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Champions League 1

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[A] Lothern Sevens                       
[B] SquadChaos Cannon Fodder                      
[C] Let the body's hit the floor  
[D] Gollum's crotch goblins                   
[E] Nuffles Forsaken                         
[F] F'Ork Off                   
[G] Chork Choppers                         
[H] Sunnydale Fright'ems                           
[I] Lord Boraks Backing Band                     
[J] Squad Chaos Lockdown Gods                
[K] I ain't got no-body                     
[L] Werewolves of Londinium                       
[M] Gipfel Greenleaves                         
[N] Squad Chaos Dyslexic Cnuts                           
[O] [WHW] Latrones Mare Frisica                           

Tournament Members

1. P [L] Squad Chaos Lockdown Godsrangey1770kDaemons of Khorne761014683753219 
2. Roster [L] Gollum's crotch goblinsPorkPieMudEye1220kNecromantic Horror53208441110111 
3. Roster [L] I ain't got no-bodyWidram1720kShambling Undead421164213857 
4. Roster [L] Chork ChoppersXpherAndTheAxes1870kChaos Dwarf220060610286 
5. P [L] Werewolves of LondiniumMav13shc1960kNecromantic Horror320162416796 
6. Roster [L] Nuffles ForsakenSacredChilli1940kChaos Chosen2200303133106 
7. Roster [L] Lothern Sevensnazgob1410kElven Union21017258716 
8. Roster [L] Lord Boraks Backing Bandthor871560kChaos Chosen4112550211-94 
9. Roster [L] Squad Chaos Dyslexic CnutsHeff1590kDwarf11002025053 
10. Roster [L] Sunnydale Fright'emsJustKeith1550kNecromantic Horror11002024043 
11. Roster [L] F'Ork OffBeardG891050kOrc510438-51112-13 
12. Roster [L] Gipfel GreenleavesTheGngrNoob1190kHalfling2101220111-103 
13. Roster [L] SquadChaos Cannon FodderMerrick18818680kOgre310215-4618-123 
14. Roster [L] Let the body's hit the floorfatboyslimming550kHalfling140212330-272569-442 
15. Roster [L] [WHW] Latrones Mare FrisicaEczemabeard1470kShambling Undead10101103211 

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