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  • When big players go rough, small players go bananas!



  • Small Stunty Spike is randomly seeded bi-weekly knockout tourney for 16 teams, which means you have two weeks to finish each round. Each team needs to play from one to four games.
  • After first week its suggested that you put info on your team bio about when you and your next opponent have schedueled to play your game
  • There will be new tourney started after last one has played atleast two rounds and there is 16 teams applied to the group page.
  • There will be max two tournaments running at one time.
  • While your team has games unplayed in Small Stunty Spike, you cannot play any other games utill your team finishes in Small Stunty Spike.
  • All FUMBBL Official Tournament Rules will apply.


  • Winner gets one random skill/trait on random player in his team changed to one random mutation. Changed skill can not be one player has when its created.
  • After change has been rolled, coach may decide to reroll it but in this case the second roll is final and cannot be changed.
  • Note that price aint optional, sometimes it can be usefull, sometimes less than usefull...
  • To get your prize, contact peikko.




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Last update: April 11, 2007