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New Bretonnia Expatriates
P [L] Lizardman
...From far off Lustria, Khuresh, and the Dragon Isles they have found their way to Bretonnia. Their names unpronounceable or long forgotten, they have become ambassadors of their culture of conflict for these foreign shores... they are the Expatriates.

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OWCC long-term Team Ratings

  1. This season: Albion Conference, 4th season running.

    1. Season VIII Record: 4 W - 1 T - 0 L (season underway)

Season 8:

"The niggled +Ag skink ... our new Kicker, which won't help him, but will the team" - prophetic words from the start of Season 7, as he was killed in Game 2 game, altho' Kick did help win those games. But not enough games, as, for the first time in 5 seasons, the Expats do not make the post-season, much less the finals of the last 3 seasons.

A few key improvements will hopefully remedy that fact, and - with any luck at all - the Expats will live up to their potential and return to the finals, and possibly, finally become champs.

  1. A few changes* in the 12-strong starting roster...
    1. Mighty Blow on the Frenzy-er, Tackle on both the Wrodger and the Dishonoured Officer, the other St 5 skills for Block, and the superstar +Ag skink takes a defensive Diving Tackle.

      *1 the Daredevil 0 (replaces a sidestepper)
      2 the Fatalist +AG, Side Step 29* ( > 16)
      *3 the Guerilla Fighter Side Step 7 (replaces niggled +Ag kicker)
      4 the Warrior/Philosopher Diving Tackle, Side Step, +AV 35 (~32)
      8 the Rebel Side Step, +AG, Sure Feet, Sprint, DT* 82 ( > 65)
      10 the Cage Fighter Krox Block 8 (~6)
      *11 the Dishonoured Officer Block, Mighty Blow, +ST, Break Tackle, Tackle* 91 ( > 70)
      *12 the Dragon Isles Pirate Wrestle, Dodge, Break Tackle, Tackle* 51 ( > 38)
      *13 the War Criminal Block, Frenzy, Mighty Blow* n 39 ( > 24)
      14 the Professional Block* 8 (= 8)
      15 the Bounty Hunter Block, Break Tackle, Guard 46 ( > 38)
      *16 the Martialist +ST, Block* n 21 ( > 14)

      * Changes from last season.

  1. Albion:
    o New Bretonnia Expatriates 197
    T 1-1 Barak Varr Goldlords 192 (> 170)
    W 2-1 Diseased Wasters 154
    W 2-0 Pillars of Nagash 149
    W 2-0 Lahmia Undead United 153
    W 2-1 Serpents Coast Scavengers 175*
    _ - Athel Loren BBoDT 155*
    _ - Dark Lands Predators 157
    _-_ Palinam Diadochi 178*
    _ - Uzkulak Pirates 163 (~166)

    o Win the Division, get the Bye
    o Semi's: W 2-0 Gotland Gorers
    o Championship: _ - Nilfheim Lumberjacks

    (* new to Albion from last season - losing DC Cripplers, Delta Dogz, and Turov's Infected.)

The new arrivals seem larger than the new ones did last season, and the old vets only look surlier. After last season, hopefully will have our head screwed on straight from game one.


Season 7:

With the 3rd bridesmaid season in a row behind them, the -MA Krox finally gets a 3rd skill - a normal, and so also his walking papers. 1 of 3 +Ag skinks is niggled and 6 spp from skill #3, fate tbd.

3 W - 0 T - 2 L - no post-season play!

  1. Not a lot of changes* in the lineup...

    1. 1 the Braggart Side Step 7
      2 the Fatalist +AG, Side Step 16
      *3 the Toady +AG, Side Step, Kick* n 31
      *4 the Warrior/Philosopher Diving Tackle, Side Step, +AV* 32 (4,6 = +AV for the DT'er)
      5 the Kid Skink 0
      8 the Rebel Side Step, +AG, Sure Feet, Sprint 65 (getting close to skill #5)
      10 the Cage Fighter Krox Block 6
      11 the Dishonoured Officer Block, Mighty Blow, +ST, Break Tackle 70 (5 cas last season = only +10 spp)
      12 the Dragon Isles Pirate Wrestle, Dodge, Break Tackle 38
      13 the War Criminal Block, Frenzy n 24
      *14 the Professional Block* 8 (replaced niggler & skilled up)
      15 the Bounty Hunter Block, Break Tackle, Guard 38
      *16 the Martialist +ST n* 14 (a TD + freak niggle in pre-season "friendly" game while trying for 2nd TD & skill - will MNG game 1.)

      * Changes from last season.

      The niggled +Ag skink was to double for his 3rd skill or get his walking papers - and he rolled 6, 6... our new Kicker, which won't help him, but will the team.

If the last season was "VERY tough-looking", this one is only worse. Good news is that with Swiss, only have to play a few of "the best" - once again, we'll see who survives to post-season.

  1. Albion:
    W 1-0 Barak Varr Goldlords 170 < 180
    _ - Dark Crag Cripplers 162 >> 136
    _ - Dark Lands Predators *
    _ - Diseased Wasters *
    _ - Lahmia Undead United *
    _ - New Bretonnia Expatriates 186 > 177
    _ - Pillars of Nagash *
    _ - Scalded Delta Dogz 134 = 133
    _ - Turov's Infected *
    _ - Uzkulak Pirates 166 < 167

    (* new to Albion from last season - losing Frost U, BCR (retired), and the 'Jacks.)

    Season 1:
    6 Sauri, the Krox, 4 Skinks, & 20k in hand. Ready to rumble...
    1. ...to a winless seaason, 0-4, plus an OT loss in Challenge Cup.
      o Drafted 3rd out of 5 rounds (and 7 teams) (where early drafts are the "weak" opponents)

      ~ Game 1 ~
      1-4 loss v. Dark Elfs (JanekT)

      Pre-game: Basic DElf team, 2 Blitzers, 9 linos & 3 RR's. I'd hope I'm familiar w/ that roster by now...

      El Disastro. Zero blocking/bashing dice. All 4 skinks off makes balling very hard, plus a Saurus -AV won't help future games (esp next one).

      Krox got Guard, plus got Apo, which is something.

      ~ Game 2 ~
      2-3 loss v. Skaven (giopie)

      1 saurus missed game. Can point to 3 specific moments when I got cute, trusting to "the odds", and hoping for a better end-turn outcome, but in doing didn't protect the ball and so ended up much, much worse. Some day, I'll learn that lesson... some day.

      That said, came down to a 5 diceroll play on Turn 16 for the loss - I played poorly for the tie, I can live w/ Nuffle punishing me with the loss.

      Sidestep for one Skink, Block for a Saurus - progress.

      ~ Game 3 ~
      0-3 loss v. Norse (Winni)

      Skulls, skulls and more skulls. We shall not speak of this again.

      I did make 2 mistakes, one in not over-protecting the ball first, and then at end of half when I mis-positioned a skink to screen against the first score. Better than El Disastro, if no less ugly on paper.

      Krox mvp'd again. 1 Cas from Break Tackle (now that he's -MA).

      ~ Game 4 ~
      0-2 loss v. Skaven (giopie)

      Meaningless rematch of the two basement teams, and neither giopie nor I had our hearts in it. Had a couple bad breaks on dice, but also made some clear positioning errours. Lost ball on 2 chances to score. Re-watch game and think about field position, and patience v. panic.

      Sleeping apo allowed SS skink the Wanderer to get niggled, which won't help anything long term, but the Military Courier skilled up same to help replace him. Nice 80k(!) gate (despite losing!) = +1 RR, plus almost another skink - which is something - but 11 Players again for next game.

      ~ Game 5 ~
      (Challenge Cup game v. Albion basement Russo's Letharios)
      1-2 loss in OT v. Delves

      Down 6 players to 10, didn't see the board, boned the OT winning play, lost the ball and my last skink.

      Krox skilled up (2nd skill!) - Break Tackle. (Now if some saurus would just start gettting a couple spp!) The War Criminal Saurus got mvp but will mng, and the Scarred Veteran will join him but w/ a niggle. Not in a death spiral, but maybe as close as you can get in CRP.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      ~Game 6 ~
      2-1 v. Black Chasm 13's (skaven)

      Blizzard throughout. Missed MA on a free player for the losing score.

      +MA skink.

      ~Game 7 ~
      3-0 win v. Chaos Pact

      First win, first game in a while with all 7 heavies, first game in a looong time without journeymen. And all survived to do it again.

      The last score should by all rights probably have been his for a 2:1 final, but the game "removed" 2 of his key players off the board in the middle of his Turn 11(?). He didn't want to mess with it, so we played on.

      My play is too slow. MUST see the board during oppo's turn. MUST.

      3rd Blocking Saurus. Replaced -AV Saurus (rather than buy a 5th skink). Now only Krox is -stat.

      ~ Game 8 ~

      1-1 Tie v. Elves

      Coach V - very weak. Timed out w/o warning so he could blitz the open cage, when there was only 1 saurus for the obvious move. Just weak. No respect.

      Still, came within a (no-skill) block of winning, but skulled out. (Missed 50% Hypnotic Eye move!) >.<

      Bastard Prince - sure feet = ots. 10k short for our first spare skink.

    Season 2:
    Krox has 2 core skills but is -MA, only half the Sauri have Block, and still only 11 players to start the season. Still, and again, ready to rumble...
    1. ...2/0/1 going in to last game, 1 point behind two teams... and we lose to our rivals, Black Chasm Rush, 1-2, who will go on to the championship. Soooo close. (And to rub salt in the wound, we lost the in the tiebreaker math, and are relegated to 4th place, top of the also-rans.)

      ~Game 1 (9) ~
      3-0 win v. Chaos Dwarf

      Pre-Game: Exactly 11 players (and w/ Krox -stat). We'll see...

      Game plan going in was to play conservatively, wait for opportunity and then pounce. So, since it was a Blizzard, first thing I did was make an unnecessary gfi and burn a RR and my Turn 1 position. And the krox was out, first stunned by a rock, then bonehead to not stand up, then KO'd by a block.

      But then I sobered up and the plan started to get some traction - and then the dice just started to laugh at my opponent, biting the Ag 2 and MA 4 - as I had originally hoped. He only crossed midfield once, and that on an unsupported run that was stopped then and there. One Turn 16 snowy gfi from a 4-0 sweep.

      New Saurus got MVP and Military Courier got 2nd skill - but what comes after SS? Jump up? Diving Tackle?

      Meanwhile, the niggled SS'ing skink RIP and a no-skill -MA, so with a 60k gate that makes a net -80 loss for the day. Still down to 10 permanent players to suit up for next game. Bonus.

      ~Game 2 (10)~
      0-1 loss v. Dwarfs

      Pre-game: 1 Skink MNG and only enough funds for 1 replacement, so taking the field w/ 1 new skink (the Desperate Gambler) and 1 journeyman... again...

      First half, almost stopped the score - one misclick didn't help, and positioned poorly to stop the double-gfi. Second half, got the ball to a Saurus, but then lost players and got bogged down. Should have given the ball to a skink and just scored for the tie.

      No skills, but no Cas, and 60k gate puts us back(!) up to 11 permanent players if we fire the -MA, which I guess we don't do. (And 50k left over taunts us with a healthy #12 on the horizon). We'll hire the journeyman, the Rebel, just because we have a good feeling about him - he tried to foul, but was tossed out Turn 8. But the right attitude.

      1. (Note - 2 sauri are close to 2nd skill (the Dishonoured Officer w/ 15, the One with No Past w/ 13), with 2 more close to their first (the Bounty Hunter & the War Criminal w/ 5 each). That leaves only new-comer the Sadist, 3 games and only 2 spp. Need to get them skilled up!

        Meanwhile, the Bastard Prince (+MA) is at 25/31, positioned to become... something... maybe...)

      ~Game 3 (11) ~
      1 v. 0 win Norse

      TV diff = -260. (We took Helmust Wulf (chainsaw), 1 Bribe + 1 BB.)

      Pre-game: First game w/ more than 11 suiting up, even if one skink is (over-)due for retirement.

      Last season we lost 0-3 in a game that saw more than half the team taken off the pitch, including the Krox -MA. Let's see if things go differently this time...

      And they did - more or less. Inducement star chainsaw knocked himself out on 2nd try (tho' he did KO one good player on Turn 1), and Bribe failed to keep him in for 2nd half.

      No early traction v. AV 7, but managed to stop the 1st half score - barely, but did. I think he tried to stall a little. 2nd half, we were able to cage, bash and stall - just enough, 3 cas but he knocked the ball loose and forced a Turn 14 score. Altho' a Blitz on Turn 14 lured us out of position, he dropped the pass, so it worked out. Phew.

      Among the 15 spp, 1 Saurus earned Block, and the Bounty Hunter got MVP for... (+Ag?!...). Only 30k gate, but that's 80, enough for another skink if we want it, or close to a 4th RR (altho' now we're getting skilled where we may not need that!)

      Going in to last game, one point behind the top two teams. If NBE beats Black Chasm they beat them for the season, but the Gold Lords need to lose to open the door for the #1 slot...

      And it's a 4-way race in the other league... anything could happen...

      ~Game 4 (12) ~
      1-2 loss to Black Chasm Rush

      3 mental errours, which I recognized the second I made them - didn't put side-stepper in the mix on a Blitz KO result (and was then blocked to knock the ball free of the ruck), mis-read a label to NOT take down a ball carrier (and waste a RR), and moved a saurus "back to react" instead of up to seal a wing.

      But spotted and made a great chain-push to block the ball carrier - which then utterly failed, naturally.

      4(!) skills (no doubles or +stat, natch): Bastard Prince (Sprint, for MA ~12), Dishonoured Officer (MB), Bounty Hunter (Break Tackle), & One with No Past (Frenzy).

      Mil Courier RIP - ss & Sure Feet, 20 spp gone. Skinks. Only 20k gate, but still more than enough for replacement, the Warrior/Philosopher.

      ~Game 5 (13) ~ #1 Cup Game

      4th place overall in tiebreaker - bah. Chainsaw - scheduling is like pulling teeth.

      See game description ]http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=3442516]game description

      60k = replacement Saurus.

Season 3:
Krox hasn't changed, but we now have 4 Blocking Sauri (3 w/ misc. 2nd skills), a MA 12 skink, and a -MA Sneaky Git. And 1 skink MNG, so, and again, only 11 players to start the season. Still, as ever, ready to rumble...
  1. ...Conference champion, but get blown out by Goldlords in final match.

    ~ Game 3 ~ (Game 1 of season iii)
    2-1 win v. Goldlords (Dwarves)

    v. the undefeated Goldlords, last-season champs (and 1st season runner up) - no great hopes...

    And won! Didn't "try too hard", and I think that was the diff.

    +60k, 17 spp - 1 skink skilled, mvp to rookie saurus. All in all, ver' nice!

    ~ Game 4 ~ (Game 2 of season iii)
    1-0 win v. Pirates (Chaos Pact)

    A couple mental errours, but LUCKY blocking dice kept it 0-0 at the half, and then a relatively challenge-free stall for the Turn 16 winning score.

    No perms, skink got ss, money in bank. Bounty Hunter got 5th MVP in 10 games. O.o

    ~ Game 5 ~ (Game 3 of season iii)
    1-1 tie v. Ranger ('zons)

    Annoying tie - might cost me the championship shot.

    Dominated 1st half - almost cleared the pitch, but all KO's, and all woke up by 2nd half kickoff. Lizards over-committed and did not account for wizard (which had been on my mind non-stop 1st half!), who opened the door. Good pressure gave lizards ball back Turn 3, but the Pows left the building (and I passed on the T5 sideline semi-opportunity), and the MA 12 skink tripped on what would have been game-winning T16 score, tie game - and OUT MNG.

    o Locked in To Playoffs, with 1 game yet to play!

    ~ Game 6 ~ (Game 4 of season iii)
    2-1 win v. Deep Evil (DElfs)

    Actually practiced for game, which made up for headcold. MA 12 Skink Bastard Prince missed this game.

    After Expats lost a rookie skink KO'd on Turn 2 (who didn't wake up all game), bad dice for opponent until game was already won. Expats could easily have stalled to win 2-0 (and should have, to skill 6th Saurus), but took risk for 3-0 win for tie-breaker points. 5/6 DElf KO's woke up for Turn 14 Kickoff, and no-RR solo breakout survived the RR'd 3d blitz, then rolled a "6" v. DT to dodge for their only score.

    48 blocks (v. 32), a dozen armour breaks, lots of KO's, only 1 cas. But no perms on my side either, so... meh.

    ~ Championship Game ~
    0-3 loss v. defending champ Goldlords

    Got brutalized. Ouch.

    ~ post-season friendly ~
    4-0 win v. Minions

    If the last game was painful, this was pure honey. Could do no wrong, while the other team just kept getting dice-bit. Scored 3x w/ two Sauri and once w/ a skink, to skill all three - and got +Ag on the skink, a Wrodger, and a new... MB? 80k winnings get 6th Saurus, w/ enough to spare to guarantee a skink after next game. Money.

Season 4:
No, the Krox still hasn't changed (altho' now 1 MVP from 3rd skill, and retirement or glory), still 3 Blocking Sauri (now only 2 w/ skills) but also 1 Wrodger and a new (non-blocking!) Frenzier, and - finally - at TV ~1650, 12 players to start a season. Essentially traded away Block/Frenzy for Wrodge plus a pair of DT'ers for defense - and the new +Ag sidestepper. The rumble is a little deeper, just a little...
  1. ...Conference champion with 4-1-0 record.
    Lose Championship 0-2, as Pirates' Claw-POMB attrition game takes out too many Sauri both halves to maintain field position. Frustrating.

Season 5:

3 full seasons after finishing Season 1 w/ 2 skills and -MA, same gimped Krox as the end of that first year, with the same two skills - all last season, he only got 2 spp. Biggest change is two(!) +St Sauri, a rookie and the MB team captain! Plus we have our first Saurus Guard. The Wrodger is close to 3rd skill, the Frenzy-er 1 spp from Block, and the Skinks are a little better mix. On the downside, one Blocking Saurus got Niggled in championship, but he can stick around until some others get skilled up.

Time to see if the 2-time Conference champ, and 2-time League runner-up, can finally win it all...

...and they can't. One inexplicable braincramp lost field position, and from there casualties did the rest.

2 words, and they rhyme with "vexed fear"...

    ~ Game 1 ~ (29)
    0-2 loss v. Black Chasm Rush (gjopie)

    And so, in the Season opener, we fall to 0-4 all-time against our nemesis. Rats.

    And the new 20 spp Frenzy/Blocker niggled Turn 15, making the 2nd niggled Saurus on the team, and lost 11 spp Diving Tackler the Bravo outright. Double rats. 6 spp and 30k hardly scratch the surface.

    ~ Game 2 ~ (30)
    1-1 tie v. Green Beards of Irana (peter_blas_y_dos_mas)

    Pre-game - Hired 2 new skinks (the Fatalist & the Toady) to fill the roster. Giving away 410k against Blackle-spam, but on a 7-game team, the lack of general development (5 team skills total, 1 player MNG) will hopefully their undoing.

    And disappointment. Mainly in myself, but should have expected as much against all that Tackle. Didn't want to score w/ 5 Turns remaining (mistake), so stalled, and backfired. 5 of 5 skinks out first half, apo'd last (+Ag) to stay on field, still lost the ball, and a defensive score. Lucky(!!!) tie, due to Turn 1 Blitz score and then risky Krox BT/double-GFI/Blitz that pow'd. Couldn't capitalize - gotta work on scramble positioning.

    50k gate, 14 spp, no skills.

    ~ Game 3 ~ (31)
    4-0 win Torpedos (djutog )

    No contest. Coach dj was a pain to schedule with, his play consistently flawed and needlessly risky, and he didn't say a word the whole game. Only regret is that I didn't take the opportunity to score with a couple sauri.

    Max 80k gate, new +Ag skink (team's second), and gimped Krox (finally!) got 3rd skill - a normals, for (after long deliberation) Stand Firm.


    Season 6:
    6 Sauri, the Krox, 4 Skinks, & 20k in hand. Ready to rumble...
    1. ...to a winless seaason, 0-4, plus an OT loss in Challenge Cup.
      o Drafted 3rd out of 5 rounds (and 7 teams) (where early drafts are the "weak" opponents)

      Season 6:
      1. Season VI Record: 3 W - 1 T - 1 L

    With the 3rd bridesmaid season in a row behind them, the -MA Krox finally gets a 3rd skill - a normal, and so also his walking papers. 1 of 3 +Ag skinks is niggled and 6 spp from skill #3, fate tbd.

    The Wrodger now has Break Tackle and so is the designated "sweeper", and so does the Dishonoured Officer, the +St MB heavy hitter (@ 60 spp). The biggest jump was the Frenzy-er, who got both Block and Break Tackle but also suffered a niggle. So all but 1 sauri are skilled (the +St, 13 games without spp!), but 2 are niggled - a blocker and the Frenzy/Break Tackle, but they won't get mustered out until one of the unskilled gets at least 1 skill to help cover that slack.

    VERY tough-looking conference, Albion this year, and the Expats open against the Goldlords - we'll see who survives to post-season.

    1. Albion:
      1. Uzkulak Pirates Chainsaw 166 C Pact
      2. Scalded Delta Dogz The_Demon 133 Necro
      3. Barak Varr Goldlords uzkulak 168 Dwarf
      4. Black Chasm Rush gjopie 131 Skaven
      5. Frostheim United bladten 147 C Dwarf
      6. New Bretonnia Expatriates Smeat 177 Lizard
      7. Dark Crag Cripplers knightsweats 136 Dark Elf
      8. Nilfheim Lumberjacks BlueDevil420 117 Norse

    Season VI Record: 3 W - 1 T - 1 L
    And after 3 seasons of 2nd place overall, 3-1-1 fails to make post-season. Coaching errours led to that record, we have no excuses.

Test Play

RR's = 120k - think about coaches & cheerleaders when TV (& budget) allows.

Skink: (A only) Sidestep (or Sure Feet for ~MA 10) (or Sneaky Git?)
(Catch, Diving Catch, Diving Tackle, Jump Up, Leap)
  1. doubles = Block/Wrestle (also Kick, DP) ( ! Consider retirement if no doubles or +Stat by 16/31 pts.)
(& recycle until +MA, then Sure Feet, SS, & Sprint for OTS. & Catch if it lives that long.)

Sauri: (G, S) Block (or MB), then Break Tackle/Guard/Tackle/Mighty Blow
(one Kick???) (then Frenzy/Stand Firm...)
  1. doubles = Dodge (for Brk Tckle)
    (Block/Guard + Side Step)(but not on first skill!)
    1. "Standard" Sauri: Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Pile On, Break Tackle, Guard

Krox: (S only) Guard or Break Tackle, Stand Firm
  1. dbl = Block

    Skillz ->

Stars for hire:

  1. o 110k Helmut Wulf 6 3 3 8 Loner, Stand Firm, Chainsaw, Secret Weapon,
    o 170k Hemlock 8 2 3 7 Loner, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Jump Up, Stab, Stunty
    o 220k Lottabottol 8 3 3 8 Loner, Diving Tackle, Shadowing, Jump Up, Catch, Pass Block, Leap, Very Long Legs
    o 250k Quetzal Leap 8 2 4 7 Loner, Catch, Diving Catch, Nerves of Steel, Fend, Kick-off Return, Leap, Very Long Legs
    o 250k Slibli 7 4 1 9 Loner, Block, Grab, Guard, Stand Firm
    o 430k Morg 'n' Thorg 6 6 3 10 Loner, Block, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate

In the wings:

  1. s - the Spurned Lover
    s - the O'erproud Misfit
    s - the (Evil) Henchman(?)

    S - the Bad Sergeant
    S - the Angry Outcast
    S - The Fighter
    S - The Executioner

    S/K - the Standard Bearer

    K - the Enforcer
    K - the Quiet One
    K - the Brawling Laborer
    K - the Machine

    1. 1,750k = -10k
      1,900k = -20k
      2,050k = -30k
      (+150k / -10k)

[list][list][b][url=https://fumbbl.com/p/group&group=7492&op=view]OWCC Season 9[/url][/b], Game # (of 5)[/list][/list]

View Log | Show matches | Show stats | Show Development | Show past players | Yearbook | Team Options | Refresh
Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
2 the FatalistSkink Runner8247Dodge, Stunty, +AG, Side Step, Sure Hands, Catch 343190016560k (60+110k) 
3 the Guerilla FighterSkink Runner9237Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, +MA 19040111960k (60+50k) 
4 the Warrior/PhilosopherSkink Runner8238Dodge, Stunty, Diving Tackle, Side Step, +AVm50130064060k (0k) 
6The FoolSkink Runner8237Dodge, Stunty 100000060k (60+0k) 
8 the RebelSkink Runner7247Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, +AG, Sure Feet, Sprint, Diving Tackle-ma, m546170089760k (0k) 
9The GoatSkink Runner8237Dodge, Stunty 100000060k (60+0k) 
10 the Cage FighterKroxigor6519Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Prehensile Tail, Bone-head, Loner, Block 280006012140k (140+30k) 
11 the Dishonoured OfficerSaurus Blocker6519Block, Mighty Blow, +ST, Break Tackle, Tackle 6300042510980k (80+130k) 
12 the Dragon Isles PirateSaurus Blocker6419Wrestle, Dodge, Break Tackle, Tackle 49040855380k (80+90k) 
13 the War CriminalSaurus Blocker6419Block, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Break Tacklen610002056580k (80+80k) 
14 the EnforcerSaurus Blocker6419Block, Dodge 9020121880k (80+50k) 
15 the Bounty HunterSaurus Blocker6419Block, Break Tackle, Guard, Stand Firm 59021575380k (80+80k) 
16 the Bad SergeantSaurus Blocker6419Block, Mighty Blow 12020021680k (80+40k) 
11 players (+2 players missing next game)  
Coach: Smeat Re-Rolls (120k): 3  
Race: Lizardman Fan Factor: 9  
Team Value: 1840k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 810000 Cheerleaders: 0  
Tournament Weight: 2150k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:64 (35/8/21) |TD Diff:23 (89 - 66) |Cas Diff:-21 (71/37/11 - 98/30/12)
Last Opponent: Diseased Wasters