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Group managers: ryanfitz



*16 Teams - Humans only (for now?)
16 teams will likely be a hard cap for this league.
we may run 8 or 12 teams for the 1st season(s)

*Teams start with 1.55M gold
to build/buy the initial team

*All teams gold will be reset for next season!
ending the season with gold is wasted gold

*NA time compatible or flexibility is expected

Two week rounds end Wednesday 11:59pm EST
unresolved games will be forfeit on Thursday


12 round draft

Order is all jacked up intentionally. The teams picking later get a slight advantage over the course of the draft for missing out on the top picks.

Trades are allowed
commish must approve all trade proposals

Draft will be run in discord until all rounds are completed


Any unsigned or released players will be on the UDFA Board

The UDFA board may be frozen once a replacement coach is found

in the event that a coach leaves mid season.

Players on the UDFA board are available to all teams and assigned to interested teams on Thursday and Sundays.


4 - 4 team divisions
2 divisions - All Fitz Conferences (AFC)
2 divisions - National Fitz Conferences (NFC)

Play 1 cross conference and
1 conference tourney for standings

Conference Round Robin

Division winners earn the #1 and #2 seeds
#3 and #4 seeds are wildcards that go to the best records remaining

NFC vs AFC champions face off in the Superb-Owl


Trading deadline is the end of the week 5 games

Any And all trades are willing to be considered

Commish must be notified

*Future Draft Picks

Link to trade tracker soon


Each team can protect up to 5 players by signing them in the offseason
(including practice squad players)

This is the 1st cost of the next season's salary cap

Player re-signing fees cost a team part of their salary
*pretty sure this is where blood bowl got their redraft idea!

Subsequent seasons will have 7 round drafts consisting of a combination of new rookie players, and those players that couldn’t be re-signed and protected from hitting the free agency market.




Submit a team to request/hold a spot
confirm spot with ryanfitz or apojar

ALL TEAMS must be built after draft

Team are Persistent!
Coaches may change, franchises may move, but the trades made will stick with teams

*while a team can trade away a bit of their future, they won’t be allowed to take it too far

1.55M gold for the season for
Teams must carry an apothecary and 2 RR minimum
Leaving 1.4M maximum for drafting players and staff
All teams start with 6 dedicated fans at no extra cost

Teams may ONLY hire players off the boards
Must apply to hire a player - See UDFA rules



FDL custom Star Player may die/retire
Game results will determine Star’s fates.
Announcements will be made!
When one Star goes, new Stars always show.

Future Stars will be players that get too expensive to redraft.

Baggy Doggens Halfling Luck special
85k gold 5/2/2/4/7 Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff,
Block, Loner (3+)

Don Taculpepper Blast It! special
115k gold 7/3/3/2/9 Sure Hands, Pass,
Leader, Hail Mary Pass, Loner (4+)

A-Aron Gers Shot to Nothing special
160k gold 6/3/2/2/8 Sure Hands, Pass,
Accurate, Cannoneer, Safe Pass, Loner (3+)

Bluff Uberwalt Consummate Pro special
85k gold 5/2/2/4/7 Block,
Dodge, Fend, Guard, Sidestep, Loner (2+)

Ja Seeka Ram special
200k gold 7/4/3/4/10 Block,
Frenzy, Juggernaut, Loner (4+)

T-Mothy Burst of Speed special
155k gold 8/3/3/5/8 Dodge, Catch
Block, Tackle, Loner (3+)

Jai Kwelin Star of the Show special
135k gold 9/2/3/5/8 Dodge, Catch
Sidestep, Loner (4+)

Kat Vonkull Indomitable special
145k gold 6/3/3/4/9 Block, Dauntless,
Mighty Blow +1, Tackle, Loner (4+)

Erik Ivarssen Raiding Party special
195k gold 6/4/3/4/10
Block, Guard, Tackle, Loner (4+)

Da Gronk Crushing Blow special
210k gold 5/5/4/3/10 B. Head, MB +1, T. Skull,
Block, Kick Team-mate, Loner (4+)

Mihne Norg The Ballista special
355k gold 5/6/3/4/11 MB +1, Thick Skull,
Throw Team-mate, Block, Loner (3+)


You may have a roster of up to 16 players, up to 4 of those players may be designated as "practice squad" Those players are removed from the UDFA eligibility list, and are part of your team, but are not part of your game time roster (TV) and you DO NOT hire them.

You may call a player up to your team roster at any time there is an open spot, but they can NOT be sent back to the practice squad once activated.
They have a good union

e.g. A team with 4 blitzers, 3 healthy and 1 MNG would NOT be able to activate a practice quad blitzer without releasing one of their current rostered blitzers.
(Your team may not rehire that player until other teams have a chance to pick them up)

Link to Draft Page

UDFA Process
*When a player is offered a contract by multiple teams priority is invoked.

Teams with the worst record = Priority
1st tie = Lowest TV & practice squad & MNG
2nd tiebreaker = First submitted request

Teams will be granted their 1st pick so long as another team has not been given that player on priority. After each player is given priority is re-evaluated until all requested Free Agents have been assigned. We will do our best to be fair and keep things moving.

Tie Breakers

1st - Head to Head
2nd - Div Record (in-div) / Conf Rec. (non-div)
3rd - Conf Record (in-div) / Div Rec. (in-div)
4th - TD Differential
5th - Cas Differential
6th - Whiskey to fitz (I'm serious about this!)
7th - you didn’t send whiskey? Dice roll

In case of 3 way tie, all pairs will be compared

In case of a single winner they will be highest seed and the other will go to tiebreakers

In case of a single loser loses the other two will go to tiebreakers for highest seed

Free Agency Costs

These are in addition to the players base cost
0-16 games = 10% of TV (80k*.1 = extra agent cost of 8k)
17-32 games = 20% of TV (80*.2 = extra agent 16k)
23-48 games = 30% of TV (80*.3 = extra agent 24k)
49-64 games = 40% of TV (80*.4 = extra agent 32k)
65+ games = 50% of TV (80*.5 = extra agent 40k)
-5% extra cost/permanent injury

eg. 12 game 135k -ma, -av player +10%, -5%, -5%
has no additional cost to re-sign, resign 135 TV

eg. 30 game 180k player +20%
Costs 180k with additional 36k in agency fees

Yes player with Superbowls may demand a bit more

FDL Star Players are custom and may die/retire.

As our players become too expensive
they will become the future League Star Players