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[R] Archers of Avelon
Throthradir Falavoul#12 

SUBJECT: Official Dossier – Throthradir Falavoul

FOR: Client – Name Confidential

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Race – High Elf, Completion – Pale, Hair – Platinum Blond, Eyes – Blue, Height – 190 cm, Weight – 75 kg, Age 79 years

BACKGROUND: Born in the slums of Fathnore to the house of Falavoul. Mother Anarzee Falavoul was a maid in the house of Larereta. Mother deceased 59 years ago. Father is unknown. Raised by human step-father Maxim Lamplighter now aged 73. Lamplighter is the head gardener of house Larereta. No known siblings.

STORY: Throthradir childhood took place largely in the Larereta manor. To say he grew up in the shadow of Revwe and her siblings would be to understate the facts. Rather, he was relentlessly tormented and beaten by Revwe’s brothers and forced into the most menial of tasks. The fact that his high elf family had fallen so low as to be servants in their home made it easy to justify their cruelty. Of the Larereta household, only the patriarch Captain Castien showed any compassion.

While Castien did not treat Throthradir well, he still demanded that every elf in his home should be trained with a blade and bow. Throthradir made the most of the requirement and excelled at both. Upon reaching the age of maturity he immediately joined the City Guard Force.

If the young elf believed his time in the Larereta manor would afford him an advantage amongst the guards he was mistaken. He was nicknamed Revwe’s Boy and tasked with the worst details. The fact that Revwe never recognized Throthradir had joined the guard force was irrelevant.

At last Throthradir could take the humiliation and scorn no longer so he resigned from the City Guard and picked up a job as messenger and equipment manager of the Nandorians. With the Nandorians, he was allowed to practice with the team from time to time and found the game enjoyable. He was able to vent his frustrations at life and pummel unsuspecting elves that clearly considered themselves to be his betters.

In time Throthradir was shocked when Revwe appeared on the practice squad of the Nandorians. He kept to himself and if Revwe ever recognized him she did never let anyone know it. When the Archers of Avelon were formed, Throthradir took a risk and tried out for the team. He was shocked when Revwe and the other founding menbers of the team pulled him aside and offered him a job as the second blitzer on the field.

As a blitzer, Throthradir’s career lasted 27 games with 6 scores and 10 casualties. Unfortunately in his 27th game he was niggled by an orc lineman on the opening play of the match. Due to his error on the field, the ball was freed and the Archers lost the match. Throthradir did not take the loss or the injury well. He took some time away from the field to recover and revamp his career. With the niggled shoulder he would never be a quality blitzer and without drastic measures he knew he would never be trusted on the team. He decided to transition. He would transition from Blitzer to Catcher and from male to female.

Eight months after leaving the Archers in disgrace he returned and applied for a job as a rookie catcher. With long flowing blond hair and a complete female appearance his commitment was beyond question and the Archers welcomed him to the field.

What is unknown to the Archers is that things with Throthradir are not as they seem. At the elf transition center in the town of Foggy Bottom Throthradir met Saraline Galwyn. He the depressed and unloved elf fell for human cleric that administered his transition potions. Due to the new found emotion and justified fear of the final procedure, he never completed the transition. Saraline now lives in the Merchant Sector of Avelon and is expecting his second child, while Throthradir lives in fear that Revwe will one day learn that he is not the complete female he purports to be.

SCOUTING REPORT: Throthradir’s only weakness is that of all High Elf catchers. He choose to take the field more lightly armored than his colleagues making him more fragile and opening him up to targeted attacks. Fortunately he has spent more time in the training room than most catchers and recently opposing players have learned that he is fully capable of delivering punishing blows.

HOBBIES: Throthradir has no real hobbies. He is dedicated to his family and his craft. On non-game days he will be found on the practice field or in the training room. However, his late afternoons and evenings are spent with his 6 year old son and adoring wife Saraline


High Elf All Time Catcher Records

3rd Most Valuable Player
6th Top Star Player
17th Top Scorer
17nd Most Casualties Caused

Active High Elf Catcher Records

#1 Most Valuable Player
5th Top Star
9th Top Scorer
10th Most Games Played
10th Most Casualties Caused
17th Most Rushing Yards
22nd Most Blocks Thrown

Active High Elf Team Records
11th Top Star

Side Step
Strip Ball
Mighty Blow
Match performances
2017-03-18Titans Walk Among You100016
2017-03-24Six Feet Underdogs010003
2017-03-28Blackspine Reapers010105
2017-03-29Don't worry be happy010003
2017-04-01La Cofradía del Santo Reproche020108
2017-04-02Boot Hill Restless Dead020006
2017-04-07High Born Beserkers100001
2017-04-09Gammora Thunder010018
2017-04-10Foul Bandages000015
2017-04-11Do You Even LIFT, Bro010003
2017-04-13Zhufbar Bruisers100001
2017-04-13Khornius Evangelitxers 120007
2017-04-15Venturina Fc big guys division020006
2017-04-16just wanna hurt100001
2017-04-17Venus Package000015
2017-04-20Titans Walk Among You010003
2017-04-23[R]aid's Ragers0201113
2017-04-25Il-Gurdien Dejjaqli Zobbi0101110
2017-04-26Crowned With Swords010003
2017-05-01Play'em just Play'em 020006
2017-05-04Do You Even LIFT, Bro000102
2017-05-06Minero Siderúrgica010003
2017-05-13Slim Chance Brigade100001
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