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I can run the game but parts of the screen are cut off

Issue: The FFB-client has been build for a fixed screen size. Minimum display resolution for FFB-client is 1024 x 768, XGA.

If you use a low resolution or a very small screen therefore parts not fitting into the window will be cut off. Once you fixed any issues relating to your screen size you simply need to close and restart the FFB-Client and the cut off part should be visible now.

Another possible reason of this misfunction is the use of OpenJDK by Ubuntu users.


1st Alternative:

Increase the resolution of your display. Assuming you don't already use the highest resolution this is probably the easiest fix.

2nd Alternative:

Move the task bar. Any bars on your computer that are set to display in the foreground can potentially cut off the seize of the FFB-Applet. You can move your bars per drag and drop to the side.

3rd Alternative:

Some Java versions show an unnecessary warning banner that is taking some of your screen space. Go to the control panel and open Java. After that click on the advanced tab, then click on the little + icon next to security, followed by clicking the little + icon next to general, then remove the tick from the box that says 'show sandbox warning banner'. Finally click 'apply' and 'ok', you should be good to go.

4th Alternative for Netbook users:

Some players love to play Blood Bowl using their mobile Netbooks, but the new Client does not offer a Small Field, so the the client supports 1024x768 but our resolution is 1024x600. The Program AsTray? will kill 168 Lines and will user you display as a 1024X768 display, you have to hit Quick Switch and select 1024x768. When you start FFB now you have to hide you Taskbar. Now your netbook is ready for FFB.

Get AsTray?, just google "AsTray? Netbook"

  • get AsTray?
  • Quick Switch to 1024x768
  • hide Taskbar
  • start FFB

5th alternative for Ubuntu users:

Check this thread: http://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=19384&highlight=ubuntu+java

Last update: February 14, 2014