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Group managers: sokeeffe, Apus, CrookfangRob, jdm, lanky316
Love playing Blood Bowl but often short on time?
Then 7s is for you! Getting that Blood Bowl experience but in under an hour!

Many pro BB leagues exist throughout the old world and beyond. In the cutthroat world of BB, not all players start off with a Pro team. The majority of players play in the 7's League.

BB7's teams tend to be highly disorganized! There are players with individual talent, but teamwork on the whole is somewhat lacking. To promote the interest of this sport, and an attempt to get more players involved, Cabalvision have hereby started a 7's league.
• Teams may be purchased using 600,000 GC.
• Teams may be selected from any of the competitive races in Blood Bowl
• In Sevens, a team may not have more than 11 players on the roster. A team will only field 7 players at a time.
• Only 4 players who are not a standard 0-11+ player may be on the teams roster.
• Allowances for non-lineman positions are halved to a minimum of 0-2 (e.g. 0-2 Human Blitzer, 0-3 Lizardmen Saurus).
• No big guys (except for stunty teams), they are too valuable for the 11s game
• Sevens teams are not very well-trained or reliable. Team rerolls cost double their listed cost. For example, a reroll for a human team would cost 100,000 GC.
• The 'Leader' skill is removed from the skill up list

Please apply teams to the group after creation!

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HDBC Sevens Series Now live! Click for details

Further Details
• There is NO LoS minimum in place. However, coaches must set up at least three players two squares back (the third row from the halfway line as per anti-quick snap set ups). Players may choose to line up closer if that is what they desire to do. The client can not enforce this system but please maintain this rule in all games to ensure a fairer game.
• Max of 1 player setup in each of the wide zones
• MVP is random
* A wizard is available for all BB7s games.
* A specialist roster of stars are available for all BB7s games. See the list here.
* Mercenary positionals may be induced even if it takes you over the 4 positional limit
* Up to three cards may be chosen as inducements.
* Sneaky Git functions as Guard for assisting fouls.
* Sneaky Git players are sent to the KO box rather than banned.
* Piling On does not cost a team reroll to use.
* Expensive Mistakes starts at 150, and increments in 100.

An open league for playing 7s with rules closely based on the NAF ruleset

This is a hereditary successor to the old BB7s group that existed pre lrb6.

BB7s Star Players.

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