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  Team Coach TV/TW Race  
1. P [L] [pebbl] Special First and Only (1d) ogjaylowe 1150k/1190k (S1) Special Ops  
2. Roster [L] Alliance of the Yellow Rose (3h) Nightbird 1000k/1000k (S1) Martial Alliance  
3. Roster [L] Bloody Nuffle Sect (17h) RavensFan 1090k/1250k (S1) Bloody Nuffle Sect  
4. Roster [L] Chainbreakerrs (10h) TrashMouse 770k/1100k (X) Chainbreakers  
5. Retired [L] Deepwood Banjo Band (2h) Carthage 1040k/1040k (S1) Deepwoods Elves  
6. Roster [L] Dhar Triumphant (1h) spelledaren 1130k/1130k (S1) Dhar Sorcerers  
7. P [L] Elden Ring Abductors (10h) TrashMouse 1390k/1410k (S1) Elden Ring Abductors  
8. Roster [L] Grunwald Grunge Elves (10h) angusosborne 990k/990k (S1) Chaos Elves  
9. Roster [L] Neuro's Rotting Elves (10d) neuro_ 1230k/1230k (S1) Atheli Rotsouls  
10. P [L] New Wrasslin' Order (13m) dieuraskel 1000k/1200k (S1) New Wrasslin Order  
11. P [L] Ninza Drowf (4h) Habeli 1560k/1560k (S1) Drowf  
12. P [L] OG Trashcan Goblins (14h) ShadowManes 1220k/1220k (S1) Trashcan Goblins  
13. P [L] Old Forest Alliance (2d) daniel7582 1090k/1100k (S1) Old Forest Alliance  
14. Roster [L] Omaha Lasers (26m) Gridironman 1050k/1400k (S1) Eshin Outcasts  
15. Skills Pending [L] PEBBL Filler 1 (2h) Carthage 170k/170k (X) Chainbreakers  
16. Roster [L] PEBBL Filler 2 (2h) Carthage 590k/590k (X) Chainbreakers  
17. Roster [L] PEBBL Filler 3 (2h) Carthage 770k/770k (X) Chainbreakers  
18. Roster [L] PEBBL Filler 4 (2h) Carthage 770k/770k (X) Chainbreakers  
19. Roster [L] PEBBL Filler 5 (2h) Carthage 840k/840k Weapon Dealers  
20. Roster [L] PEBBL Filler 6 (2h) Carthage 990k/990k (X) Dodge City Lasers  
21. Roster [L] PEBBL Filler 7 (2h) Carthage 500k/500k (S1) Atheli Rotsouls  
22. Roster [L] PEBBL Filler 8 (2h) Carthage 270k/270k (S1) Bloodhorde  
23. Roster [L] PEBBL Filler 9 (2h) Carthage 610k/610k (S1) Bloody Nuffle Sect  
24. Roster [L] Sky-dancers (2h) Carthage 980k/980k (S1) Skyborne Elves  
25. Roster [L] Squadra Brutale Nelphine 990k/990k (S1) Brute Squad  
26. Roster [L] Stinging Swarm (2d) Tredworth 1040k/1130k (S1) The Hive  
27. Roster [L] We broke PEBBL(S1) (4h) Habeli 1000k/1000k (S1) Bloodier Horde  
28. P [L] Wreck it Raph (1d) shook_one 1350k/1350k (S1) Rodent Nobility