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Chaos Renegade
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Chaos Chosen
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Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  A bandage torn off quick Tomb Kings 340k 15/9/8 1750k    
  A crime story gone bad Human 100k 9/4/5 1580k ±490  
  Chaos in the Chinese Kitchen Chaos Renegade 100k 12/8/13 1630k    
  Diving for cover Slann 110k 16/8/13 1640k    
  Drows drove the getaway car Dark Elf 180k 6/4/10 1640k ±570  
  Dying is the only way Shambling Undead 70k 24/8/12 1650k    
  Filth of the Earth Reborn Skaven 210k 10/0/3 1420k ±300  
  Foul Water Frogs Slann 60k 9/8/23 1870k    
  Gangrous Tunnel Figthers Skaven 50k 23/11/21 1600k    
  Green Bay Inc Orc 480k 16/11/14 1400k    
  High Heels and Lipgloss High Elf 110k 19/5/20 1750k    
  Horns from Hell Chaos Chosen 100k 15/22/54 2140k    
  Horns gonna pave the way Chaos Chosen 10k 9/7/16 1580k    
  Howling Hounds of frost-bite Necromantic Horror 180k 19/15/14 1750k    
  Lets get this game Cooking Halfling 90k 4/6/34 1680k    
  Lets have another bite Necromantic Horror 130k 10/4/2 1440k ±390  
  Lightning Fast Dwarves Chaos Dwarf 40k 18/2/9 1540k ±820  
  Lion pretending to be Griffon Human 10k 13/12/23 1830k    
  Making a foul stench Nurgle 100k 12/5/13 1600k    
  Marauders of the North Chaos Renegade 70k 18/5/24 1590k    
  Monty's Flying Gobs Goblin 50k 12/6/33 1760k    
  Norse from the South Norse 120k 7/5/17 1620k ±860  
  Picking up Steam Dwarf 40k 6/5/3 1520k ±350  
  Riding the Blue Wave Lizardmen 70k 11/8/11 1900k    
  Roadblock Roughriders Chaos Renegade 190k 17/10/19 1790k    
  Snotlings Gonna lead the way Ogre 70k 3/3/11 1540k ±490  
  Stab Stab and more Stab Dark Elf 100k 11/8/11 2010k    
  Stone Cold Miners Dwarf 190k 11/9/13 1740k    
  Throwing it all away reboot Elven Union 50k 11/6/4 1690k ±630  
  Tooth Fairy Slaughters Vampire 200k 20/10/23 1720k    
  Trolls and the small ones Goblin 130k 2/11/11 1540k ±660  
  Vikings of the world Norse 200k 6/3/3 1440k ±270  
  Wicker Women Dark Elf 100k 11/5/2 1660k ±510  
  Winter Wonderland Elves Wood Elf 130k 22/11/27 2130k    
Stunty Leeg
  Albion Dies Today Albion Fae 155k 1/2/0 1135k    
  Skryre Scum Skryre Slaves 50k 3/0/2 1125k    
  Noname Norse Dwarfs Dwarf 170k 4/3/2 1380k    
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