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NBFL Commissioner’s Rant!!

In an effort to practice what I preach, I would like to explain to everyone my stance as defacto commissioner… and explain the things that are most important to me for the longevity of the league.


The league should be fun. Ryan, Kryten, I and others do our activities to facilitate fun. Sometimes getting your ass handed to you is not fun. Sometimes losing your best player doesn’t happen in the most fun way. But the *MAIN* reason we’re all in the league is to have fun playing Bloodbowl.

This is your league. It is *my* favorite league, and the one I’ve been in the longest… but It was started before I joined and had been “handed down”. If you have an idea for the league, run it by the #NBFL chat room and if people think it’s cool, run it by Ryan, Kryten, myself… garner support for the idea and maybe get some input on it. It’s your league too. But the league is equally all of ours… at least until I boot you out for going AWOL ;)

If you are not having fun, or if you are feeling like the league is a chore – please let me know. If you think so-and-so is a dick (if you think I’m a dick ;) and it is going to keep you from wanting to be in the league, let us know. And this plays into important point number two…


My biggest beef will always communication.

We are all expected to contact our weekly opponents via PM, stating our premium times to play and asking what theirs may be. From there, y’all figure out what a common time may be or what adjustments and compromises might need to happen in order to get your game played. If you are unable to find a common time, let me know.

Extensions will be given, but not indefinitely. You need to say specifically when you need your extension until. “We haven’t been able to find a time… we need maybe a few more days” or “I’ll try to catch you…” will not get an extension. “Our schedules don’t mesh this week. We can play Wednesday at 1900 BBT.” likely will. To be completely honest, I’ve heard the “We were gonna try to catch each other” excuse so much it practically pisses me off enough to forfeit the game right then and there >:D

Extensions do not stack. If you need more than a week to schedule your week 5 game, your week 6 game deadline won’t be pushed back as well. Deadlines will be Tuesdays and you are expected to get back on track with the rest of the group.

If you are going to be away for a period of time, let us know. Sometimes you can play ahead and get a head start on your vacation or work trip or “mental vacation from FUMBBL”… whatever it may be, let us know. If you’re going to miss games, not a problem… but if you drop from the face of FUMBBL without notice, I will replace you. But if you let the league know you’ll be gone, you can pop right back in. I have no problem with forfeits…

I have no problem with forfeits. If you tried to schedule and couldn’t mesh your calendars, or if something in real life came up and you missed your time, etc… let me know. The person at fault will get the forfeit loss, the other the forfeit win. If both are at fault (or neither) you may agree to each have a forfeit tie or agree to have the W/L decided by rolling dice in main. Ryan or I can do that. If you both think the other is at fault and argues about it and can’t be objective and you bicker and whine like my five year old daughter… you both get forfeit losses. See? I have no problem with that :) However, if you are forfeited because you have not contacted your opponent or responded to their messages, then your forfeit will count as a WIN when we determine seating for the draft. This is the only penalty I can really enforce to stress the idea that we need to be in communication with our opponents.


This is a controversial stance, I know, for a virtual community. But seriously… your family is more important than games. Your kids are more important than games. Your job is more important than games. Your health and well being are more important than games. If you have none of these things, find them… as they keep you balanced and allow you to play games for longer :)

Games are great! They keep you sane and give you a relaxing escape or at the very least distract your busy mind with something fanciful and imaginary. But if your real life goes to poop, we likely lose a coach and the league gets weaker. So THAT is how the league gets stronger by this seemingly contradictory stance– we don’t lose coaches.


I recruit. That is what I see as my main job in the league. If I play people in the box or ranked or in a random tourney, and I think they have what I like to see in a coach (competitive, good natured, can take a dicing with a smile on their face, doesn’t whine, etc.) then I note that coach in my little black book and I will solicit them. Sometimes this works out and sometimes it doesn’t… but that is what I feel is my first and foremost job in the league. And you can do it too. If you play someone that you think would be a good coach for the league, let me know. I will keep an eye out and maybe get them on the list of replacement coaches.

Thank you for reading this far.