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Emerging Star
Win Percentage
Emerging Star
Win Percentage
Emerging Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Altdorf Tigers Human 70k 6/6/6 1780k ±550  
  Blodbjorn Norse 0 12/6/13 1940k    
  Ziprunners Lizardmen 50k 1/3/1 1170k ±180  
  145 Darkliners Dark Elf 60k 4/2/2 1290k    
  Coldrunners Lizardmen 120k 4/1/1 1430k    
  Crookfangs Orc 320k 17/7/14 1770k    
  Emperor BANTSpatines Mega Mix Crookfang Rob 150k 0/0/1 850k    
  Masters of Spinjitzu Dark Elf 30k 3/2/2 1310k    
  Olde Worldie Lookin' Chain Crookfang Rob 250k 1/2/5 970k    
  Pitts Stealers Skaven 10k 4/6/7 1580k    
  Pro Peloton Elven Union 20k 4/9/5 1530k    
  Raiders of Berk Pirates of Sartosa 50k 1/1/1 1150k    
  Treálfar Cousins Wood Elf 20k 1/0/0 1010k    
Scheduled against 39 possible opponents.
League teams for BB7s Non-Progression
  Beano Resurrection 7s Chaos Renegades 7s 0 1/2/1 600k    
League teams for Blood Bowl 7s (BB7s)
  [BB7s] Beano Renegades Chaos Renegades 7s 310k 6/1/4 970k    
  Masters of the Puniverse Nurgle 7s 160k 3/5/2 930k    
  Salazar's Skinks Lizardmen 7s 30k 4/4/0 910k    
  Viking Syklister Norse 7s 90k 26/7/10 1260k    
  World Beaters Human 7s 230k 13/2/5 1040k    
League teams for Cabalvision Super League
  Welsh Williams Myrmidia 7s 440k 13/1/10 1030k    
League teams for Cabalvision Superstar Series
  [C7s] MetalliDeth Beasts Beastmen 7s 80k 7/1/6 1080k    
  [CSS7s] Mabinogion Albion 7s 170k 3/2/4 920k    
  Brunelball Engineers 7s 280k 6/6/3 1050k    
  Despicable Rats Clan Moulder 7s 80k 3/1/7 1170k    
  Roland's Gunslingers Sylvania Pact 7s 180k 6/3/3 1010k    
  Solntsevskaya Bratva Clan Eshin 7s 10k 1/2/1 820k    
  Squeaky Piggies Daemons of Malal 7s 140k 3/2/2 890k    
  Terrors of the Deeps Black Ark 7s 50k 5/3/4 990k    
  Wardens of the Borders Border Princes 7s 0 3/0/2 790k    
League teams for CIBBL
  Chargers of Diviciacus Zoat (CIBBL) 80k 1/0/3 1220k    
  Cursed of Osrage Were (CIBBL) 90k 0/0/4 1030k    
  Dökkálfar Dreki Black Ark (CIBBL) 50k 9/3/11 1590k    
League teams for CIBBL+
  Knights of the Northern Cross Cult of Ulric + 70k 4/1/0 1350k    
Scheduled against neubau's Melkhior's Lantern (Seen 1h ago).
League teams for Empire Sevens
  Bellowhead Curiosity 7s 80k 5/1/2 700k    
  Hedges of Lancre Hedge Folk 7s 120k 8/1/3 870k    
League teams for NAF Tournament Practice
  Phoenix Comics Wood Elf 370k 1/0/0 1130k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  [SL] The Warriors II Kurgan 20k 7/4/3 1540k    
  [SLO] The Rats of NIMH Clan Eshin 0 3/1/2 1360k    
  [SLO] Wild West Princes Border Princes 50k 3/0/0 1220k    
  Celts of the Hill Slayer 250k 7/5/6 1720k    
  Down Subs Pirates of Sartosa 50k 4/2/2 1430k    
League teams for SLICC
  Rank Raiders SLICC Savage Orc 40k 12/2/5 1390k    
Scheduled against Weresquid's Golden City Gladiators (Seen 11h ago).
  To The Thunderdome Orc 110k 4/3/4 1340k    
  Utgard Axes Norse 140k 2/4/3 1450k    
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