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Forest Goblin

The Forest Goblin race was originally developed by origami, and later modified with the help from several other members of the FUMBBL community. For more information, read the Forest Goblin forum thread.

Forest Goblin Roster

 Positional  MA  ST  AG  AV  Skills  Allowed Skills  Price 
   0-16  Forest Goblin  6  2  3  6  Dodge, Stunty  A  35k 
   0-4  Stikka  6  2  3  7  Dodge, Stab, Stunty, Secret Weapon (10+)  A  55k 
   0-2  Shaman  6  2  3  7  Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Foul Appearence, Stunty  GA  80k 
   0-2  Spider Rider  7  3  2  7  Bone-head, Dodge, Tentacles, Shadowing, Two Heads  AS  100k 
 Re-Rolls  60k (120k after team creation) 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Stars available for inducement 
 Star Player  MA  ST  AG  AV  Skills  Price 
   Leeloo Lion Tamer  4  2  2  7  Loner, Dirty Player, Dodge, Frenzy, Stunty, Dauntless (Niggle)  70k 
   Fumlig da Venomuz Spida  6  2  3  7  Loner, Dodge, Tentacles, Very Long Legs, Foul Appearance, Leap, Piling On  100k 
   Lorebass  6  3  3  8  Diving Tackle, Kick, Stand Firm, Stunty, Thick Skull  125k 
   Quoloth the Fierce  8  2  4  7  Loner, Dodge, Stunty, Stakes, Leap, Frenzy, Dauntless, No Hands, Dirty Player  130k 
   Shadow  8  2  4  9  Loner, Shadowing, Dodge, Side Step, Strip Ball, No Hands, Regeneration  160k 
   Gong the Giant Gorilla  5  5  2  8  Loner, Wild Animal, Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Always Hungry, Throw Team Mate  210k 
   Chompa & Stompa  6  5  4  7  Ball & Chain, Claw, Loner, Mighty Blow, No Hands  270k 


Forest Goblins have been a part of Waaagh (Greenskinn) for a while now and are finally allowed by the Orcs to play Blood Bowl. This wild and uncivilized goblin race have shamans by their side, ready to protect the players and Stikka, to save them from the undead. Of course they also have their legendary Spider Riders with them on the field, just for fun and to have that little extra so that they can win easily. The orginal Forest Goblins are there just to fill up the gaps and when the spider feels hungry, it knows where the food is.


Last update: February 9, 2013