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Righteous Social Club
Roster [L] Underworld Denizens

Yantai, City of Slaves, imperious, beautiful and decadent. This city is exciting. Luxury at every turn, but it has its price. Many have to pay him, so that few enjoy. You are here to learn the other side of the town. You're looking for the city under the city! The Underwold or the so-called Litte Dusttown. A city that lives in the shadows of Yantai, a city vibrant and full of life, dangerous, greedy, strange and deceptive. The City of Secrets!

The door to this world is guarded by ogre-slaves. You accession to the dwarven official and showing to him your permit. May you pass? Money changes hands and your darft happen. Only steps separate you from your target. Three, two, one ... an undertow pulling you and you accession into a world of ... Chaos.

One minute you're standing in the luxury and order, now on a full and bustling market placed in a huge cave. The air is stuffy and filled with exotic scents and the eyes are distracted by a thousand colors. It's noisy here and a troll yells at you "Noh chichi ha, mo daan ho?", you didn't catch him, as a small goblin steps to you.

"Mastel, you need a guide fol the city ol you'll lose you. What is lost is not found in Dusttown. I guide. I take you whelevel you want to go. You have dust, you have guide!"

You nod and the goblin replies to the troll, "Naknak, shiba chi mishi mo daan ho!

The troll starts to laugh loudly and turns to the next visitor, as he yell "Noh chichi ha, mo daan ho?"

The goblin turns to you, "My name is ..., lets call me Hongz. What is youl destiny,hae? How shall youl way?"

He pulls you across the marketplace, during that a passing skavenpatrol eyed you skeptical. A flash in the eyes of these rats troubling you, but now it's too late to get back.

The way you led, your way, follows deeper into the winding streets of Little Dusttown ...
Where are the secrets you search? Will you find them or ...


--== BIG WARP GANG ==--

The trolls of the Underworld are just like all other residents of the "City of Secrets" addicted to dust. However, their dependency is created by longterm via the normal food intake. Their main source of food were and are drug-addicted goblins and so they developed a keen sense for dust. Over the centuries this has been the hallmark and even now this skill enriches the underworld.

Although still some trolls live as loners on the outskirts of the city, but most have now organized themselfs in the Big Warp Gang. The Gang has several "criminal" focuses and dominates Dustcity's Great Bazaar including the Gate area. Specific areas of activity (not only limited to the Underworld) are mostly found in the "physical" sector. They are bodyguards, pimps, debt collector and bounty hunters.

At the Gate they serve as gatekeepers and thus as a physical counterpart to the ogres of the dwarves. They protect the "Dusttown" against unannounced and unwanted visitors, and because they can smell dust, they prevent the "illegal" entry (smuggle) of dust. The are rumors, that there is an "official" agreement between the Inner Circle and the Big Warp Gang covering their duty as gatekeepers.

The pagoda of enjoyment, is the basis of the "BIG WARP GANG". The pagoda is quite simple, at least from the outside, and serves as the "Small Court". Each week criminals (goblins only) are heard and convicted here. Basically the death penalty is imposed on the prisoners.

The trolls have created over the past centuries inside the pagoda, a rock garden, whose beauty is unrivaled. Socially this is to be regarded as a milestone in the cultural development of the trolls. Today trolls are an integral part of Dustcity and predictable. That was not always so.
The majority of the inhabitants of the Underworld are goblins. Their reproduction rate is enormous and only the natural selection limits them. They are sneaky, mean and tricky. Both the scum and the crumb of the "City of Secrets"!

Goblins are organized into clans, but most are of insignificant size and influence. Only one clan appears to have a dominance over the goblin race.

--== THE WONG CLAN ==--

As for his "activities" the wong clan is situated very versatile. Gambling, money lending, extortion and the slave trade are probably the most profitable criminal pillars, but in the last century the clan has continuously developed many legal and lucrative fields of activity. These include primarily Yantai's meat and fish trade. In addition, the Wongs are infamous lawyers.

The WONGS are organized matriarchal and at the top of the clan is the matron wong (affectionately known as Ma Wong). She apparently seems to be eons at the top of the clan and rules with unmerciful harshness. Opponents are ostracized, persecuted and destroyed. She is described as a dominant, sexist, huge and violent goblin. She is self-indulgent, eccentric and constantly nude.

The headquarters of the wongs is a pagoda built over an old lava canyon. The intricate circular structure was built by the dwarves. On the upper floors are the "legal" businesses represented (Wong Bros - Notary & Legal Affairs, and the Wong Inc.). The deeper levels bear the "other" fields. The throne room is a floating platform above the canyon, it is said, that there it dwell thousands of goblins and who pay homage to her MA.
The Illuminated Lantern is one of the most famous taverns of the Litte Dusttown. The gardens around the inn are lush forested. The majority of the vegetation is illuminated. The name of the inn was derived from this. The first settlers of the Underworld have met here on the odd drink. Where socializing is available, music and games are not far away. You know the inhabitants of the Underworld love games, even more they love bets. And betting on games is the greatest!

The center of the Lantern is a big pitch. Usually you see fights here. Well simple ones like dog and chicken fights. Often slave gladiators fights. Rare, but not seldom fights between wild species. Even in many cases a mix of these. One rule is clear LAST "MAN" STANDS.

At the moment there is cockatrice fight. It is loud. Hundreds of guest are crying and betting on the win of their favorite. Well a goblin fall over the pitch wall in front of a cockatrice. Not so good idea. A crazy scenario!

You make a bet, no? Well go upstairs and step into the world of wonder? Some nice workout or may be a pipe? Hmm, or you just take a seat at table somewhere behind the pitch, take drink or two… or just play a GAME !
The skaven are the warrior caste of the underworld. Fast, disciplined and elitist. The organization form is the extended family. Strictly hierarchically and, unlike the goblins, patriarchal.

There is a variety of families known within "Little Dusttown". Each holds a territory and defend it against other mercilessly. Turf wars are often on the agenda and the Inner Circle sanctions the parties, to maintain a certain status quo. If a family is defeated, the leaders are killed and the remaining ones are assimilated.
The largest family known is the

--== WU FAMILY ==--

This family is headed by MASTER LI, a master of martial Fu, a gifted strategist and schemer. The game of power was raised by him to an art form, so that after long political, economic and military intrigues the fiercest competitors have been eliminated.

In addition to the usual fields of activity (extortion, kidnapping, weapons and the slave trade, smuggling and contract killing), the Wu's are mercenaries.
The infamous house troops, the SAMURAT, are a popular sword- and spearmen. They are used on two days a week as "police forces" in the Dusttown. On this days the crime rate falls (at least on the streets) rapidly. There are rumors that a special group of Samurat is used as assassins.

The Wu's are known as art patrons and collectors. Especially the visual arts are their interest. The twin pagodas include not only a variety of deadly traps also a priceless and unique collection of famous paintings and sculptures.
The Righteous Social Club has been in ancient times a "gentlemen” club. Of course, the face of the club has always been characterized by its exclusive and very special members and their families . The "Who 's Who" of the underworld met here for their "non-commercial " appointments .

Sports and culture were the façade, on the one hand to strengthen the criminal power structures and on the other hand to carry this beyond the borders of Yantei . Often the sporting activities of the club were used for "further" business ideas. There were different sports promoted in the different eras of the club existence. This period lasted until the creation of the Inner Circle and stopped abruptly on . It is still unclear why this or which event led to this.
Nevertheless the club last its sporting activities. Finally, the martial arts prevailed and the club turned into a fu dojo. These “artists” have had developed several fighting styles and a combination of these "skill trees" gives a special stlye.

The Tiger symbolizes power and grace. The powerful movements of this martial art style to it in the first place the bones and joints train, which form the most stable parts of the body. A weak skeleton does not support otherwise required by the muscles strength. The starting position is usually low and geradlining done all techniques. The movements of the fighter should be directed.

Practising this sytle will allow you access to the STRENGH skill tree. Additionaly following special skill combo some epic styles are known:

The Monkey! For this style, you have to be very nimble and agile, which includes many roles, flips and somersaults. This technique allows quick and easy to dodge lightning fast attacks. Characteristicly it includes running on all fours , various difficult acrobatic movements such as flipping sideways in the air, front flips, back flips, back handsprings, hand stands, walking on the hands, forward lunges/dives, backward lunges, spinning on the butt, spinning on the back and many kicks and strikes.

Practising this sytle will allow you access to the AGILITY skill tree. Additionaly following special skill combo some epic styles are known:

Drunken Monkey uses a lot of throat, eye and groin strikes as well as tumbling and falling techniques. It incorporates a lot of false steps to give the appearance it is defenseless and uses a lot of off balance strikes. The practitioner waddles, takes very faltering steps and sometimes fall to the ground and lies prone while waiting for the opponent to approach at which time a devastating attack is launched at the knees or groin areas of the opponent. Following skills are necessary: --> Dodge, Side Step, Jump up and Block.

Wooden Monkey mimics a serious, angry monkey that attacks and defends with ferocity. The attitude of this monkey is more serious, and its movements are noticeably less light than the other monkeys. Wood monkey likes to grapple and bring its opponent to the ground. Following skills are necessary:
--> Side Step, Prehensice Tail, Diving Tackle and Tackle.
The Leopard style techniques are geared towards single, two or three technique combinations that cause a lot of damage, disorientate or even blind the attacker. Blocking is wasted in Leopard - the style can be summed up with "Why block when you can hit?" It does not rely on rooted stances, and would only assume a stance while in attack in order to launch at the opponent. This hit and run technique of the leopard, something especially effective against larger opponents, is unique to the animal.

Practising this sytle will allow you access to the GENERAL skill tree. Additionaly following special skill combo some epic styles are known:

Panther prefer patience, planning and preparedness. Much in the same way, Panther Kung Fu is not direct and frontal; it is circumspect, from above, from below, from the side and from behind, but never from the front, unless that is the last place the attacker expects it from! Panther Kung Fu is designed to overcome superior forces with inferior resources. Counter attacks are sudden, indirect, short with the aim of landing a debilitating technique. Following skills are necessary: --> Tackle, Wrestle, Shadowing and Strip Ball.

The "Leopard Fist" is a common term for a specific type of striking blow, associated primarily with the Leopard Kung Fu. The maneuver involves folding the first two joints of the fingers inward and striking with the fore-knuckles. It is used most often to strike at soft, vulnerable targets, such as the ribs, throat, inner arms and temples. Also it is reducing the risk of injury to a user's hand. Following skills are necessary:
--> Block, Tackle, Grab and Mighty Blow.
The Mantis especially known for its speed and continuous attacks. Wrist/arm techniques in particular are emphasized, as well as knee and elbow strikes. Another prominent feature of the style is its complex footwork, borrowed from the monkey style. It is the most stormy Fu Style with a lot of changes in it's stances.

Practising this sytle will allow you access to the MUTATION skill tree. Additionaly following special skill combo some epic styles are known:
The Dragon, symbolizes spiritual strength, he stands for the concentration of wealth and the education of vision. He is agile and flexible in its movements and therefore unpredictable.

Practising this sytle will allow you access to the PASSING skill tree. Additionaly following special skill combo some epic styles are known:
The Crane a ting of beauty and grace. From this style we have the concept of Dancing as a form of martial arts. Like a gust of wind blowing through a horde of attackers, touching all but not being touched by any. Reach is the plus of Crane, waiting from above to have a killing strike!

Practising this sytle will allow you access to the + MA. Additionaly following special skill combo some epic styles are known:

a. White Crane Style!--> Descripion will follow
b. Flying crane style!--> Descripion will follow
The technique of the Snake style is very precise. The snake promotes through breathing the vitality, the Chi. In this technique flexible movements of the hand, arm, leg, head and body as well many changes of stances are the target.

Practising this sytle will allow you access to the + AG . Additionaly following special skill combo some epic styles are known:
Eagle, unlike the majority of kung fu styles, focuses more on grappling. Along with this, gripping techniques, joint locks, takedowns and pressure point strikes (adding some leg techniques) are emphasized. Particularly dangerous in this style is that the attacks target on sensitive vital points of the body. Thus, the eagle control with a few movements the aggressor.

Practising this sytle will allow you access to the + ST . Additionaly following special skill combo some epic styles are known:

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Progression: Standard
1 Ong King EeTroll4519Loner, Always Hungry, Mighty Blow, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate, Guard 19000408110k (110+20k) 
2 Wai Son WuSkaven Blitzer7338Animosity, Block, Guard, Mighty Blow 16021512390k (90+40k) 
3 Baa Sing WuSkaven Blitzer7338Animosity, Block, Guard, Mighty Blow 14030312090k (90+40k) 
4 Yat Ping WuSkaven Thrower8347Animosity, Pass, Sure Hands, Block, +AG, +MA, Big Hand 1814100315570k (70+110k) 
5 Sing Xiao WuSkaven Lineman7337Animosity, Block 13020211550k (50+20k) 
6Wos Won WuSkaven Lineman7337Animosity 000000050k (50+0k) 
7 Lun Fat WongGoblin6237Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty 1800010240k (40+0k) 
8 Kit Chat WongGoblin6237Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty, Block, Side Step 18040032740k (40+50k) 
9 Gon So WongGoblin6237Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty 101000340k (40+0k) 
10 Han Meow WongGoblin6237Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty 300001540k (40+0k) 
11 Moo Lat WongGoblin6237Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty 200001540k (40+0k) 
12 Hong Tsui WongGoblin6237Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty, Side Stepn17000021040k (40+20k) 
13 Mi That WongGoblin6237Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty 700000040k (40+0k) 
14 Siang Phi WongGoblin6237Right Stuff, Dodge, Stunty 700000040k (40+0k) 
14 players  
Coach:DeZigma Re-Rolls (140k):4  
Race:Underworld Denizens Fan Factor:7  
Team Value:1480k Assistant Coaches:0  
Treasury:160000 Cheerleaders:0  
Tournament Weight:1480k Apothecary:Yes  

Games Played:19 (9/5/5) |TD Diff:2 (29 - 27) |Cas Diff:-26 (16/7/4 - 36/12/5)
Last Opponent: Archangel XI