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Group managers: Valen, bigf


Matches are played under CRP with the following exceptions/additions:

Team Creation
• Starting Cash is 1,200,000 gold crowns
• All teams must follow a naming convention for your team, this is as follows: "(Place team is from)(Team moniker)" Please be creative when naming your teams and players. Extra cheesy puns and spin offs on real teams and players is highly encouraged. Creating a team logo and bio is also highly encouraged but not required.
• Custom SPP levels are set at;
• 6,16,31,51
• This gives you 4 rolls only in total to go for
• This is college, and are only going to get as good as they need before entering the pros (EBBL)

Player eligibility
To keep the college theme going, each player will gain a year of enrollment for each season played. Every player starts as a freshman, and after a season is over, goes to sophomore, then to junior, then senior. After their senior season the player graduates or turns pro and must leave the team (ie: retired.) The only exception comes after a player's first season, where one of the two following rules may apply:

Red-shirt Freshman
These players do not lose a year of eligibility for their team and will be considered a Freshman for their second season. You can only be Red-shirted your first season and only one time.
- If player receives 0 SPP in their freshman year they are considered a Red-shirt Freshman. Fluff wise, these players were unable to play due to injury and could only focus on medical recovery, hence why they failed to gain any experience.
- If a player is picked up for the last game of a team's season (which is a bowl for those that qualify, or the last game before bowl season for those that don't,) they are considered a Red-Shirt Freshman. Fluff wise they are an early-enrollee from the next recruiting class, joining the program before the spring semester begins.

Gray-shirt Freshman
Each offseason, a program can designate one freshman player with one to five Spps as a 'gray-shirt' player. A gray-shirt player does not lose a year of eligibility and is still considered a freshman for their second season. Fluff wise, gray-shirt players are freshman who sat out part of the year due to injury but were still able to improve in practice by running the scout team.

Game rule changes
• Claw does not stack with other skills that modify armour rolls.
• Pilling on;
• Allow coach to reroll armour only
• Piling On does not stack with other skills that modify armour or injury rolls.
• Right Stuff prevents Tackle skill when blocked.
• Sneaky Git
• Sneaky Git functions as Guard on foul assists.
• Banned Sneaky Git players are sent to the KO box instead.
• All inducements allowed apart from star players
• For a win you get 2 points, for a draw you get 1 point, and 0 points for losses. For infractions like concessions and no shows you get a -1 point for playoff consideration, but +1 point for draft consideration.
• Rolling 7 days to complete a round. As soon as the round finishes, there will be a new round with new deadline. (We are strict on all rules, emphasize this deadline. Dont expect extension, unless holiday was announced well in advanced, was discussed and agreed to an alternate procedure.)
• Coaches are expected to be able to play their games in European time zones.
• Breaking the rules, like concessions, egregious no shows may result in forfeiture of draft picks in the oncoming draft. Concession or repeated forfeit is valid reason for a ban.

Regular Season
I am hoping to get at least 11 teams so we can play a 10 game season. If we get more I will try and split into divisions to get the ten game season

Post Season
After the season there will be a coaches poll to rank the teams.

These rankings will be used to place colleges into differnt bowl games including the ECBBA Title game.