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  Team Coach TV/TW Race Score  
1. P [S] Pancake Chefs (711d) Mossbeard 1220k/1390k Pro Halflings 100  
2. Roster [S] Bronzen Zebras (209d) TheSyron 1900k/1900k Pygmy 100  
3. P [S] Uncommon Denominators (1129d) m0gw41 1780k/1780k Pygmy 94  
4. Roster [S] City of Lost Gnoblar (9d) Duder 1640k/1700k Gnoblar 91  
5. Roster [S] Aethurr Daggers (929d) Pentalarc 1270k/1310k Eshin Adepts 72  
6. Roster [S] Gnome-A-Rific II (132d) SkavenLordVinshqueek 1880k/1880k Gnome 49  
7. Roster [S] Kazabazua Blackflies (5d) WhatBall 1660k/1660k Forest Goblin 49  
8. Roster [S] Trollhattan Scarves (520d) azzie 1410k/1440k Snotling 48  
9. Roster [S] Something drops from above (5d) luckyjim12 1810k/1880k Gnome 45  
10. Retired [S] Dry Soup (15d) DonKare 1480k/1720k Skryre Slaves 43  
11. Roster [S] Smashing to Oblivion (4h) Ryld 1690k/1800k Skryre Slaves 43  
12. Roster [S] Battlesquig Galactica (54d) selfy_74 1630k/1630k Squig Herders 40  
13. Roster [S] 'Ard Ta Feed (565d) mr-maverick 1860k/1860k Squig Herders 38  
14. Roster [S] Flying Cosmic Horrors (1477d) gjopie 1670k/1670k Horrors of Tzeentch 34  
15. Roster [S] Porky Pygmies (44d) ahalfling 1770k/1890k Pygmy 30  
16. Roster [S] Stick The Moot In (1282d) xnoelx 1360k/1440k Chaos Halfling 27  
17. Roster [S] What is this? A team for ants? (4d) Roland 1460k/1530k Snotling 25  
18. P [S] Heskit's Experimental Squad (1763d) flydd 1410k/1580k Skryre Slaves 23  
19. Roster [S] Squigly Squags (20h) Lorebass 1200k/1630k Squig Herders 21  
20. Retired [S] Little Bang Feary (21h) Dalfort 1080k/1080k Goblin Cheaters 20  
21. Roster [S] Hombres Pequeños (2076d) WoodPusher 1300k/1350k Chaos Halfling 19  
22. Roster [S] Battle[S]hip (2h) Stonetroll 2230k/2230k Horrors of Tzeentch 12  
23. Roster [S] Malefic Putrescence (1664d) member1234 2180k/2460k Nurglings 11  
24. Roster [S] Of Mice and Mechs (1324d) pubstar 1090k/1180k Skryre Slaves 5  
25. Roster [S] Quebraderos de Cabezas (232d) Demercel 1200k/1350k Horrors of Tzeentch 4  
26. Roster [S] Li'l Spiders Pigmented (1201d) Shinomune 1420k/1470k Forest Goblin 0