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[R] Archers of Avelon
Nienna Nénharma#6 

Kondor opened a drawer on the white ash desk and searched for a proper quill and a blue ink to mark up the scouting reports. As he did so, a loud chirping began on the window ledge that caught his attention. There stood a rare giant ruby finch with a scroll strapped to its abdomen. The beautiful creature sported magnificent crimson plumage and was easily the size of a common vulture. It was of course, the pet and personal trained messenger of Xolaxlexa.

When the bird saw that it had Kondor’s attention it flew directly to his desk where he could remove the scroll. As per procedure, wrapped around the outside of the scroll was a parchment with instructions for payment.
Kondor rang the bell on his desk summoning his personal assistant Archie, and then unbuckled the strap holding the document to the bird. He unwrapped the parchment and read.

It said “For services rendered, please deliver two grams of painite to any guild hall and reference invoice number 2283.”

Kondor grimaced at the expense, signed the parchment, and reattached it to the finch. Once secured, the bird hopped back to the window and flew westward.

Payment in painite was a common practice of the guild. It was worth more than gold and impossible to track. But more importantly taxes in the realm were paid on gold transactions. By bartering with jewels such as painite rather than using the currency of the realm the guild was able to avoid taxes. As the public rarely interacted in official matters with The Organization, they did not know of the scheme. It allowed the guild to have a public image of a government organization that strictly followed the laws of the land while landing a tidy profit for its senior members.

Shaking his head, Kondor began scribbling on a blank parchment as Archie entered the room. Once complete, he folded it and handed it to the wiry redheaded lad. “Take this to my accountant. The dwarf will give you a small packet. Deliver that packet with this note to the Scarlet Scrier Guild Hall in the Saffron District of Skaven Rock. The journey will be less than a day so I expect you back within two days. Take the provisions you need and sleep in an inexpensive inn within the Market District. Alcohol is prohibited on this journey until you make your final delivery. I do not want to take a risk that you are robbed of your cargo. Am I clear?”

Archie nodded and left. As the door closed, Kondor turned his attention to the scroll before him. Carefully he broke the red wax seal and unrolled it partially on his desk. He then attached the top to one brass spindle and then the bottom another one. The spindles both secured the scroll and allowed the reader to turn a small hand crank to unfurl the scroll further.

Kondor began to read.

SUBJECT: Official Dossier – Nienna Nenharma
FOR: Client – Name Confidential

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Race - High ELF, Complexion – Pale, Hair – Blond, Eyes – Blue, Height - 185 cm, Weight - 73 kg, Age – 84 years

BACKGROUND: Born on the elf plantation of Mylhatalos from the house of Nenharma. Mother, Aeritha Nenharma, was a Master Archer and Martial Artist. Father, Ebhirs “Starwanderer” Quinala, is a blood bowl’s legendary catcher of the Phoenix Guard Griffins.

STORY: Nienna was born to Aeritha in the spring of the year of the stag. In the previous year the Phoenix Guard Griffins played some exhibitions in the neighboring town of Ashemel. Starwanderer left Ashemel not knowing or caring that he had sired a child. Aeritha, the wealthy daughter of a well-known bow maker decided to raise the child without informing its father.

Five years later, in the year of the minotaur, Aeritha was conscripted to fight in the battle of Ashemel Gulch against the raiding beastman hoards. With her unparalleled skill she accounted for the confirmed kill of 86 beastmen, 6 minotaurs, and a shagoth with her bow over the two day battle. Her blade dropped an untold number of other assailants. The raid was successfully repelled but Aeritha was lost in the battle. Her body was not recovered and it is assumed that the corpse was carried away by the invading beastmen to be devoured.

As a result, the plantation fell into the hands of Nienna’s aunt on the condition that she provide well for the child. Aunt Glenna raised her in the way of the bow and provided training in elven martial arts.

At the age of 46 the Phoenix Guard Griffins came back to Ashemel. This time Nienna attended the match and was immediately attracted to Starwanderer. What happened between the two is unknown, but when the Griffins left town, Nienna went with them as part of the practice squad. She would become proficient as a thrower then in the coming years bounced from team to team improving her skills.

On her 60th birthday, Nienna joined the Nandorians as a journeyman line elf. In that capacity she worked as circumstances allowed. She tried out for other teams from time to time but never cracked into the big leagues.

Finally she got her break eight years ago when a few members of the Nandorain practice squad banded together. Avelon had been without a team for decades due to scandal involving illegal necromancy. Nienna and the other members of the squad pooled their gold to pay the franchise fee and called themselves the Archers of Avelon. Having been starved for a blood bowl team the aging Avelon Stadium was immediately filled to capacity.

POINTS OF INTEREST: Nienna has a burning hatred of everything that is not an elf. While she will tolerate humans and at times halflings, that is her limit. She particularly harbors a grudge against beasts of any species and will go out of her way to cripple of better yet kill these opposing players.

Nienna has been wise with her means since co-founding the Archers. As soon as it was possible she purchased her mother’s plantation from her aunt. The plantation has also been profitable under her ownership and she has recently purchased several surrounding properties.

Nienna has recently taken a romantic interest in the only male elf currently with the Archers of Avelon. She and Meldalf Aedfaere have a complicate relationship. Nienna simply does not trust male elves and while there is a clear attraction, it is unlikely that the relationship will go much further.

SCOUTING REPORT: This elf has no current weaknesses. She worked diligently to improve her ball handling skills and rarely puts it on the ground. She is easily the strongest player on the team. When called upon to pass, her throws are spot on. She has more completed passes than anyone else in Archer history and is second in scoring.

HOBBIES: Nienna enjoys practicing the crippling elven martial art of Pai Talon. The art focuses on lightning strikes at joints and other targeted vulnerabilities.

Before Pai Talon sessions, Nienna religiously practices with her bow. At a minimum she fires 150 arrows down range each day. While not the top marksman on the squad she is easily ranks at a Master Archer level.

For whatever reason, Nienna likes to plant. She has been seen sowing seeds along the roadside, planting avocados in random cemeteries, and inserting white rose bushes on hilltops and in valleys.

Coach Kondor closed the scroll and put it safely in his lower desk drawer. The information was good and worth every crown he had paid.

Records Held

All Time Thrower Records:
#1 All Time Scorer - 21 TDs
#1 All Time Casualties Caused - 18 Cas
#1 All Time Rusher - 1000 Yards
#1 Most Fouls - 24 Fouls
#1 Most Games Played - 112 Games
2nd All Time Star - 273 SPP
2nd All Time Number of Blocks - 423 Bks
4th All Time Passer - 144 Cps

Active Thrower Records at Time of Death:
#1 Scorer
#1 Most Casualties
#1 Most blocks
#1 top rusher
#1 Most Fouls
#1 Most Games Played
2nd top star
3rd top passer
13th most yards passing
16th most MVPs

Active High Elf Records at Time of Death:
3rd Most rushing yards
3rd Most completions

All Time High Elf Records:
5th All Time Greatest Rusher
8th Most Completions
d, m
Safe Throw
Sure Hands
Side Step
Match performances
2014-08-07Bechafen Bears Football100103
2014-08-08Liquored Rage110004
2014-08-09Staph Meeting100001
2014-08-14Badlands Raiderz100001
2014-08-15Guggenheim Griffins010003
2014-08-16Malkavian Klan010003
2014-08-16Amigos del barrio100001
2014-08-16Tempête Sanglante010003
2014-08-21Infinite Improbability020006
2015-02-05Wraeclast 100001
2015-07-25Green, bad and ugly200002
2015-09-05Team Smothies110004
2015-09-09Fancy Cats010003
2015-09-10Mu[R]der Hobos100001
2016-10-05Unacceptable Behavior100001
2016-10-16Angry Newscasters300003
2016-10-21Do You Even LIFT, Bro2100110
2016-10-22Best team hltv confirmed010003
2016-11-19Danish Champs FC København 200002
2016-12-08Next Elf Up300003
2016-12-09Bad Luck Sux210005
2017-03-17Widow and Orphan Guardians010207
2017-03-18Titans Walk Among You300105
2017-03-24Six Feet Underdogs200002
2017-03-28Blackspine Reapers100103
2017-03-29Don't worry be happy200002
2017-04-01La Cofradía del Santo Reproche100001
2017-04-02Boot Hill Restless Dead210107
2017-04-05Kitty and the Girls100001
2017-04-07High Born Beserkers300003
2017-04-09Gammora Thunder300003
2017-04-10Foul Bandages100001
2017-04-11Do You Even LIFT, Bro100001
2017-04-13Zhufbar Bruisers500005
2017-04-13Acolytes of Corruption100001
2017-04-13Khornius Evangelitxers 200002
2017-04-15Venturina Fc big guys division300003
2017-04-16just wanna hurt300018
2017-04-20Titans Walk Among You100016
2017-04-20Circus of Frogs100103
2017-04-25Il-Gurdien Dejjaqli Zobbi000102
2017-05-01Acción Social300018
2017-05-04Do You Even LIFT, Bro100103
2017-05-06Minero Siderúrgica310006
2017-05-07Passin Pharoahs200002
2017-05-10Chaotische Dwergen500005
2017-05-12Norsican Norsemen210005
2017-05-13Slim Chance Brigade300003
2017-05-13Cult of Shadows200002
2017-05-16Causeway Giants100001
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2017-06-22Orkhiastic Orkhestra100001
2017-06-26common cold (hearted)010003
2017-06-29Do You Even LIFT, Bro310006
2017-09-23Whalelf Ballers400004
2017-09-26More than Mortal100001
2017-09-29Exalted Court100001
2017-10-15Deeprootz' Happy Chappies500005
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2017-11-14Exalted Court100001
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