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Night Shadow Masquerade
Roster [L] Khainite Assassins (CIBBL)

Head Coach:


Khainite Assassins

Team Colours:
Blood & Silver

Hag Graef

Blood Theater Stadium

430 pts

Night Shadow Masquerade
Kahinite Assassins were infamous during the golden age of NAF; hired at great expense to kill opposing star players. After the collapse of the NAF their services were called on less and less. This only became worse as Witch Elf teams came to the fore, with no requirement for Assassins.

Some years ago, in this time of peace, Blood Bowl began increasing in popularity. Assassins still lurked in the shadows, but rarely found work. In order to showcase their skills to the world Temple Masters created a new team; to which each Temple of Naggaroth contributed its best assassin. Named Night Shadow Masquerade each player represents the specific ‘murder signal’ of their temple. The players compete to demonstrate their skills to the spectators, the best assassins bringing fame and new contracts to their temple.

Night Shadow Masquerade joined the world-famous Blood Bowl League, CIBBL, to increase their fame; Bringing a new bloody playstyle to this antique sport.


Y7, Autumn - Dust Division - 1st place - 5/1/1

Prestige: 230 points

Y8, Winter - Friendlies (Low-Mid) - 2nd place - 3/0/1
Prestige: 0 points

Y8, Spring - Ulthuan & Naggaroth - 5th place - 1/1/3
Prestige: 40 points

Y8, Summer - FFS: The Conspiracy Cup - 1st place - 4/0/1

Prestige: 160 points

The 16 Masks
Naredrir the Executioner

Aedradror the Poisoner

Ridsal the Illusionist

Thighol the Bloodblade

Belashor the Stabber

Tabirlo the Ballista

Rosal the Artist

Telrul the Shadow

Kelrel the Torturer

Tethel the Black Loto

Galdririorl the Beheader

Aelfrytair the Garrotter

Helisdrel the Strangler

Elthos the Duplicator

Aegol the Kidnapper

Halueve the Nightmare

Blood Theater Stadium
Capacity: 10.000
Surface: Sand
Location: Hag Graef

Khainite Cult & Assassins
Khainite Assassins
The Assassins of Naggaroth are chosen by the Witch Elves in an unimaginably cruel ritual. Babies stolen during Death Night are taken to the temple of Khaine. Here they are thrown into cauldrons of boiling oil. Most die in indescribable agony, their cries mingling with the cold laughter of the assembled brides of Khaine. But some live. Miraculously, by the will of Khaine, they survive their terrible ordeal and emerge unharmed. These children are then branded with the rune of Khaine and given tutelage under the Master Assassins who dwell in the temples of the bloody-handed god, trained from infancy to be the chosen warriors of Khaine. They learn the Way of the Poisoned Sword, and the secrets of moving silently and unseen. They become supreme killers and murderers, and are masters of disguise and experts in the muse of all known kinds of toxins and poisons. Such is the prowess of a Dark Elf Assassin that in battle he is capable of besting almost any opponent. Assassins are hire in exchange for sacrifices, wealth and political favor. Though the price is high, the Assassins' skills are such that there is a constant demand for their services. Nowhere in Naggaroth do Khainite Assassin cults flourish more than they do in Hag Graef, where a single Assassin might answer to a hundred different jobs in the course of a year.

Cult of Khaine
The Cult of Khaine is the reigning religious organization within the Naggaroth. Ruled by the Hag Queens, the heart of the cult resides in Har Ganeth. For the worshippers of Khaine, the greatest power in existence is the ability to end life. The act of killing is thought to bring the believer closer to Khaine and eventually, allow him to become as the gods themselves, holding the life of all around him in his hand. Witch King proclaimed himself a mortal incarnation of Khaine, his merciless instrument in the realm of the living. Malekith swore undying devotion to the Lord of Murder in the shrine of Naggarond, and poured a goblet of his divine blood into the braziers where the cultists burnt the hearts of their sacrifices.

Hag Graef
Hag Graef the Black Crag, also known as the City of Shadows, is a sinister and foreboding place, built at the bottom of a cold, dark canyon and completely surrounded by mountains of bare rock that stretch into the clouds. It is a city permanently in shadow, for no sunlight ever reaches its walls. Hag Graef is a place of twisted and impossible architecture. Its eight black towers rise from the canyon floor like the ossified remains of some loathsome cephalopod. Between the towers are strung walkways, platforms and bridges of every shape and size. The larger platforms are so massive as to be towns and villages in their own right, and are supported by gantry-works of iron and stone. It is upon these that the majority of Hag Graef's citizenry dwell, crammed into crooked mansions of cinderbrick and fire-blackened wood; the towers are home only to the city's most powerful Dreadlords. Driven by the wealth of its mines, Hag Graef has risen to become Naggaroth's second city. In fact, it is so prosperous that its armies and influence overshadow even those of Naggarond. So rich is Hag Graef in soldiery, slave and coin that were its eight great families ever truly united of purpose, they could doubtless overthrow the Witch King. Hag Graef's greatest prize is the position of First Dreadlord, who holds this title is the nominal ruler of the city, and all its domains. The First Dreadlord sets the tariffs that govern the city's trade and is an excellent position to take a cut of the all merchantry.

Sacrifices for Khaine


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Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
6 4 5 8
Chainsaw, Secret Weapon
+ST, +AG
n 22 0 1 0 0 3 18/31 170k
9 3 4 8
Dodge, Shadowing, Stab
+MA, Wrestle, +MA, Tackle
  23 2 12 0 2 4 62/76 210k
8 4 5 8
Dodge, Shadowing, Stab
+AG, +ST, +MA
  11 7 4 0 0 3 34/51 230k
7 3 4 8
Dodge, Shadowing, Stab
Guard, Block, Side Step
  21 2 6 0 1 3 37/51 180k
7 3 4 8
Dodge, Shadowing, Stab
Block, Tackle, Side Step
  20 5 3 0 2 4 38/51 170k
6 3 4 7
Shadowing, Stab
  2 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 80k
6 3 4 7
Shadowing, Stab
n 3 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 80k
6 3 4 7
Dodge, Block, Tackle
  24 3 3 0 5 2 32/51 120k
6 3 5 7
  23 4 1 0 0 0 7/16 100k
6 3 4 7
Shadowing, Stab
  13 2 0 0 0 1 7/16 100k
5 3 4 7 -ma 22 1 0 0 0 0 1/6 60k
6 3 4 7   6 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
6 3 4 7
Shadowing, Stab
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 80k
13 players  
Coach: sanlo3 Re-Rolls (100k): 3  
Race: Khainite Assassins (CIBBL) Fan Factor: 8  
Current Team Value: 1920k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 120k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 1920k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:24 (14/3/7) |TD Diff:7 (37 - 30) |Cas Diff:-25 (25/7/6 - 38/18/7)
Last Opponent: Beasts of Crimson Keep