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Crimson Fins
Skills Pending [L] Sons of Stromfels (CIBBL)

Head Coach:
Cap’n Finn Prawn-Cracker

Sons of Stromfels

Team Colours:
Crimson & turquoise

Crimson Fins

- Champions & qualifiers for the SCRIBBL Climax: Copper Division, Autumn Year 4.
- Champions (undefeated): Great Ocean Regional, Spring Year 5.
- CabalVision Gold Partner - Awarded to a team which is a consecutive CIBBL member for the last 4 CIBBL Years - Awarded Year 7 Winter.

The Crimson Fins play their home games in the hollowed-out hull of the Megaladon, the colossal pirate galleon of Cap’n Dirk Bloodlust.

A single drop of blood dropped into the sea from Cap’n Prawn-Cracker calls the terrifying Sons of Stromfels from the depths of the ocean to the blood bowl pitch where their single goal is to taste the blood of every race in the Old World.

... chomp chomp chomp ...

Year 3, Spring:
The Crimson Fins were admitted into CIBBL for the Spring of Year 3.
Within the Great Ocean the Fins would play several veteran teams, all of which proved stringy and overly-salty to the taste. Sea Elves, pirates and undead pirates were all things they have been eating for hundreds of years already and the Giant Sharks were made angry by this ...

Year 3, Summer:
The sharks have an absolute field day as they participate in the Exotic Creatures Cup and chomp through all manner of weird and wonderful beasts. A last-ditch, 2-1 win against the Beerbog Behemoths (Giants) is the Fins first victory and sets the stage for a lasting rivalry between two sets of mighty beasts...

Year 3, Autumn:
Entered into the Wood Division, the wreckers are tasked with trying to actually win some matches in order to get the team noticed and moved up the rankings, so that the Sharks can sink their teeth into some of the more illustrious teams next season. Fortunately for everyone, a couple of wins are achieved, the Fins finish 2nd and can start to set their sights on tastier morsels …

Year 3, Winter:
Despite running a full page ad in the SCRIBBL inviting all teams to the Megalodon stadium for an absolutely no Chomping friendly, the Fins ultimately did not play any matches over the Winter season.

Year 4, Spring:
The Fins made a poor start to the Great Ocean regional, losing first to the Tor Anroc Anglers and then to the Sartosa Black Flags to sit, all but counted out, at the bottom of the league. However the return matches prove an entirely different story and Chomping wins against both of them put the Fins on top making the other teams have to really work for the regional title. Ultimately the Fins earn a best-to-date 2nd place finish.

Year 4, Summer:
Drawn in Division VIII of the SCRIBBL Climax qualifiers, the Fins were contenders throughout, chomping straight through several unprepared-for-chomping teams, although not quite having the consistency in actually winning matches to seal a trophy. However, now 5 seasons into their CIBBL history, much of the in-stadium cheering for the Fins has now ceased as the realisation of what happens when letting Giant Shark Monsters into the league is starting to dawn on the masses ...

Year 4, Autumn:
VICTORY! The Fins dominate in the Copper division, chomping through man and beast at whim on their way to the division title and qualification into Year 5’s elite SCRIBBL Climax competition.
Such is their dominance in recent seasons that come the end of Autumn the Fins are recognised within the Top 10 Greatest Teams in CIBBL.

Year 4, Winter:
Despite arranging a Winter friendly match well in advance, it falls through in shady circumstances and the Fins are unable to book an alternative. Again the Fins do not play any Winter matches.

Year 5, Spring:
VICTORY! The Fins go undefeated, 3/1/0, in the Great Ocean culminating in another victory over bitter rivals the Sartosa Crap Flags to lift the divisional trophy for the first time. Back-to-back major competition wins marks out the Fins as one of THE teams in the League and leaves opponents afraid to go into the water ...

Year 5, Summer:
The Fins' record books covering the Summer of Year 5 appear to be missing … how strange …

Year 5, Autumn:
4th place in the Silver Division marks the team out as the 12th best CIBBL team of the moment. Rumours that the Fins are ‘not a fun team’ lead to a marketing campaign to the contrary, culminating in the Fins getting their first Winter friendly match. FUN!

Year 5, Winter:
The Fins finally get a Winter friendly as the Seekers of transcendence visit the Megalodon Stadium.
Chomping and swirling occurred with minimal permanent damage done as the sides played out a 1-1 which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Year 6, Spring:
The Fins, together with the Sea-Eagles, somehow conspired to beat themselves and hand the Crap Flags the Regional title on a silver platter. Finishing a bitter second behind the second-rate pirates, the Fins took solace in the death of both the Flags' ogres during the season.

Players Eaten
Here will be listed all the players eaten, either entirely or only in part, by the Sons of Stromfels.
... chomp chomp chomp ...

Four-teeth Sweete, a pirate of the Sartosa Black Flags - survived.
Threasher took a chunk of torso.

Saeldovel, a Sea Elf Blocker of the Tor Anroc Anglers - (Concussion/-1av) - survived.
Sharpnose ripped off his helmet and took a piece of his head along with it.

Sharktooth, a wreaker of the Crimson Fins - survived.
In a match against the Bear Clutchers, all the tasty little bears were too far away and Threasher just had to have a bite.

Balthasar Shipwright, a wreaker of the Crimson Fins - survived.
In the wrong place at the wrong time (the story of his life) during a match against the Thirteenth Circle abominations when Blackfin caught the scent of blood.

One-armed Jack, a wreaker of the Crimson Fins - survived.
Threasher tried to finish what he started and take the other arm during a match against the Thirteenth Circle abominations.

Khul, a Rat-Ogre of the Thirteenth Circle abominations - survived.
Having missed out on One-armed Jack's other arm (see above), Threasher went all in for a taste of Giant Rat.

Yorick Darkbone, a journeyman slave-rat of the Thirteenth Circle abominations - (pinched nerve) - survived.
Sharpnose took a big bite of neck and some stringy nerves to go with it.

Thraggskell, a slave-rat of the Thirteenth Circle abominations - survived.
Having already chomped into one and developed a taste for them, late in the match Sharpnose found another slave-rat just laying the floor and tucked into it.

Gunner, a wreaker of the Crimson Fins - survived.
a postponement of the game against the Shroomwood attercops meant that nearly a week later Threasher was hungry and had to eat something from the very first moment of the match.

Banjo-Billy, a wreaker of the Crimson Fins - survived.
Sharpnose does not like Banjo-Billy's singing and moved to put a temporary stop to it in a match vs the Shroomwood attercops.

Conall Rydan, a pixie of the Beerbog Behemoths - survived, broken jaw, mng.
Blackfin took a tasty bite of pixie ... but they are only small and he had to have another ...

Banbha Fasner, a pixie of the Beerbog Behemoths - survived.
a single shark left alone with a single pixie ... what did you think would happen? Blackfin went chomp, chomp, chomp.

Lasarina arianona, a pixie of the Beerbog Behemoths - survived (smashed hip, -1ma)
LOS duty did not end well for Lasarina when Threasher lined up opposite...

Bait n' Tackle Robertson, a Crester of the Riptide Runners - survived.
In a match where all the fishies swam away Threasher did manage to get hold of one and take a bite.

Sinker Smith, a Crester of the Riptide Runners - survived.
Having been off the pitch for a large part of the match, Blackfin returned late in the day for a brief sample of the delicacies on offer.

Hunsra Backpain, a Marauder of the Black Monolith Worshippers - KILLED (but survived courtesy of apothecary)
Blackfin chomped right through Hunsra Backpain in one massive bite, only to see him re-take the field again thanks to a skilled apothecary.

Hunsra Backpain, a Marauder of the Black Monolith Worshippers - survived, chomped ankle, mng)
Having somehow survived Blackfin's Death Chomp in H1, Hooktooth sunk his jaws into a Hunsra in H2 ... when there was no more apothecaries to help ...

Umber Shale, an Earth Elemental of aqshy's Flames - survived.
Hooktooth is so bad-ass he eats rock. Mmmm ... rocky ...

Magmis Pyre, a fire elemental of aqshy's Flames - survived (MNG).
Blackfin will eat anything including fire - CHOMP - tastes like BBQ.

Caenum Storm, a Water Elemental of aqshy's Flames - Survived (MNG, -1ST)
Threasher can even chomp through water and hurt it.

Banjo Billy (Threasher), Morgan the Crow, B'Sun Codswallap (both Blackfin) and Balthasar Shipwright (Sharpnose), wreakers of the Crimson Fins - survived.
Despite 3 out of 4 sharks getting a good chomp in on the opposition, all four wreakers were victims of a good chomp as well in a particularly chomping match against aqshy's Flames.

Kan-ta, a skeleton of the Thoughts of Thoth, chomped knee, MNG (n).
Threasher chewed up a skeleton's knee bone to such an extent it would never quite fit back together again.

Lothac, a blocker of the Tor anroc anglers - KILLED.
Having spent the Winter season wearing rubber safety teeth, Threasher chomped into Lothac in the first Fins' action of the Spring season and chomped him clean in two.

Aiuzirvel, a lineman of the Tor anroc anglers - KILLED.
With the rubber safety teeth well and truly off, Blackfin followed Threasher's example and sunk a death-chomp into aiuzirel.

Ale Barrel Grey, a pirate of the Sartosa Black Flags - survived.
a portly pirate with a stench of beer around him, ale barrel got a good chomping from Threasher who wanted a tasty bite. Turns out ale Barrel was not so tasty and he got spat out.

Goldtooth O'Malley, a pirate of the Sartosa Black Flags - chomped leg, MNG.
Laying on the deck, O'Malley was there to be chomped, and chomped he was - right through the leg.

Sharktooth (Blackfin), Count Horatio Sweepington III (Threasher) and Mutineer Morin (Hooktooth), wreakers of the Crimson Fins - survived.
all three got chomped hard in a match vs the Sartosa Black Flags as the sharks got understandably confused given the players on both teams all looked alike.

Arzoraes, a blocker of the Tor anroc anglers - survived.
In the return match of Spring 2604, Blackfin continued what he started in the first match and chomped right through another salty sea-elf.

Voodoo Jones, a pirate of the Sartosa Black Flags - Survived.
Blackfin had a chomp-fest in the 2nd match vs the Flags in Spring Yr4, firstly getting a good old chomp in on Voodoo Jones, and then ...

Ol' Roy Schneider, a pirate of the Sartosa Black Flags - chomped leg (MNG)
... following up with a good old chomp on Ol’ Roy to take him out the game as well.

Ale barrel Grey, a pirate of the Sartosa Black Flags - KILLED
Hooktooth went full chomp on Ale Barrel, believing him to actually be full of ale and therefore, nicely marinated for fully flavour. Sadly, he tasted just as salty as any other sea-faring pirate.

Angry, a troll of the Karak azog Outlaws - survived.
Hooktooth went full chomp on the gobbo's troll right from the off, taking a bit chunk of gristle before seeing it all regenerate … yuk.

Oklas the Devestator, a Marauder of the Black Monolith Worshippers - KILLED

Uzras Strongblade, a Marauder of the Black Monolith Worshippers - Chomped collar bone (-1ST)

Odja Coldless, a Marauder of the Black Monolith Worshippers - survived.

Hematite, a skeleton of aurons - survived.
Threasher chomped on some bones and messed them right up for the rest of the match.

Stumpy McTerror, a wrecker of the Crimson Fins - survived.
Threasher sampled a McTerror burger in the match vs aurons, Stumpy's first match with the Fins.

Brathig Bitterchin, a Dwarf Blocker of the Trantino Dragon Hawks - KILLED (survived with help from apothecary).
Threasher's first Chomp of the match setting him on his way to achieve the Fins' first official individual Triple Chomp award.

arnbjorn the Hound, a Norse Ulfwerener of the Trantino Dragon Hawks - survived.
Threasher's second Chomp on route to the Fin's first official Triple Chomp.

Tredon Coldarm, a Dwarf Blitzer of the Trantino Dragon Hawks - Chomped nerve endings (MNG)
The final piece of the Chomping puzzle for Threasher as he completed the Fins' first Triple Chomp.

Gordon Gecko (Forest Goblin), Pretty Parrot (Forest Goblin) (KILLED) & Cornelius Frog (Savage Orc), all of the Shroomwood attercops.
Threasher hit his second Triple Chomp in back-to-back matches.

Hot Hog (Survived) & Drunken Skunk (KILLED), Forest Goblins of the Shroomwood attercops.
Sharpnose chomped through 2 gobbos as he contributed to the mass gobbo chomping.

Stumpy McTerror (Thresher) & Bosun Codswallup (Blackfin), wreckers of the Crimson Fins - survived.
Bonus Chomp round for Thresher and Blackfin during the match vs the Shroomwood ateercops.

The Iron Rat (Mecha-Vermin), Itch-Yitch (Clan Rat) and Quee-Kin (Clan Rat), all of the Rotfall Ironworks Rocketeers - all got chomped by Hooktooth as he became the second Giant Shark Monster to achieve a Triple X.

The Rabid Rocket, the Doom Flayer of the Rotfall Ironworks Rocketeers - Survivied.
Thresher stood and watched as the Rabid Rocket bore down on him ready to mow him down, before CHOMP - he chomped right through it and put it out of commission for the rest of the match.

Nakk-Nakk, a Clan Rat of the Rotfall Ironworks Rocketeers (KILLED).
Thresher's season of tremendous Chomping ended just as it began with a Final Chomp on Nakk-Nakk.

Cario Mastclimber, a Lineman of the Cothique Wanderers (Survived).
Hooktooth put the only real chomp in as the Fins played the Wanderers for the first time, but these new Sea Elves seems tougher than the last set … mmm ...

Chains Mullaney, a pirate of the Sartosa Black Flags (Survived).
Thresher led the chomping when the Fins played the Flags for the 5th time when they were hunting for Ribs McGraw. However, the tide soon turned and the pirates managed to put him out of action soon after.

Wyndham O'Vossler & Mutiny Bryce, pirates of the Sartosa Black Flags (Survived).
Blackfin got a couple of solid chomps in as he held the field as the lone shark as the Fins managed to overcome the Pirates against the odds.
The whereabouts of Ribs McGraw, however, looks to forever remain a mystery …

Robin al Batman, a Bedouin of Nihaj Djinn (Survived).
With primary chomping target, the Sheikh, already off the pitch, Blackfin got stuck into Robin as a substitute. Disappointing …

Baine Styrx, a pixie of the Beerbog Behemoths (Survived).
Following the CIBBL hiatus in Year 5, the Fins first match was against the Beerbog Behemoths. Sharpnose took a big bite out of THE Legend pixie, only to see the apothecary charge on and save the day.

Fwirsvognal, a giant of the Beerbog Behemoths (Survived).
Pixies aren't 'proper food' and not wanting to go hungry, Sharpnose took a big bite out of a giant as well. There's plenty of giant to go around.

Intef, a lineman of the Scions of Neferata (Survived).
The Scions ran the Fins ragged over 90 minutes, although the Fins did get a few chomps in, including this one by Sharpnose.

Haremhab & Re'hotpe, linemen of the Scions of Neferata (Both survived).
Hooktooth chomped on these two as the vampires of the Scions danced all over the pitch scoring 4 touchdowns in the blink of an eye.

Khuiqer, a lineman of the Scions of Neferata (KILLED).
GOT ONE. If nothing else, Blackfin feasted on this guy who was playing his first match for the Scions. Who's laughing now … ?

Allejandro Valla, a Guardavia of the Monetrieste Noblemen (Survived, -1Ma)
The golden armour of Monetrieste proved it's worth as the sharks struggled to get into the meaty goodness inside the tin-cans during their first match vs the Noblemen. Sharpnose did manage to get into one, though, and gave him a chomp for his trouble.

Vasant Satne, a Lineman of Budweiser Rampage (Survivied)
Blackfin chomped into Vasant in a tasty game against the Rampage.

Merc Lineman 1, a Lineman of Budweiser Rampage (Survived)
Sharpnose fancied some Merc Lineman action and so chomped into Merc Lineman 1, preferable for some reason to Merc Lineman 2, who was also on the field at the time.

Igor Igorivich, a Blood Dragon Vampire of Way of the Dragon (Survived-MNG)
Blackfin chomped hard on Igor the Legend, almost ending him permanently... but alas, not quite …

Bau Lang, a Renegade of the Malignant Curators (Survived)
In a shock change of roles the wreckers took the game to the Curators, fouling scores of them off the pitch. With little left to chomp on Backfin just about managed a bite of Renegade as the remaining Curators fled to safety.

Laven Stormreaper and Paul Silentfist, Corsairs of the Krakeneye Eagles (Survived)
The Fins welcomed Great Ocean newcomers, the Krakeneye Eagles, with Hooktooth and Blackfin taking huge chunks out of two unsuspecting Corsairs right at the first whistle.

Hubris Rakarth - Dark Elf Star Player - KILLED
Blackfin turned Super-Star with a monumental Chomp into Rakarth who was lining up with the Krakeneye Eagles, taking his head clean off. Can an apothecary sort that … ?

Borgan Nightbreath, a Zombie of Norscan Curse - Survived.
Sharpnose chomped some Zombie, but the Norscan host were found to be all very chewy and tasted like old, rotten boat-wood. Urgh.

William Cotton Oswell, an ogre of the Sabre Mountain Rattlers - Survived (-1Ma)
Blackfin continued his chomping streak vs the Rattlers taking a permanent chomp out of Cotton-Oswell.

Frederick Bothleschwitt, snotling (Survived), Basil Eddis, ogre (-1ST), Charles Umpherston, Ogre (MNG), all of the Sabre Mountain Rattlers.
Sharpnose had a field day vs the Rattlers as he chomped this way and that, hitting 3 significant chomps and setting himself up to surely receive the Triple X award at the end of the season...

Hannequin de Montaigu (Knight), Marcelet du Pre (Peasant) and The Green Knight, all of the Bordeleaux Chevaliers - all Survived.
Sharpnose went at it again Chomping through the Chevaliers like they were some sort of foreign cheese delicacy. With back-to-back Triple Chomps, Sharpnose is setting up for some mega-awards come the end of the season...

Snorri Nosebiter, a Giant Slayer of the Karak Kadrin Slayers (Survived).
On the back of a Double-Triple-X over the previous two matches, Sharpnose followed up with the only major Chomp of the match in a touch slug-fest with the Slayers.

David Vilerock, a Norse Dorf of the Warhind Huscarls (Survivied).
Blackfin at least got a chomp in on the Dorf side, in a match where the sharks turned on their own resulting in a very one-sided affair.

Hera, a Linewoman of Eye and arrow (KILLED)
With the chips down and the Fins struggling to get into the game, Sharpnose chomped right through Hera. It put the wind up the team from avelorn and freed up Sharkira, Sharkira to push forward and score the winning touchdown on her debut.
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
Son of Stromfels
4 5 2 9
Blood Lust, Claw, Frenzy
Mighty Blow, Guard, Stand Firm
  8 0 1 0 5 4 33/51 170k
Son of Stromfels
4 5 2 9
Blood Lust, Claw, Frenzy
Guard, Mighty Blow, Block, Stand Firm, Break Tackle
  59 0 0 0 29 7 93/126 220k
Son of Stromfels
4 4 2 9
Blood Lust, Claw, Frenzy
Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Break Tackle
-st 57 0 1 0 36 4 95/126 220k
Son of Stromfels
4 5 1 9
Blood Lust, Claw, Frenzy
Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Stand Firm
-ag 51 0 0 0 23 5 71/76 200k
6 3 3 7
  9 0 0 0 0 2 10/16 60k
6 3 3 7
Kick, Block
  51 0 3 0 0 2 19/31 80k
5 3 4 7
+AG, Block, Dodge, Pass, Sure Hands
-ma 47 16 16 0 1 3 81/126 180k
5 4 3 7
Sure Hands, +ST, Dodge, Block
n, -ma 53 5 17 0 5 1 71/76 160k
6 3 3 7
  18 0 0 0 0 3 15/16 60k
6 3 3 7   4 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 40k
5 3 3 7
Dirty Player, Block
-ma 58 0 3 0 3 1 20/31 80k
6 3 3 7   1 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 40k
6 4 3 7
+ST, Block, Tackle, Pro
  59 2 13 1 5 2 63/76 150k
6 3 3 7   9 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 40k
5 3 3 7
Wrestle, Tackle
-ma 14 1 0 0 0 3 16/31 80k
6 3 3 7   4 0 0 0 0 2 10/6 40k
16 players  
Coach: Sweep12121 Re-Rolls (120k): 4  
Race: Sons of Stromfels (CIBBL) Fan Factor: 7  
Current Team Value: 2180k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 250k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 2180k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:60 (24/14/22) |TD Diff:4 (74 - 70) |Cas Diff:63 (110/61/30 - 82/45/11)
Last Opponent: Sartosa Black Flags