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Spelledaren’s next big thing

Group managers: spelledaren

Group: Open to everyone/ruleset 2208
Format: Open round robin + KO playoff
TW limit to join: NA

Manager: Spelledaren
Name: Spelledaren's next big thing!


Welcome! So why should you play in this league? What is special about it?

We play 2020 rules, with some minor tweaks.

Some custom versions of classic teams. Teams are designed so no postional is simply a lesser version of one in another team. Skills give flair to teams. All rosters have 8 positionals, 4+2+2. There is no stunty around here, or rostered big guys. No redraft, but some other functions for end of season and playoff.

Every race has a special end of season bonus, as well as everyone getting some extra SPP to throw around. Teams get better at the end of a season, not worse!

We will play open round tournament with a playoff for the best performers. Teams that do make it to playoff will have to sacrifice a player, and that goes double for the season's winner. But the winner gets a prize! Spelledaren might feel like changing or adding things, always with everyone´s fun in mind.

Teams starting in later seasons will get some sort of bonus to make them more competitive from the start.

Ruleset here, go look at the rosters to see what you like.

Some points from the rules: expensive mistakes start at 120k. Choose 4 players for MVP. Star players are custom and more expensive. No necromancers.

You can also go look at the coach page for Spelledaren, because he has created a team for each of the 12 available rosters. There you can have a look at examples of rookie teams.

Most of all you should play here for a relaxed environment and because you trust Spelledaren to make good decisions about stuff.

Tournament rules

Seasons are played in an open round robin format. Play anyone you like at any time (once against each opponent). Season end will trigger once two teams have met ALL opponents, or if more than half of the teams have met more than half of the opponents (or at any time that Spelledaren says so).

Once a trigger has been met there will be 21 days to complete any remaining games. After that time the top teams will enter into playoff to determine the winner through a KO tournament with random seeding. The number of teams in playoff will depend on the number of teams in the main tournament, but ideally there will be 8.

Points in general season will be 50/20/8 for win/draw/loss, + any TD and Cas difference. Concession or forfeit will be 42/0.

An in-game concession also gives the team 1 curse that has effect at the end of season. Forfeiting a game due to no-show or similar circumstances does not give a curse to the losing team, so don't worry about it if you suddenly have to make real life work.

You are never forced to play a game, except in playoff and grudge matches (off season).

Tie breakers:
1. Head to head
2. Number of games played (more=better)
3. Number of TD made (not difference)
4. Number of cas made (not difference)


Playoff is decided in a KO tournament with random seeding. If we have 13+ teams competing then playoff will have 8 teams, otherwise only 4.
Any team that qualifies for playoff must sacrifice a skilled player to appease the powers that be.
A player with skills costing 10-30k gives access to playoff.
40-60k gives the team an extra dedicated fan.
70-100k gives the team an extra reroll for all playoff games.
110-160k gives the team a permanent reroll added.
170k+ gives the team a dedicated fan, an boon for end of season and the choice of a reroll or healing one single permanent injury.

Observe that the above refers to the cost of upgrades a player has, not the starting cost.

Permanent injuries reduce the value of the player sacrificed. General reduction like follows, but subject to Spelledaren's discretion.
Niggle: no difference.
Loss of AV/MA/PA -10
Loss of AG -20
Loss of ST -50

The winner of the tournament recieves a special prize that will be different from season to season. This will be a choice of artifacts that are added to a player to change their skills or stats.

The prize for season one will be a choice of two items to award a player of your choice that played in the final game. You can not refuse taking a prize. Prizes cost 30k of added value.

A/ Paw of Passing: Big Hand, Cannoneer, Cloud Burster, Loner (2+)
B/ Gloves of Grabbing: Grab, Multiple Block, Safe Pair of Hands, Loner (2+)

The King (winner of the season) will confer with Spelledaren about creating new prizes.
They will also choose one of their available star players to gain 10 SPP.

End of season

At the end of season a number of things happen, in this order, for any team that played at least 1 game in the season.

First, the winner of the season must sacrifice a player from their team to give thanks to Nuffle for their great blessing. The player is chosen by a vote among all the other coaches, but can never be a player who has received an artifact, and the coach of the winning team may choose 4 more players that can not be chosen. The winner chooses 4 in secret while the others vote (also in secret by messaging Spelledaren). The player with the most votes and not protected is retired from the team. Ties will retire the one with more SPP, if tied again Spelledaren will choose.

After that each team gets their special end of season bonus.

Bonuses for end of season:
Amazon: send a player on a quest until playoff. Removed from roster and added back with one chosen agility skill (20k) and 8 SPP.
Chaos: Chosen receive 1 extra spp for each game of the season that they got any spp in.
Dark Elves: may sacrifice an uninjured player to remove a single permanent injury.
Dwarves: may choose a player to receive +AV and -MA and 3 SPP (0k).
Elves: may sacrifice one dedicated fan to take a rookie lineman or catcher.
Hobgoblins: choose a player to receive the Stab skill for the entire season (20k).
Humans: cost of rerolls and linemen are halved at end of season.
Necromantic: roster any number of zombies at no cost at end of season.
Norse: choose one player to receive the Frenzy skill and Drunkard and 3 SPP (10k).
Orcs: choose two linemen to receive two different permanent stat injuries to give two blockers 6 SPP each.
Skaven: choose one player to receive a random mutation (20k).
Undead: all players receive 1 SPP.

After that every coach chooses, in secret, other teams to send one boon and one curse to.
Spelledaren will always curse his own team and send a boon to the team with the least points, but with at least 5 season games played.

All teams can choose three players from their team to receive an extra 3 SPP in the off season, but this is influenced by curses and boons.

First off: curses and boons cancel each other out. You can not give yourself a boon. Also! If two teams choose each other for their curse, neither team is effected by that curse. Instead they are immediately put into a single grudge match, with enhanced fouling and extra cash for cards. The winner of the grudge match, if any, takes a dedicated fan from the losing team. That game is to be played after choosing bonus SPP, and before season start.

Here is a list of effects:
1 boon: add a 4th player to get 3 spp.
1 curse: only choose 2 players to get spp.
2 boons: 3 players get 5 spp
2 curses: 2 players get spp, and you lose a dedicated fan.
3 boons: 3*5 spp and add a fan.
3 curses: 1*3 spp and lose a fan.
4 boons: normal SPP but add a reroll or heal a single permanent injury.
4 curses: normal spp but lose a reroll.
5+ lets cross that bridge when we get there.

Once everyone has chosen players to get extra SPP and played any grudge matches next season starts.

Star Players

Each race has two available Star Players, both of which can get skills and evolve. One star is taken from the positional with 4 slots on the team and given +ST. The other star is mostly based on Big Guys, but there is more variation with this second star.

Spelledaren will track SPP for stars and grant a skill roll at 6, 16, 31, 51, 76, 126 and 176 (and maybe 251 if it comes to that). Spelledaren will listen to input but make any skill decisions. Stars will increase in cost to follow their new skills. Some stars start at 6 SPP (all the +ST ones + a few more).

Stars may also pick up permanent injuries and die. If they die a new star will be created to keep the available number at 2. They can also retire at the end of a season if they have some bad permanent injuries.

Some icons come from Secret League. Used without permission but with all the love and respect for those that create the things.

Here is a list of linemen stats. I used it while thinking about league balance, maybe you want to see it like this too.
List of linemen:
Amazon: 633+4+8+ Sure feet, GA(S), 50k
Chaos: 634+5+9+ Horns, GM(AS), 50k
Dark elves: 532+4+9+ AG(S), 60k
Dwarves: 434+5+10+ Arm Bar, Thick Skull, GS(A), 50k
Elves: 632+4+8+ AG(PS), 60k
Hobgoblins: 633+4+8+ Dirty Player, G(AS), 50k
Humans: 633+4+9+ G(AS), 50k
Necromantic: 434+-9+ Regenerate G(AS), 40k
Norse: 533+4+8+ Block, G(AS), 50k
Orcs: 533+4+9+ Thick Skull, G(AS), 50k
Skaven: 733+4+8+ G(AMS), 50k
Undead: 634+5+8+ Regeneration, G(AS), 40k

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