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Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Banshee Howlers Necromantic Horror 210k 19/20/12 1690k    
  Blond Squad Elven Union 60k 21/8/20 1720k    
  Blue Blood Drinkers Vampire 80k 30/10/12 1910k    
  Cheesey Whiskers Skaven 140k 15/1/4 1740k ±610  
  Division 3 Chaos Renegade 30k 30/16/16 1460k    
  Dry Skins Lizardmen 220k 33/24/26 1950k    
  Dry Thumpers Tomb Kings 190k 19/6/15 1880k    
  Eight Points Chaos Chosen 210k 18/9/10 2030k    
  Eleven Frogs a Leaping Slann 80k 11/6/4 1840k ±680  
  Evergreen Rovers Wood Elf 290k 25/4/8 1980k    
  Goblins Goblins Goblins Goblin 50k 5/7/22 1380k    
  Hatful of Hollow Chaos Dwarf 130k 13/9/9 1540k    
  More of grave than gravy Shambling Undead 260k 22/4/6 1710k    
  Nordic Block Norse 150k 13/5/5 1770k ±730  
  O Great Ogre 50k 9/3/4 1160k ±360  
  Oozing Schmoozers Nurgle 310k 16/23/15 2160k    
  Pan-dimensional Beings Skaven 100k 14/3/7 1750k ±750  
  Police Squad Human 180k 10/5/2 1760k ±510  
  Rolly Polly Puddings Dwarf 370k 16/8/15 1730k    
  Short - lonely, tall - racist Old World Alliance 140k 5/6/4 1360k ±340  
  Short, or far away Halfling 40k 4/1/5 1260k ±190  
  Snot much hope Snotling 190k 3/3/4 1180k ±200  
  Themyscira Thunderers Amazon 140k 21/7/14 1750k    
  Too Goth for you Dark Elf 70k 25/15/17 2150k    
  Trickle Down Economics High Elf 110k 25/11/15 2250k    
  We ain't no Fun Guyz Orc 150k 13/6/6 1770k ±800  
  Wombles of Wimbledon Common Underworld Denizens 70k 18/7/9 1910k    
Stunty Leeg
  Creep Creep Stab Stab Eshin Adepts 190k 18/8/7 1610k    
  Excalibur United Albion Fae 400k 29/12/22 1880k    
  Followin da rulez Goblin Cheaters 435k 16/6/4 1710k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  [SL] Can't see the Woods Forest Goblin 270k 13/6/4 1640k    
  [SL] Coal Miners Black Dwarf 210k 7/2/3 1540k    
  [SL] Creep, Creep, Stab, Stab Clan Eshin 370k 11/1/3 1590k    
  [SL] Dusty Springfield Dust Goblin 160k 3/5/4 1740k    
  [SL] In Stitches Flesh Golem 160k 15/17/17 1840k    
  [SL] Lustless Necrarch 70k 9/5/2 1630k    
  [SL] Papa's Roaches Daemons of Nurgle 60k 27/14/18 1980k    
  [SL] Sand and Glitz Mahrak 160k 8/7/5 1680k    
  [SL] Stinky Rats Clan Pestilens 290k 7/4/6 1620k    
  [SL] Strength in Diversity Sylvania Pact 150k 22/3/6 1980k    
  [SL] Treemendous Dryad 130k 22/8/10 1770k    
  [SL] Which Witch Elves Witch Elf 100k 11/3/3 1680k    
  Giggle Squigle Squig 130k 5/4/13 1660k    
  Mad Skryrtists Clan Skryre 130k 5/3/6 1500k    
  Women's Block Valkyrie 190k 7/8/5 1690k    
  [B]lesseds Norse 110k 8/3/5 1690k    
  Chin Ticklers Dwarf 200k 26/17/23 2080k    
  Curly [B]eardlings Chaos Dwarf 90k 24/19/17 1650k    
  Elves in [B]lack Dark Elf 180k 9/7/13 1970k    
  Fun Guyz Orc 210k 20/10/7 1970k    
  Furballistic Necromantic Horror 120k 30/16/16 1890k    
  Legally distinct to Moorecock Chaos Chosen 40k 10/5/10 1560k    
  Logical Wood Elf 50k 3/1/0 1260k    
  Not waiting for God Shambling Undead 100k 15/11/13 1300k    
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