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Halfling Professionals

The Halfling Professionals race was developed by Dravaal and MindWright, with help from other members of the FUMBBL community. For more information, read the Halfling Professionals forum thread.

Halfling Professionals Roster

 Qty  Title  Cost  MA  ST  AG  AV  Skills & Traits  Allowed Skills 
 0-2  True Pros  70000  5  2  3  8  Dodge, Stunty  G, A 
 0-2  Stoutboys  70000  5  3  2  8  Block, Stunty  A, S 
 0-1  Kicker  50000  5  2  3  7  Dodge, Stunty, Kick  A 
 0-12  Lineman  30000  5  2  3  7  Dodge, Stunty  A 

Star Player

 Name  Cost  MA  ST  AG  AV  Skills & Traits 
 None  -  -  -  -  -  - 

Re-roll counter: 50000 gold pieces each
Apothecary: Yes
Wizard: Yes, a Halfling Chef, but no extra ingredients


Blood bowl has been around for a long time, as have halfling teams, however the little known halfling kingdom of Piehaven has lived in peaceful bliss on an island near Ulthuan. That is until they discovered Blood Bowl.

Piehaven's chief ambassador Lord Geoffery Brunch the 4th was on a diplomatic visit to Ulthuan when he was invited to a game of bloodbowl, which was previously unbeknownst to them. Lord Brunch was so delighted by what he saw that day that he took the game back to Piehaven with the intent of making bloodbowl a national sport. He convinced King Marcus Piehaven to visit Ulthuan with him to watch a game. King Marcus loved it, and on his return announced there would be a tournament held in his honour for the new sport. Of course, the Piehavenites had one disadvantage when compared to traditional hafling teams - They had no access to Treemen. Undeterred they eagerly anticipated the tournament as Teams were assembled to contest for the prize (Free pies for a year).

Lord Brunch however had gone back to Ulthuan once more, however he also took with him a group of bloodbowl enthusiasts. For weeks he trained his halflings with leading elven teams and then returned to Piehaven for the tournament. His team was not required to play until the second day of the tourney, and a day went by with much merriment and a lot of poor play. The second day of the tourney dawned and Lord Brunch revealed his team. Brunch's Blood Bowlers marched onto the field like a professional unit, and the crowd was stunned as they walked all over the opposition team, Lord Brunch himself playing! The rest, as they say, is history. Brunch's Blood Bowlers went on to win the tournament easily, claiming the pies, and then went on to play Elven teams, then further, taking their unique halfling style of play all over the world. Piehaven however hadn't seen enough of bloodbowl, and quickly professional teams sprouted up all over the Kingdom, leading eventually to one of the most professional leagues in the old world.

Piehaven now produces many high quality professional halfling teams as they make their bid for being the best Bloodbowl players in the world!

Linemen: Many young halflings dream of playing bloodbowl, and most of them end up being the bog standard Lineman. There is honour to be had here however, as it takes guts to be out there playing bloodbowl, especially as a mere halfling.

Tallfellow: Tallfellow's are the engine room of the professional halfling teams, for a stunty they can actually throw, and their ability to pick the ball up on the run delights the crowds. halflings understand that to throw the ball, first you have to pick it up!

Hairfeet: These Halflings are renowned for their speed and sureness of feet. Often champion halfling athletes, they turned to bloodbowl to prove themselves further. Others may laugh at the somewhat pedestrian pace, but don't underestimate these halflings.

Stoutboys: Stoutboys fill an important, if somewhat dangerous job on the Halfling Pro team. Being asked to stand on the front line is not every halflings dream, but the stoutboys do it with honour and distinction, not to mention a serious amount of bruising.

Kicker: Nobody knows the value of good kicking like halflings. That extra ability to place the ball where it's hardest to get is valued immensely by halflings, who even have schools especially for kickers. It's not all good though, once you've kicked it you have to chase it down...

True Pros: The halfling dream, the True Pro is rock hard where other halflings are like wheat. Extensive training and a willingness to put everything on the line are what makes the True pro, and as such their value in halfling teams is phenomenal.


Last update: March 22, 2007