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Nurgling Strategy


Kill. Infect. Kill more. Nurglings are the dwarves/undead of stunty. Denying your opponent movement is the easiest way to win.


The Beast In stunty, the beast is one of the best big guys going. Strength 5 against strength 2, tentacles work most of the time. Given 20+ blocks by a beast against a stunty each game, they make a lot of casualties. Those casualties make replacement players for you.

Durability With AV7, regenerate and thick skull; the nurglings have more staying power than any other stunty player. In a fair fight, the nurglings will come out on top

Mutations A few well chosen mutations can make up for the team's initial weaknesses and let you score touchdowns as well as casualties, or you can go all out with claws, fangs and more tentacles if you want.


Clumsy Nobody on the team has an agility higher than 2. This makes dodging a risky business even without diving tackle to worry about. Ball handling is unreliable and you can forget about passing. Expensive Players and rerolls on the nurgling team aren't cheap, fortunately you tend to infect replacements quickly enough and get nurglings for free.

Player Development

Since you have a hard time dodging, you want to make sure your opponent does too. 1st choice on a nurgling is diving tackle, then side step. If you get doubles, the first priority is to improve ball handling - big hand on 2 players. After that, go with what suits your play style. Extra arms for hand off receivers, block or tackle for blitzer types, or just stock up on killer skills - your opponent probably has a couple of chainsaws, bombs or dirty players so no need to feel guilty about it.

The beasts develop much like any other big guy in stunty division - block, tackle, multiple block are easy choices. On doubles, frenzy, pro, claws or fangs (any death caused by the beast is as good as getting an extra 50k winnings).

In Game Tactics

The beasts are the core of your field control strategy. Ideally you want each beast to have tackle zones on 2 or 3 stunty players every turn. Try to keep your beasts about 4 squares apart and near to the ball. Their foul appearance will mess up your opponent when balls are bouncing around, and you can tie up more players with tentacles if they aren't right next to each other. Other big guys are normally a low priority target unless they'll be able to block (not blitz) your beast next turn.

Nurglings with nothing better to do should try and tie up opposing players. Once you have a few diving tackles, you can force your opponent to choose between 5+ dodge or unfavourable block. If the ball is loose, get some diving tackle cover on it / blitz your opponent's cover and make a grab. A big hand pick up followed by hand off or dodge works most of the time, but make sure you have cover on the squares the ball could scatter to if you fall. If you have the ball, use diving tackle screens or make a cage which includes a beast to protect the ball carrier for a running game. If your opponent has the ball, try and get a beast tackle zone on the ball carrier if at all possible. Put nurgling tackle zones on squares he could hand off to (but be careful not to let him escape tentacles by blitzing). If you manage all this then the ball is as good as yours.

Be warned that the client asks you to use diving tackle before it asks about tentacles. Check where your beasts are before saying yes to a diving tackle - tentacles is the better skill to use 90% of the time. (while it is true that it asks if you want to use diving tackle first, it will still ask you if you want to use tentacles even if you chose to diving tackle, and if you chose both it will apply both tentacles and diving tackle (if tentacles fails) to the dodge, so selecting diving tackle as a fail safe makes sense - HoboJed).


Last update: March 21, 2007