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5th God Raiders
Roster [L] Malal +

Origin: The Norscan Tundra
Owner: Maarek ‘Bowl Cut’ Daeviz
Stadium: Pit of Allegiance

Colors: Black, Grey & White
Sponsor: MSSInc. (Malafic Soul Salvaging Inc.)
Headcoach: Esbjorn Spiderson
Team captain: Volgey Drearyn

Prestige: 0

Hailing from various norscan bandit keeps The Raiders were originally drafted as a traveling rag-tag team known as the ‘Malaficent Soul Reavers of the 5th God Brood of the Dreaded Axe’(...hence the logo). However many norse stadiums would turn down their incentive to play. Not because of their suspicious affiliation with the Renegade God but because of their absurdly long team name. Many norsemen are known to be illiterate and putting that name on the away-board simply wasn’t conceivable. When they on rare occasions did get a game a hastily scrawled ‘5’ was usually the norm.

But then a well known - but inherently unsuccessful - franchise went up for grabs. ‘Malaficent Soul Reavers of the 5th God Brood of the Dreaded Axe’ founder and coach - Esbjorn 'Doom' Spiderson - acted quickly and cut a deal forming The 5th God Raiders. He promised the board headed by infamous franchise-owner ‘Bowl Cut’ Daeviz that he’d do all the scouting and recruitment for free. He had a special and very cheap method that - with a bit of luck - would generate a remarkable and lethal squad in no time. CIBBL+ was going to be their first venture unto the big scene.

Join us!
You know you want to...


Winter Year One - W/D/L - 1/0/2
Game 1: vs. Sisterhood of the Thorn, 3-0 win
Game 2: vs. Bringers of the Black Plague, 1-2 loss
Game 3: vs. Proud Dandy-Lions of Al-bion, 0-2 loss


Inaugural match saw The Raiders - probably looking like any human rookie team - welcome a squad of fresh-faced female elves. The Sisterhood seemed quite surprised entering the dimly lit (and hurriedly dug out) Raiders’ home pitch. Their confusion rapidly turned into utter terror when the renegade boots trampled every downed elf and they never really re-surfaced from the abyss again. The Raiders on the other hand played flawlessly and the first game became a great victory.

2nd match was a bloody clash vs. a lot of small and a few very big rodents. Omar quickly injured one of the skaven rat ogres and The Raiders spent most of the match trying to recruit (eg. kill) another. In the mayhem the wee slave rats ran away with the ball and - eventually - the victory.

Last game was played out on a frigate piloted by a pack of tanned Blood Bowl pirates. A strong and well-coached team. They protected their valuable positionals expertly and The Raiders really weren’t playing at all in this one. The high of the first game seemed suddenly very distant... No malalifications this winter but a healthy squad ready to preach the Omen of the Boot come spring.

Tournament MVP:
Kracox Omar
- for his crowd-pleasing fouling abilities, a touchdown and a squashed rat ogre in game two.

Spring Y1 FOE3 - W/D/L - 1/2/2 - 4th out of 6
Game 1: vs. Datashi Mazokus, 2-0 win
Game 2: vs. Women's Order Magna Domina, 1-1 draw
Game 3: vs. Legion of Excess, 0-3 loss
Game 4: vs. Bringers of the Black Plague, 0-2 loss
Game 5: vs. Sisterhood of the Thorn, 1-1 draw


1st game of spring saw The Raiders traveling to the exotic - but freezing cold - Nippon. Facing a struggling (and some say cursed) team. An erratic Oni seemed to be their migtiest weapon on paper but it had a terrible off-day rawr’ing - instead of maiming - at crucial moments. The Raiders seized the momentum denying the nipponese a TD in 1H. Volgey ran in a quick one in 2nd half. The outnumbered nippons desperately tried to get the ball rolling but were swarmed again ending with Doom getting a second TD and securing the win. Hester Axem even recruited a hapless nipponese journeyman with a merciful boot to the face. Good 1st game!

For game two another sisterhood was lured to descend into the newly constructed Pit of Allegiance. Strong believers of some puny god they saw themselves as pure and indestructible. They weren't indestructible... WOMD took the lead but The Raiders absorbed every hit without waning. The ref was harsh though. Five players (and Coach Spiderson!) were expelled for minor illegalities during the game.Very ‘ruley’ ref... 2nd half started amazing. Three sisters felt the penance of Malal and Drearyn ran in a superbe TD. The sisters tried to score a late winner but again found themselves surrounded by tough resistance in The Pit. The draw was a fair result.

Then a slaaneshi horde materialized for the next game. A difficult team to arrange a game with but when they finally appeared they shredded The Raiders without mercy! A humiliating defeat with much futile fouling and slaaneshi claws ripping through renegade flesh with ease. Captain Drearyn was mortally wounded but recovered. His soul has been tainted now and he'll have to fight even harder to convince the coach - and the owners - of his future with the team.

Forth bout was a reunion with rat arch-enemies The Bringers. Spilled blood and death a certainty in these games. The Raiders elected to receive despite facing 5 frenzied beasts on the LOS. It paid off and a biggie went down. Boots first made the rogres feel the hurt. One died but was saved by the skaven apo. The slave rats darted around the carnage eyes on the ball. The Raiders couldn’t pick up today and defended poorly. Drearyn was MNG and maybe the fouling of rats just seemed more appealing. Then Boneripper - a heavily mutated specimen - took a bad knock. Bang! Dead and a crack of thunder was heard above the stadium when Malal licked his lips. The slaves took hold of the ball and scored. 2nd half was more of the same. The slaves fouled even more and The Raiders weren’t in the mood for TD’s today. The got themselves a mighty asset. The defeat was collateral damage.

Last match of the season saw a rematch vs. winter opponents Sisterhood of the Thorn. This time around the elvettes were better prepared but Boneripper made it hard for them. They got the opening score but at a price. Come 2nd half The Raiders began dishing out the hurt. The Sisterhood did succeed in sacking Drearyn but he bounced back with a casualty and a TD. Despite the heroics of the captain Boneripper was the main attraction of the game getting his 1st fatal CAS in the Raiders’ kit.

Tournament MVP:
Hasax Krow
- many might ponder that the 3 TD’s of Volgey Drearyn should secure him the title. But with his niggling injury the award has to go to Krow and his awesome recruitment of Boneripper.
Summer Y1 BWM3 vs. FOE3 - W/D/L - 2/4/0
Game 1: vs. 13th Horde, 1-1 draw
Game 2: vs. Amanar Archivists, 2-1 win
Game 3: vs. BBC Inter Miragliano, 1-1 draw
Game 4: vs. DarkLand Wolf Raiders, 1-1 draw
Game 5: vs. Lybaras Death Rattlers, 2-1 win
Game 6: vs. Sylvaneth Slayers, 1-1 draw


A horde of badland bullies showed up for first game of the season. But they were a sorry bunch having been through some very tough games recently. Lots of journeymen lined up to get their teeth kicked in on the LOS. The Horde struggled to get the game flowing and The Raiders finally unhooked the ball from their primary runner. He bounced back and valiantly scored a difficult TD. The Raiders equalized midways through 2nd half trying to force a defensive onslaught and a sack for another TD. The Kurgan held their ground and came close to a win but the officials called time on them just short of the EZ.

A lothereinian ship arrived with the next opponents. A team of stout sea elves rumored to have some sort of mysterious secret agenda. The Raiders have an agenda as well! Boot those elves in chain mails to oblivion - and possibly win the game while trying. No secret here. Boneripper and Co., didn’t really live up to their agenda of carnage. The Ratogre stood in the center and growled most of 1st half and both Krom and Staile caught the eye of the refs far to early while stomping elven faces. But Holghor Doom and Volgey Drearyn really played wonderful BB today and scored a great T8 TD. The elves started out 2nd half aggressively but Boneripper was also waking up. His tentacles helped choking The Archivists’ plans and they were forced to score rather early. Again the Doom/Drearyn duo took control of the attack and despite Doom being sacked they managed to scoop up the ball and win the game.

Next up were a Tilean team of mercenaries. A tough and capable bunch led by a dwarven lawnmower of destruction. The tileans attacked first and looked set to score but The Raiders lured them into a trap and wrestled the ball off their elven thrower. However the well playing BBC blitzer Aron Summer and a lucky bounce made it possible for them to score anyway. Now The Raiders could equalize before halftime but a riot and two very mediocre attempts at passing the ball by Jotoris messed it up. She’s walking a dangerous path... 2nd half and an explosive opening with two removals on the LOS meant The Raiders and Volgey Drearyn could score rather easy making it 1-1 - fouling really made a difference but unfortunately the juicy elven thrower refused to die. The tileans had a small (... or actually rather big) chance to get the win but the elf had had enough and rejected to pass the ball to Summer.

Sneaky power-hungry hobgoblins showed up next dragging a bunch of chained up violent black orcs and a troll. They recieved the ball and two rookies and a merc took big punches on the LOS. But they stood their ground and kept the big orcs busy. A couple of very talented hobgobs tried showing off but quickly Krom stomped one into the turf... badly, and the other got caught by a Deeke Knox fist. They scrambled in panic but somehow scored a TD anyway. The REAL Raiders recieved and played a cheeky fake maneuver which confused the opps. Jotoris really tore up the astro-turf after catching a pass by Doom but her bad knee tripped her up. The green goons tried hunting her down but she got the TD. The Hobgoblins hoped to get a 2nd into the EZ, but couldn't grasp the paasing game today. Again The REAL Raiders swarmed the ball and after a surf they almost got an opportunity to get the win. Third draw of the season.

In a cloud of sand a khemrian outfit rattled onto the Pit of Alligiance pitch for Game 5. The Raiders had no previous experience with playing versus the undead and this may have contributed to the riotous start of the match. The deadites received and began their rattling march toward the EZ. The Raiders defended vigorously and Boneripper even shredded their ominous (and overly buff) skeletal snake Serpentine Suph-rah. But The Rattlers got the TD and a chainsaw wielding skeleton injured three Raiders in the process. Lucky for us the refs spotted his gory shenanigans and threw him in the sin-bin.
2nd half and now the game went into high gear. Hasax Krow caught the kick right off the bat and assisted by an efficient (but reroll consuming) Boneripper he succeeded in scoring a quick TD. The Death Rattlers had to move fast now to get the win... They overstretched their offense and Jotoris aided by a Drearyn blitz got her elven hands on the ball. She (ofc) bungled the pass to Holghor Doom who had snuck around a thinning Rattler line-up. It landed in a good spot and Doom nimbly recovered it and launched towards the EZ. The Rattlers threw in the towel and he scored the winning TD unopposed.

Dryads - furious forest spirits... Last game and if The Raiders could get a win it would secure them 2nd place. But they faced the other unbeaten team of their bracket. The Raiders was off to a good start and the blocks and fouling hurt the opponents. The Doom/Drearyn combo worked like a charm and Jotoris also played well. Drearyn got 1st TD. The Slayers received 2nd half. The ball gave them some trouble and Drearyn went hunting - the twig with the ball ran into a dead end and was taken down. Jotoris snatched it up and passed it to Doom. But entangled in sticky branches it turned into a scrum. Doom got it into his hands again but a blitzing shrubbery took him down and stole the ball. The Slayers combined superbly to equalize last turn. Moment of the game: the crunchy recruitment of Autumnpine by the boot of Heggs Krom.

Tournament MVP:
Holghor Doom
- Holghor has emerged a talented ball handler this season. He agility and bold plays have been a big reason for a summer without lost matches. If he’d only been able to hold on to the ball late in the game vs. the Slayers it would have secured the win - inexperience obviously (not bad coaching...).



Most TD’s Current Top 3:
1. Volgey Drearyn 9 TD's
2. Holghor Doom 3 TD’s

Most TD’s Historic (≥2):
Volgey Drearyn 9 TD's
Most TD’s One Game (≥2):
TBD TD's in this game.

Most CAS Current Top 3:
1. Jörgh Bane 4 CAS
2. Boneripper 4 CAS
3. Heggs Krom 3 CAS

Most CAS Historic (≥2):
Jörgh Bane 4 CAS
Most CAS One Game (≥3):
TBD ... CAS ....

Most Kills Historic (≥2):
TBD ... Kills
Most Kills One Game (≥2):
TBD ... Kills ....

Top Fouler Historic:
Foulhorx Staile 26 fouls

Biggest Win: 3-0 vs. Sisterhood of the Thorn in this game.
Biggest Defeat: 0-3 vs. Legion of Excess in this game.



Shiro ‘The Damned’
Boneripper 'The Exculpated'
Shalana Jotoris
Autumnpine ‘The Thriving’

Malalification TV Limit: 220/600


*** Did you know...

...that The Raiders might seem like an ordinary (and underachieving) human team. If you however investigate the players more closely you’ll notice a strange silvery aura surrounding them - a sinister yet alluring haze that makes you want to become one of them. And then you’ll see the boot heading for your face!

Bio template by Balle2000. Helmet template by Thom_Darkness. Helmet design and artwork by doomspider

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# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1 Hasax KrowRenegade6338Wrestle 14010111050k (50+20k) 
2 Holghor DoomRenegade6348+AG, Dodge 14330011750k (50+70k) 
3 Foulhorx StaileRenegade6338Sneaky Git, Dirty Player 14100031650k (50+50k) 
4 Jörgh BaneRenegade6338Block, Tackle 14000421850k (50+40k) 
5 Heggs KromRenegade6338Dirty Player 1400030650k (50+20k) 
6 Volgey DrearynRenegade6338Sure Hands, Dodge, Blockn13190124050k (50+70k) 
7 Autumnpine 'The Thriving'Dryad5339  0000000+550k (50+0k) 
8 Deatro AbaddRenegade6338Block 14000311150k (50+20k) 
10 Roark PaeldRenegade6338Guard 1400011750k (50+30k) 
11 Deeke KnoxRenegade6338Block 1300021950k (50+20k) 
12 Eddiot SaggorRenegade6338  1300010250k (50+0k) 
13 Cedruc DoaggRenegade6338  1201010550k (50+0k) 
14 Boneripper 'The Exculpated'Rat Ogre6528Wild Animal, Prehensile Tail, Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Claw, Tentaclesm7000408+19150k (0k) 
15 Shalana JotorisAvelorn Linewoman5348Dodge-ma6110106+370k (70+20k) 
13 players (+1 player missing next game)  
Coach: doomspider Re-Rolls (140k): 3  
Race: Malal + Fan Factor: 6  
Team Value: 1390k Assistant Coaches: 2  
Treasury: 400000 Cheerleaders: 2  
Tournament Weight: 1580k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:14 (4/6/4) |TD Diff:-1 (16 - 17) |Cas Diff:9 (18/15/4 - 17/10/1)
Last Opponent: Sylvaneth Slayers