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Night Terrors of Pockara
Roster [L] Nurgle

Weekly News
July 16 2513

---The Night Terrors of Pockara---
After many years a minor contingent of Pockarans in the guise of a Blood Bowl Team have been allowed to leave their diseased and rotting homeland. This has come at great cost to the Pockaran Government and is under the strictest guidelines of minimal contact with the outside world.
July 27 2513

---Disappointing start---
A disappointing result in our first game. The Vermin Horde 'Pox Ascendance' beat the 'Night Terrors' 2-1 after a lucky block in the 2nd half.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
'We may have lost today, but we put out a good performance. We are still a young team with plenty of inexperience but believe me our day will come. At the moment we are planning a journey out of Pockara a formal statement will be issued soon.'

August 2 2513

---Liúnár here we come---
The 'Night Terrors' have finally set off on their quest. Their first stop shall be the wondrous City of Liúnár.
August 3 2513

---Day to remember---
The 'Night Terrors' arrived in Liúnár and immedietley set out to prove them selves against the Elves. They took on both teams, the masked rebels the 'Liúnár Truth Speakers' and the High Elf Lords the 'Liúnár's Immortals'. Winning the first game 2-0 and the second 1-0.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"What a glorious day to be Pockaran. We've shown we can play ball and have seen some improvements in our players.
Now that the games are out of the way it gives us plenty of time to do what we really came here for. Which is to seek a cure for the Curse put upon our City in the Great Libraries of Liúnár. The High Lords of Liúnár will surely have taken notice of us and we expect to speak to a representative very soon."
August 13 2513

---Staying in Liúnár---
The Night Terrors have decided to stay on another week in Liúnár. They have been having many meetings with officials and are making friends in all the right places.

---Vamps can't stand the heat---
Night Terrors beat Graveshade Grandmasters 3-0

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"Dang it's hot, but what a perfect day to play Vampires.
The lads handled the heat well and Luther is proving himself to be as formidable a player now as he was in his youth."

August 14 2513

---Jesters have the last laugh---
Night Terrors lose to the Graveshade Jesters 2-1

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
We were poor today. Bad blocking and bad marking made it easy for the Jesters.
September 3 2513

---Finally Home---
The Night Terrors have finally returned to Pockara. And for the first time in twenty years we have some visitors to our City. Not just one group, but three. And to celebrate their arrival, the Night Terrors held a match against our visitors from the North lands of Yantai. It was a great celebration although neither came away with a win.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"It was a good game and it's good to be home.
I'm sure you've all seen it but these people of Yantai are not the only strangers in Town. It seems that many travelling to the Tournament in The Shadowspires will be passing through our lands. Let us make them welcome before we blood them on the field."

---New Faces---
Now that the Night Terrors are home we'll be performing a ceremony for the players that we lost while away. Also we would like to introduce three new players for the Team. James, Harvey and Gregory who we hope to see big things from.

September 8 2513

---A Rose by any other name---
A visit from the Rambling Roses of Brosia finally saw a victory again for the Night terrors. The motley crew from Borosia were undisciplined and never really threatened the Night Terrors.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"It was a good result for us and it's nice to see James and Gregory get off to a good start. Although we can't get complacent as the Roses have some talent in their squad and if it wasn't for their big guys lack of discipline it could have been a very different result."

---Citizens Beware---
Officials have warned that while the Roses are in Town citizens should be extra vigilant and keep their eyes open. As more valuable items seem to be disappearing during their stay. Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately.

September 13 2513

---Journey of Discovery---
With the recent arrival of the well travelled James Frobisher the Night Terrors will be leaving Pockara once more. They are planning a lengthy journey around the lands of Orymm. And after their last meeting with the Dawi-Zharr they will be travelling North through the Bahaal Canyons and into Yantai the City of Slaves.

September 16 2513

---Interupted Journey---
Days out of Pockara deep into the Bahaal Canyons, the Night Terrors came across a strange site. Before them appeared a group of raging Ogres holding aloft a ball and pointing towards what can only be described as a ramshackle Blood Bowl pitch. The Night Terrors always up for a game happily obliged them. The Butchers as they liked to be called brought a mean looking Morg 'n' Thorg with them to bolster their team.
Warick Mortison was the star of the show and has started to show real promise. He took out the Butchers Captain with a boot to the head followed shortly later with a rather harrowing stomp to the side of Morg's jaw taking them both out for the rest of the game. James Frobisher and Harvey Klattenberg managed to score three touchdowns between them as the Ogres defence crumbled. There was some cause for concern in the second half though as both Tom O'Boyle and Captain Luther Jones took paricularly brutal blocks from which they almost never recovered.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"What can I say. The boys did their job admirably and players are picking up new skills all the time."
October 21 2513

---Terrors in the Deep---

News has just reached us from the far reaches of Karahn-Carach. Reports state that the Night Terrors ran into a strange tribe of Goblins who live beneath the mountains. Communication seemed to be a problem until the Goblins noticed the Blood Bowl ball being tossed around by our players. At this point they ushered our players into a humongous cavern beneath one of the largest mountains in Karahn-Carach where a crude and simple pitch was marked out on the cavern floor. As usual our boys were only to happy to oblige the Goblins with a game.

The game by all accounts was pretty brutal, what with the Goblins bringing a whole assortment of weapons onto the pitch. Although from the sound of things they caused more damage to themselves than the Night Terrors. Includng a very nasty bomb that left two Goblins with some permanent damage.

The star of the match was undoubtably Gregory Nightingale who managed to score three touchdowns and is now looking especially buff. He was seen after the game with many a goblin maiden throwing themselves at him in a lust fueled frenzy. There is just something about that guy that drives those ladies wild.

We were unable to contact Councilman Frederick Rotbottom for a comment
October 31 2513

---Blood in Borosia---

The Night Terrors arrived in Borosia and had a chance encounter with some Lizard folk from the Ualan which resulted as always in a game of Blood Bowl. Luther Jones lost his life in what turned out to be a pretty brutal match. Warwick Mortison is proving to be a highly efficient player removing no less than three of the Burning Talons players.

There were injuries on both side the biggest of which was Luther Jones. After a failed blitz on ball carrier Garadohi Sunsoaker which left the skink free to run the ball out of reach and in the end score a touchdown unopposed. Luther enraged with himself charged at the nearest Lizard Tzatza, of the Smoking Caverns. It would be the last action he would ever make.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"Luther went out the way he would have liked. Charging head first into an opposing player. He will be remembered"
November 11 2513

---Harmony in Discord---

The Night Terrors bid a farewell to the City of Borosia with a game against home team Harmony Decree. The game went well for the Night Terrors as some early fouls from Warwick removed player after player. Harmony Decree had brought in Max Spleenripper to even the fouling odds but the ref took an instant disliking to him and he was promptly sent off. Many believe the ref was an outsider who holds a grudge with the citizens of Borosia.

The touchdown at the end of the first half was almost stopped as the James Frobisher was knocked to the ground spilling the ball. But the Night Terrors had the numbers to make space for him to collect the ball and run it in with seconds left on the clock.

The second half saw Harmony Decree outnumbered and slowly overwhelmed. A desperate attempt to pass the ball downfield led to a dropped ball which was finally scooped up by Frobisher to run his and the Night Terrors second touchdown of the game.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"We came, we saw, we watched Warwick kick their arse. It was a good game for us and players are improving all the time. Graveshade here we come."
January 6 2514

---Back in Borosia---

The Night Terrors were back in action last night after a long break. They faced of against Dawi-Zharr of Yantai again. The Night Terrors recieved deep and slowly pushed their way upfield. Gregory Nightingale was in exceptional form, after missing out on playing here last time the Terroirs were here. Dawi-Zharrs players were leaving the pitch fast from strong blocks and the boot of Warwick did it's magic once again. The half ended with a touchdown by Nightingale.

The second half saw the Terrors hold Dawi-Zharr at the halfway line. Partly due to some good defence but also in part to some poor handling by their Bull Centaurs. A final result of 1-0 must have made the head coach happy after such a long break from play.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"Gregory gave a hell of a performance as did Warwick. Not sure what's happening in Orymm at the moment, there is a gathering in Borosia with teams from all over the place. Something big is going to happen."
February 1 2514

---Calthor Cup Round I---

The Night Terrors started their cup run of with a win.

The Terrors started kicking in the first half. After a prolonged shoving match in the center of the pitch they finally started to push the Onyx Guard back into their own half. With no space to get through the Terrors defence Hetepka-teti tried to pass to Kalanthes who had made a lone run down one of the wings. But the ball fell just short of it's mark. This allowed Gregory Nightingale a chance to collect the ball and run it in for a touchdown at the end of the half.

The second half saw the Oynx Guard kick the ball too deep, allowing the Night Terrors a touchback. The ball was given to Llyod Winterbottom and a slow scrum slowly made it's way into the Oynx Guards half. Seeing a chance to break free Llyod made a dash but tripped as he neared the endzone. This allowed Oynx Guard Throw-Ra Thutothmes a chance to collect the ball. But with no support from his fellow teammates he tried a desperate pass downfield but only ended up fumbling the ball. A few blocks later and James had scooped up the ball handing it off to the waiting Llyod who finally walk it over the line for the Night Terrrors second of the game.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"The boys put on a hell of a show. They defended well and kept their composure when it mattered. A bit disappointed with the LOBBL governing body as there seems to have been some rule changes for te tournament that no one was informed of. We shall be writing a letter of complaint and expect some sort of compensation."
February 12 2514

---Calthor Cup Round II---

Boots, Bolts and Fireballs, this game had it all. The game started with the Night Terrors kicking. A quick shoving match in the middle of the pitch and the elves made a run down their left flank. The Night Terrors quickly moved in blocking their advance, forcing the Elves backwards. Distracted by the sheer ugliness of the Night Terrors, Lhi the Jackal spilled the ball. Frobisher didn't need a second invitation to steal the ball away, taking it back into the safety of a cage. Then out of nowhere, Boom! A Fireball came hurtling into a crowd of players. Johnny was blown off the field, luckily not taking any permanent damage. And Frobisher was knocked for six, spending the rest of the half getting nursed back to health. The elves were unable to capitalize and the ever impressive Nightingale was able to recover the ball. Although Dr. Goodbody was on the recieving end of a partcularly rutal block by Morg 'n' Thorg out for revenge after his last meeting with the Night Terrors. A slow and steady advance down the field aided by Mortisions trusty boot and the Terrors managed to score at the end of the half.

The second half saw both teams only able to field nine players. Due to Morgs powerful blocks and Mortisons trusty boot. It didn't help the elves cause that the babes in graveshade don't amount to much. The elves kicked deep and managed to split the Terrors defence. Forced to switch sides the Terrors allowed the elves to get some players around Frobisher. Fzzzz Zap! and Morg was down as a Bolt of Lightning hit him square in the chest. This gave the Terrors the space they needed and they were soon into the elves half. Frobisher survived a couple of blocks before he finally ran in the touchdown.

There was time at the end of the half for the elves to run in a consolation touchdown.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"What a game for the Night Terrors. I know I'm begining to sound like a broken record here, but Warwick gave a hell of a performance yet again. Of the nine fouls he commited, seven of the elves were removed. He has become something of a celebrity back in Pockara"
February 22 2514

---Calthor Cup Semi Final---

A game that started and ended with death.

The Night Terrors started receiving and quickly removed three of the Dark Elves from the pitch. The first block of the game by Hugh Janus saw Bahaar leave the field dead. Or so everyone thought, he was seen wandering into Pockaras camp after the game covered with festering boils and some rotting flesh. A well placed boot by Warwick also saw Bankimchandra leave the field on a stretcher.

Things were looking good for the Night Terrors. But over confidence or just bad positioning allowed the Elves steal in and get the ball, be it for a short time only. The Night Terrors recovered quickly with Hugh taking out another Elf, but if it wasn't for a bad slip by Padma - The Young Voice the elves might well have stopped Klattenberg running in the first touchdown of the game.

There was just time at the end of the half for the crowd to throw some rocks onto the pitch, one of which knocked the Night Terrors ball carrier Frobisher out. He never recovered his senses until well after the game had finished.

The second half saw the Elves fumble a pick up allowing the Terrors to put some pressure on the ball. A few more fumbled hand offs and a fireball eventually saw the Elves get a couple of players within scoring distance. And a brutal charge by Nightingale saw Padma - The Young Voice taken to the apothecary who almost made things worse. The Terrors at this point were pretty much celebrating victory as their wizard sent a bolt of lightning hurtling towards Abheek, but he somehow managed to avoid the bolt and swiftly ran the ball in for an equaliser.

The Terrors made a vain attempt to finish the game off before overtime but there just wasn't enough time left on the clock.

Overtime saw the Terrors receiving again, and it also saw another rock come hurtling onto the pitch from out of the crowd. This rock hit Dark Elf Raakaa square in the face leaving a crumpled mess on the floor. The Cult of Moons apothecary ran on to the pitch for a second time to try and resuscitate him but it was no good.

Things were looking grim for the Elves. But a failed pick up by the Night Terrors gave a ray of hope to the Cult of Moon which was shortly shattered. Capala tried to dodge in and steal the ball away but he fell badly his neck snapped and he was dead instantly.

The Night Terrors now had a major numbers advantage and the game was quickly wrapped up as Klattenberg picked up the loose ball and ran it in for his and the Night Terrors second touchdown of the game.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"I feel bad for the Cults Coach, I could see him pulling his hair out in overtime. It's going to cost him a packet to replace all those lost players. We did try to offer them Bahaar back, but the Cults ignorance regarding the Pox made them turn their backs on him. We have made him as welcome as possible in our camp. Maybe one day he will get a chance to return to his people."
February 28 2514

---Calthor Cup Champions---

The Night Terrors lined up against the Wanderers for the final of the Calthor Cup. It had been a hard fought road to get here, would it all end in glory or failure.

The Night Terrors kicked, but got the jump on the Wanderers. The Wanderers were slowly pushed back deeper and deeper into their own half as the Night Terrors slowly pushed forward. Finally a mistake by "Captain" Jaganzo tripping as he dodged away from Dr. Goodbody spilling the ball. This allowed Frobisher to eventually pick up the ball and hand it off to Nightingale to run in the touchdown.

There was just time at the end of the half for Chadius of the Wanderers to put the boot into Dr. Goodbody, sending him to the casualty box.

The second half saw the Night Terrors receive and subsequently knock out three of the Humans before they even knew what hit them. The Night Terrors slowly made there way down their right flank finally finding some space behind the Wanderers defence. But a last ditch blitz by Stertam saw him steal the ball and try to launch it downfield towards his Captain, just missing it's mark. Rotten and Klattenberg of the Night Terrors rallied putting pressure on the loose ball but a Fireball blasted them both clear. Stertam rushed forward to pick up the loose ball with seconds left on the clock. He rushed towards "Captain" Jaganzo, who was just within reach of the end zone, but nerves must have got the best of as he spilled the hand off. The whistle blew and the Night Terrors roared in triumph.

Councilman Frederick Rotbottom had this to say
"It was a fine team performance. We knew we were up against tough opposition but the boys did us proud. I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Goodbody who will be leaving us. He was a major asset for us in all the games he has played. But alas his mind is almost completely gone now and it's getting harder to get through to him."
February 28 2515

---A Year Gone By---

It has been a year since we last played. Things in Orymm have been strange since our victory in Calthor Cup. The L.O.B.B.L administration mysteriously disbanded leaving the league in disarray. Old rivalries and wars had started to erupt all over Orymm and the Pockarans were once again shunned by the outside world. Due to the popularity garnered by our time on the blood bowl field the Night Terrors were moderately welcome in lands of Orymm, but always at a distance.

A few month back we heard from one of Bahaars relatives in Saarth about the disappearence of his old team The Cult of the Moon. With the greatest of urgency we set off in search of our old rivals.

After many weeks of searching we found ourselves in Yantai where we had heard rumours of a mystical portal somewhere deep in the Bahaal Canyons. An envoy from the Righteous Social Club came to us with knowledge of it's location and informed us that they themselves had followed the Cult of the Moon through.

What mysteries would lie in wait for us on the other side, would those who lived there have knowledge of the cure we have been looking for, for so long.

With our longing to return home overshadowed by our duty to try and set Fredericks curse right we entered the Portal.
March 31 2515


I would like to say this new world was strange, but in many ways it reminded us of Orymm. We were met on the other side with a friendliness that we were not used too. As we grew to learn more about the land we soon encountered many different blood bowl leagues.

We found the Cult of the Moon playing in an exclusive invite only Gentleman's Club. The Righteous Social Club were found playing in a league called the O[L]C which welcomed many disenfranchised league teams.

News soon came to us about a competition that might yet lead us to the cure that we have been looking for. We were met by delegates from a team called the Lahmia Black Souls. To gain entry to the competition we would need to play a trial game against them.

The game ended in a stalemate and saw Gregory Nightingale suffer a serious injury that even his regenerative abilities could not repair. But we were now entered into the competition the ALL STARS Hexoatl Open.
May 2 2515

---ALL STARS Hexoatl Open---

We would need victory at all costs in this competition. For only with our triumph we would be able to reach our goal.

We would face many new opponents and each would test us to our limits.

First up we took on the CHANKAdwarveS and it was in this game that Warick Mortison found some new fans as he ripped his way through four of the opposing players as he spurred our team to victory.

Next up we played the Crazy Crackers in a hard fought contest. We were lucky to come away with the victory in this game which saw Harvey Klattenberg lose his life. We hope to return one day to take his body back to Pockara where we can give him a proper burial.

In the semi finals we came up against CDingling. The hitting power of the Janus brothers coupled with Mortisons chainsaw saw us ease into the finals.

We had finally made it and had one more test against Grukk's Hospital BawlBoyz. In a thrilling encounter which went into overtime we finally secured victory.

We now await the Buccaneer All Stars a team of legendary humans who have been brought back to life by an unknown entity. We hope to defeat them to gain the knowledge of this being in the hopes that it may have the cure for all of Pockara.

Home City: Pockara (Known to most outside of Pockara as Pox, but the Citizens of Pockara still use it's original name.)

Stadium Name: Fever Pitch

Captain: Hugh Janus

Team History: The Night Terrors of Pockara are a new Team recently formed. They are led by Luther Jones a veteran the game who has been changed significantly by the Pox.

Goal: With the ever increasing threat from the mutated Vermin, residing in Pockara's abandoned garbage disposal site. The council of Pockara have set out once and for all to find a cure for the curse, any way they can.

Salvation: 0%

Balance: 46% Pockara vs 54% Vermin

Rivals: Pox Ascendance
Pox Biography

Once, the town was called Pockara. As a large town/small city, it was a fairly uninteresting location. It lived on the trade routes in combination with agriculture, and its name is hardly mentioned in the history annals, except for the fact that Eyer's daughter, Dahra - whose followers held on to one of the many fragments of Eyer's empire - lived in Pockara for most of her life as governess.

There would be little else noteworthy about Pockara if it weren't for the fact that Dahra made sure that one little condition was added to the city laws: that there should always be a wizard-advisor present in the council. Dahra's reasons were noble and perhaps slightly paranoid, but coming from a good place. She considered that the skills of such an advisor would be essential in critical times. She could, however, not foresee that due to a lack of better candidates, a vile fledgeling wizard named Frederick was named wizard-advisor to Pockara.

The result was tragic. Frederick hardly had a proper mind for magic at all, but his sense of justice and well-being was even more non-existant. Moreover, he did not learn from his mistakes, nor did he want to, and his greed for more power and influence combined with Pockara's tendency to listen to their wizard-advisor, meant that Frederick's influence increased.

Things went downhill soon, as Pockara's laws changed. Strange things were planted in the ground at Frederick's orders, special scarecrows were positioned, and at Frederick's instructions - 'for the improvement of our relations and defences' - many changes were made to the looks of Pockara.

Eventually, when Pockara's inhabitants had enough, and were unhappy with the strange dark hole they now lived in, they revolted against Frederick's decrees. The fight was short and hard, as Frederick's magics summoned upome creatures from strange places, but fact was that Frederick was never one to prosper under stress, and he was caught.
He was executed, but not before issuing a curse. Nothing fancy, nothing especially poetic: 'The Night-Pox take you all!'.
Nobody took him that serious at the moment, before Frederick the Foul was beheaded, but the Night-Pox did come.

The inhabitants of Pox are not at peace with their lives, and are ever looking for a cure. The council of Pox has decided that a detachment to play Blood Bowl might help their cause: fame and fortune might eventually lead them to their salvation, and the adventure will only do Pox good.

Current Players

Past Players


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# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1 Galen HayesRotspawn4519Loner, Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Mighty Blow, Nurgle's Rot, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Tentacles 5000015140k (140+0k) 
2 Tom O'BoyleBloater4429Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Dodge, Block 230004323110k (110+50k) 
3 Hugh JanusBloater4429Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow 230109126110k (110+40k) 
4 Lars JanusBloater4429Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow 230204119110k (110+40k) 
5 Lloyd WinterbottomBloater4529Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Guard, +ST, Fan Favourite 230104431110k (110+120k) 
6 Solomon Ramha GhalanPestigor6338Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration 900000080k (80+0k) 
7 James FrobisherPestigor6338Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Sure Hands, Dodge 16290002980k (80+50k) 
9 Gregory NightingalePestigor6447Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, +ST, Tackle, +AG-av141110604680k (80+110k) 
10 BahaarRotter5338Decay, Nurgle's Rot 700000040k (40+0k) 
14 Warick MortisonRotter5338Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Sneaky Git, Dirty Player, Chainsaw 23110232340k (40+80k) 
16 Johnny RottenRotter5338Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Block, Foul Appearance 22020121840k (40+40k) 
11 players  
Coach: cowhead Re-Rolls (140k): 3  
Race: Nurgle Fan Factor: 11  
Team Value: 1790k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 390000 Cheerleaders: 0  
Tournament Weight: 1790k Apothecary: No  

Games Played:23 (17/4/2) |TD Diff:26 (37 - 11) |Cas Diff:42 (39/27/3 - 6/11/10)
Last Opponent: Grukk's Hospital BawlBoyz