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Group managers: Bazakastine, Dalfort, Rawlf, razmus
Each year the Tomb lords of the Khemri meet at a charred and blackened crack in the desert. There powerful magic is called upon from ancient Tomes and Lich Lords under vow to assist, and the dusty magical conflagration sends up a flaming beacon into the sky. Teams from all over the world see the sign and flock to the desert for the chance to compete for the Crown Of Sand.

Each Team has one week to seek out the camp for their race in the desert, amidst the twisted dunes and desolate wastes, blasted with the magic of the Crown. For Eldritch reasons this legendary artefact guides each team to that camp, where all of their race congregate, around a central pillar of fire, The pillar itself growing stronger and brighter with each arriving team. The 24 pillars of fire form a circle. In the centre of this ring, during the week of the gathering, a huge Pyramid rises from the sands, shorn half way of the tip and featuring instead a huge plateau of fields marked, in the dust of bones from centuries past, with symbols of Blood Bowl play. At the very centre of this vast plain in the sky, risen from the desert, is a plinth. Atop it , on a pedestal of Skulls, Sits the Crown Of Sand itself. The winner of the Finals of the 'Crown Of Sands' will be allowed to place this item upon the head of their team captain, and recruit the results. As always the Crown will crumble, and as the sands hit the floor, 6 skeletons will rise and obey.

As the edifice is completed, 16 of the pillars, the smallest and weakest, wink out of existence and a sandstorm blows; the other races wander, as bands, and are guided to the remaining pillars of fire, where the 8 qualifying tournaments are formed. These mighty Tournaments lead to single victors, and those remaining 8 are drawn into the finals of the Crown Of Sands. The CoS always draws some of the world's great Star names, for the legendary artifact has spawned a legendary Blood Bowl-a-thon, now beamed via cabalvision to every corner of the globe.

The Crown Of Sand is one of FUMBBL's Official Tournaments. All R and B teams are eligible to apply to the Crown Of Sand Qualifiers and recieve one of only 8 invites to the Crown Of Sand finals. Which will be run from here. Once a team has won their qualifier, they should apply to this page for entry into the main CoS finals themselves. Between the final of the qualifier and drawing of the finals of the CoS, teams are not allowed to play any games.


The Crown Of Sand has a complex qualifying system, but a single point of application. For details and to apply, go to the Crown Of Sand Qualifiers

The winner of the Crown Of Sand will recieve Dynamic Gold and +1 MVP. In addition they may chose to elect one of the players who completed the final to don the 'Crown Of Sand'. The Crown Of Sand gives the chosen player an instant and permanent +STRENGTH (to a maximum of +2 still) and also bestows the skill Leader. The coach may also, only at this moment, choose to fill their roster with as many Sand Skeletons as they wish. All such Skeletons recieve the skill Decay, to reflect that they are made from sand. They will have 30TV.