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Group managers: det

Survivalist league modelled after the SSL, with some different features and (more) CIBBL derived teams

The league is a high foul, high fun league, with the teams following the lineup of the SSL with six more teams added: myrmidia, lybaras, hobgoblin, kislev, undead pirates, half orcs. Every team has been redone followinng the CIBBL roster and adding dirty player mercs, stabbers, secret weapons etc.

The first team allocation went as follows:

First to roll was JD, who chose Lybaras over Halfing and Ogres because he was fed up of stunties.
Las was next and he didn't even notice the other two choices as he selected Forest Goblins immediately. They were Ethereal and Norse by the way.
Cart then decided to go for the Bantsier team between Zons, Kislev and Vamps. Obviously Kislev with the awesome new duelist player...nope, Vamps. :)
Datom had a simple choice: Elf Union, Goblins or Ogres. This time we all agreed on Gobbos...with two looneys...and a dirty player gobbo...yup!
Then came Nab, who was the first to be offered Wood Elves alongside Underworld and Khorne. Khorne was selected as no one likes elves and he wasn't in the mood for stunties like UW.
Rb had already some good experience with two of the rolled races (nurgle and renegades) so he went with an unplayed race: Undead Pirates. Another of the new teams, awesome!
After that Fanky rolled Engineers, Necros and Khemri. He didn't want to be the boring dorf players and neither the tier1 kind, so OP Khemri was selected.
No SL teams for Lemon, and his choice was Renegades for the killing potential over Slann and their hmp bomber and dark elves with yet another stabber.
Det came last and he was the only one to take the Ag route with Black Ark. He didn't want to double up on Chaos nor add yet another regen team with Undead.
Stowelly seemed to be in it too...and rolled Hobgblins, Myrmidia and Wood Elves, but then pulled out shouting "Or Dust Goblins or nothing!" ...nothing...
But the late addition came in lanky, who for the bants chose Dwarves over Cathay and High Elves...for perma-boring he said!

Team selection

-Only one team of each race, teams are those used by the SSL (with some tweaks/changes here and there) plus lybaras (double bomber, 4 foulers added), myrmidia (foulers and stabber w/stakes added), hobgoblin (4 sneaky gits, chainsaw added and Khan instead of blockers), kislev (dp on kicker, stabber and bomber added), undead pirates (zombie dpers, zombie ball&chain) and half orcs (chainsaw and stabbers added).

-Team is randomly assigned: roll 3 times and choose one of the 3 teams you got assigned.

-1250k gold for team creation

Skill changes

-Piling on is on and doesn't require a reroll.

-fouling buffed all over: +1 to armour rolls, sneaky git acts like guard for fouls and is sent to KO box if banned.

-right stuff cancels tackle on blocks


-150k extra to spend on cards, max 9 cards per coach total

-no star players (I think...)

-wizards can be induced


-spiked ball always used

-5 players nominated for MVP

Post game

-player cannot be retired never ever...only way out is death. So yeah, apo a perm hoping it kills a player is a thing!

-if a player ever levels up and rolls a stat, they must take it. (This rules is not applied to Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Clan Moulder, Underworld)

-end of season if a team doesn't have a full roster of 11 non-journeyman players and can't afford to hire them, it will recieve the appropriate amount of cash to sign the players they want.

-at season end teams can be kept or a coach can redraft a new one with the same procedure of rolling thrice and selecting.

The first tournament was interrupted before some played their first game since we had Lanky joining us.
Some say the commish wanted to erase the blemish that was this game https://fumbbl.com/p/match?id=4154867 where the black ark team was pitch cleared by forest gobbos after the elves did some random block instead of scoring when they could.

Obviously it's all nonesense. Here is the complete original season one tournament:

Season 1 was rebooted and is presently underway.