seriously injured Shak'rilak after challenging him to a one-on-one game of Blood Bowl. However, the Slann got his revenge when the Greater Daemon was fouled to death on the pitch by a skink the folowing day. As Shak'rilak said afterwards: "Shit happens, then you croak!"

Awarded each season to the the player that achieves the most passing yards.

Golden Glove of Hopsalottal

This glove is a sacred heirloom that was once worn by the Slann catcher, Hopsalottal, who was part of the very first Slann Blood Bowl team. Hopsalottal achieved Blood Bowl immortality when he led his team to victory in the final of the Lustrian Cup, by making 5 interceptions and scoring the very first Larson (pre-dating Larson himself by several thousand years).

Awarded each season to the best 'Blocking Scorer' player, the one with the highest (min(CAS,TD).
(Note: Prior to season 7, this was awarded for the most Interceptions)

Season 14
Still Rouford (Mo's Missiles)
Season 13Unclaimed!N/A
Season 12
Trevor ([SL] House of Belmont)
Season 11UnclaimedN/A
Season 10UnclaimedN/A
Season 9Attendant Priscilla ([SLA] Purge)3
Season 8UnclaimedN/A
Season 7Sekhmet (Avelorn Acolytes)3
Season 6UnclaimedN/A
Season 5
Ena Elzeiros (Heavy Steel Elf Machines)
Season 4Unclaimed!N/A
Season 3Unclaimed!N/A
Season 2Unclaimed!N/A
Season 1Unclaimed!N/A

Golden Boot of Ripfang

This is the boot that was worn by the legendary Skink, Ripfang. Ripfang was a serial fouler and one of the very first Dirty Players to grace the pitch. Legend has it that he only finished 3 games without being sent off in his 42-game career (and those were games where the ref had been bribed!). His most well-known victim was the Lord of Change, Vraxx, who was killed by Ripfang's boot in an infamous game during the height of the first Chaos incursion.

Awarded each season to the the player that makes the most fouls.

Golden Shades of Slimi Hendrik

These golden shades once belonged to Slimi Hendrik, who is said to be the coolest Skink to ever have lived. He was gifted with incredible speed and agility, which allowed him to slip past many opponents on the BB pitch as if they weren't even there. It is said that he once defeated an entire Amazon team singlehandedly, and got all their phone numbers, for which he was awarded MVP for the match twice!

Awarded each season to the the player that is awarded the most SPPs.
(Note: prior to Season 7, was based on most MVPs)

Season 14Unclaimed!!NA
Season 13
Ericx (Les Demons des Caribes)
Season 12
Mistress of Spikes (Ecstasy and Agony)
Season 11Stormi (Keeping Up)34
Season 10
Gargool ([SL] Drakwald Gorehorns)
Season 9Unclaimed!!N/A
Season 8Unclaimed!!N/A
Season 7
Hand of Tartarus ([SL] Shadow Horde)
Season 6Unclaimed!N/A
Season 5Unclaimed!!NA
Season 4
Ii Naomasa (SL Shogun )
Season 3Unclaimed!N/A
Season 2
Paskr (Ol Dirty Rats)
Season 1Unclaimed!N/A

Lost Treasure

Yes, you heard it right! In this league, not only will you have the chance to play Blood Bowl with/against some whacky teams, you will also have the opportunity to uncover various items of ancient Lustrian treasure and attempt to smuggle them back to your homeland!

Plus, if you can uncover one of these coveted pieces of loot (and hold on to it until the end of the season), then you will be awarded +2 to your season score!

Below are details of the current 'rumors':

Sacred idol of Potzipanzi

This is a fertility symbol that once belonged to Potzipanzi, the ancient founder of the cannibal halfling tribe, Slo'cookum. The idol was stolen centuries ago by Estalian raiders and, despite catching and feasting on many of the humans over the years, Slo'cookum never managed to retreive it. However, it seemingly never turned up in Estalia either, leading to rumors that it had been lost somewhere in the Lustrian jungle.


Acting on a tip-off, Averland Jones was able to track down an old Saurus hermit living in a cave next to the Amaxon river, who reportedly had some information on how to find the idol. The hermit's dialect was old and difficult to understand, but Averl could make out the following words:

"Dwarven ... runes ... will lead ... idol ..."

Current holder: MrNomad -- SL Shogun

Golden Rattle-things of Sloss-tti

Before he disappeared, Sloss-tti was distracted about something that was going on. Always muttering and too busy to even snap at Tic, his toady, he finally disappeared. Tic found this ancient treasure jammed in the cushions of the Necromancer's throne. Its use is a mystery, but it sure is sparkly-shiny.

Current holder: Thresh -- Knights of the Dotted Cube


The Mystic Sparkle-Slann of Huah-Huah

In the game between Morai-Hegs Phantoms and {SLA} Rat Tailed Barn Cats ended with the Ethereal team opening bottles of intoxicating aromatics. Turns out spirits have a low tolerance for spirts though, and it wasn't long before Aethe was drunkenly walking thru walls during the celebration. Fortuitously it found a very small chamber adjacent to the locker room which had been bricked up centuries ago, but hours passed before it was sober enough to convey its discovery to it's teammates. So it was, early this morning that a hole was punched through the wall and discovery was made. The Mystic Sparkle-Slann of Huah-Huah was authenticated and presented to Bazakastine, although how it's journey had ended in the stadium locker room is still a mystery.

Current holder: coach <none> of OMG! It's lost again! Can't y'all keep track of these things?


Lost Treasures Forever Lost

Bejewelled Helm of studmandudebro (a.k.a Possibly-cursed, Fur-lined, Bejewelled Half-Brassiere of Deves'tatyll)

This classy headpiece once belonged to the famous Imperial explorer studmandudebro. studman was well-known for his affinity with werewolves (which he referred to as his 'buff doggehz') and he helped establish the first contacts between humans and the small, reclusive werewolf population in Lustria. Unfortunately, he also had a reputation for exploring whilst heavily drunk (which is never a good idea in Lustria). He was last seen running off into the jungle doing a shirtcopter and yelling "Who let the dogs out?! Ruff! Ruff, ruff, ruff!".


Thanks to his uncanny research skills, Marcus Toady has managed to uncover the journal of a werewolf clan chieftain, who lived several hundred years ago. On examining the journal, Averland Jones finds that the passage referring to the location of studman's tomb contains what seems to be lyric excepts from a song, which he is not familiar with:

... if you like to gamble, you know that I'm your man
win some, lose some, it's all the same to me ...

... the pleasure is to play
makes no difference what you say ...

Averland scratches his head in puzzlement ...

Current holder: coach Nelphine of [SL] Shadows of Araanjagan
And during Season Twelve, the thrice cursed half-brasseire is taken home to the Chaos Wastes by the Shadows. And I never thought I'd pity the residents of the Chaos Waste, but now I do. And it's all your fault Nelphine!

Burial Mask of Jongelipkiss

Legend has it that this burial mask belonged to the Slann Jongelipkiss, who was the court jester to the first ever Slann Lord of Lustria, Lord Kroak. It is said that Lord Kroak was so fond of his jester that he crafted this magical mask which, when Jongelipkiss donned it on his deathbed, absorbed his life essence, so that his soul could persist in the mortal realm for eternity. It is rumoured that anyone that dares to put on the mask will be spontaneously taken over by Jongelipkiss' irresistable and erratic personality. Many tales have been told of unwary adventurers bouncing off into the jungle in a green frenzy, never to be heard of again ...


After several weeks of fruitless searching through countless dusty journals and tomes, for whatever clues he could find, Averland Jones finally managed to come across a rumor relating to the mask in a little-known Pygmy saloon. Apparently, the mask was last seen in the possession of a Pygmy scholar, who is known to have purchased a season ticket for the third season of the Secret League Americas Blood Bowl tournament.

Current holder: coach burnsy87 of Seekers of Holy Nuffle
And in Season Thirteen, the Seekers of Holy Nuffle have returned to their homelands with the Burial Mask! The mask is therefore permanently removed from circulation.