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Post   Posted: May 15, 2014 - 17:44 Reply with quote Back to top

So Buccaneer fans I come to you for advice.

The Bucs are primed and in the best shape for a major they have ever been in for a very long time.

Here is the squad for the GLT

Now I have 2 questions for the fans and supporters of the team.

They have 4 players 3SPP away from skilling up....take the chance and prep match just to skill them up?

Got a 13 man roster...now we prep match and get those 4 skills...lets just say 80TV...and they get one or two FF...that would push the TV to the 2120-2150 range with a 13 man squad. Do they go ahead and beef up to a 16 man squad to lay out the boot? Say to hell with the TV "game" and bloat up to around 2300 TV? In essence giving up a wizard most likely?

Lets here it from the fans....what do the Bucs do to round out the roster for their GLT run?

They will be entering the Forlorn since I think the team matches up best skill wise with those rosters.

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Post   Posted: May 15, 2014 - 17:59 Reply with quote Back to top

I think at 2150TV your probably giving away a wizard anyway in the forlorn qualifier. So go for it. I'd also say if you do have prep matches, your allowed to pick them carefully!

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Post   Posted: May 15, 2014 - 18:02 Reply with quote Back to top

I think I would go for the skilling and a somewhat bigger bench - possibly two new linemen, and if only to reduce attrition at the LOS during the prep matches. See how it goes and decide again after every game. I consider "bloating" TV for a major is great fun, especially since one shouldn't be too much after the SPP in the tournament.

It's a dangerous gamble though, but that's common knowledge.

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Post   Posted: May 19, 2014 - 20:14 Reply with quote Back to top

Jail Break from the 7th plane of HELL
Bo 'Knows Blood Bowl' Jackson II leads the 3 Buccaneer Allstars down the winding passage, they are cautious but move with alacrity. The daemons of the 7th plane are searching for them.

"Come on man, we almost there, Iam getting winded bad." Yells outLarry 'Helm Crusher' Allen II from the back of their single file line.
"Oh, be quit you overweight slug. Bo has a plan and Iam getting the heck out of here." Says Andre 'Head Basher' Geroude II

"Dude I hope Bo's plan works. I have not smoked some good weed in ages. Now, I heard on the 4th plane they got some good stuff over there, whines Mark 'Legalize Mary Jane' Stepnowski II.

All the players stop and are looking at Mark who is standing there with a cigar in his mouth and giving them a innocent look and shrugs his shoulders. "Iam just saying."

"The plan is good guys. I got this information from a guy who knows a guy and I trust it. It should be just ahead of us." Bo turns and starts running down the corridor.

The other 3 bucs just stand there for a moment looking at each other.

"Hey, he heard from a guy who heard it from some other guy, when has that ever backfired? This is a surefire plan man."

All 3 of them just put their heads down and charge after Bo.

They come to a stop right behind Bo who is standing in a archway, looking in. Before them is a large room. On the farside is a winding stairwell that leads to the 8th plane of hell. Of to their right they see a magical portal, inside the portal they can see what looks like a ale storehouse found in the cellar of every pub in the old world.

But what draws their attention is a pedestal with a goblet sitting on it.

"There it is! the magical goblet that holds the elixir of rebirth!!!" Yells out Bo.

"What da heck, the elixir of rebirth?"

"Yes, it is what FUMBBL uses to make their magical scrolls. It will bring us back to life and back in the game man!"

All 4 Buccaneer Allstar legends look to their left in unison and take a step back. NUFFLE himself appears before them. 15ft tall, in his right hand a mighty staff with the head of a rubix cube and in his left hand a bag full of dice.

"You have been banished to the RIP bin in the mortal world. You cannot drink the elixir inless Lord Christer alows it."

Bo looks up at NUFFLE and then turns around and gets the other 3 players in a huddle. They talk in hushed tones, looking at NUFFLE over their shoulders, he seems completly unconcerned. They all shake their heads in agreement and high five.
Bo approaches NUFFLE.

"Lord NUFFLE, master of luck and all the dicings. I appeal your dicing that laid me out against Coach Azure. It was a violation of the highest order of odds and statistics."

NUFFLE closes his eyes for a moment and then opens them again, with a big grin on his face.

"Ah, yes I remember that day now. It was on the magnitude of something like 750,000 to 1 odds on your death. Oh, that is one of my best of all time."

"Well, I think you owe me a chance. I call forth your champion and If I beat him myself and my 3 friends get to drink from the Elixir and pass through the portal to Altdorf. Do you have the "stones" NUFFLE?"

NUFFLE looks at Bo with a penetrating gaze, calculating the odds.

"Due to your legend status Bo and I feel just a tremor of remorse for that dicing I will let you challenge my Champion. I accept you wager."

The ground starts to shake and a few cobble stones fly down from the ceiling. Across the room looking at Bo is a larger version of NUFFLE. 40 Feet tall and all muslce. Both his hands are 6 sided dice and his head is in the shape of a D8. He lets out a mighty war cry and charges Bo.
Bo charges right back at him. The mighty Collosus of NUFFLE raises his arm and smashed the ground were Bo was standing, a deep crater is all that is left. Bo runs between his legs and with his might ST5 MB/PO smaskes his ankle.
The champion of NUFFLE staggers and then falls with a crash in the middle of the room. He is flinging around on the ground trying to swat Bo like a fly. But Bo is to fast and agile. He jumps on top of the Champion and races down his chest. The champion is raising his head looking for Bo.

Bo leaps in the air right at his head. He feels all the rage of that dicing, the desire to get back into the game, the desire to dismantle and destroy Doll House and his pent of fury comes flying out of him!!!!

He blitzes the Champions head. He takes on a -4DB block and laughs at it. Rolls a QUAD KAPOW!!!!! rolls a 12 AV break, double downs on the 12 injury check and then PILES ON for the 68 CAS CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Champions D8 head breaks apart into a thousand shards and blows up. Bo is flung across the room in the explosion and then regains his feet. Spits on the ground and looks at NUFFLE as he aproaches the Elixir with the other 3 Buccanner legendary All Stars.

NUFFLE is not pleased. His champion defeated, a dicing of highest order laid down on him. Bo and the Buccaneer all stars quaff the elixir and feel a tingling sensation as they once again return to mortal form.

"BO! You have humbled me and laid out a dicing of the highest magnitude. I will not let this go unchecked. I will call in my closest advisor, SPIRO, to decide if you have cheated me!!"

"Well whille you are off checking those odds me and my boys are headed off to the GLT and the Buccaneers and a date with destiny. The Buccaneers will rise up once again NUFFLE and lay you out."

NUFFLE starts to laugh.

"Oh, Bo, you puny mortal. You have just returned to normal form. Did you think the elixir was the same as a healing scroll?"

Bo and the other Bucs look at each other and then they erupt

"Bo you are a idiot man!"

"Bo what in the hell were you thinking?"

"Bo Iam going to kill you man!!!"

NUFFLE stands there and looks down at the mortals laughing and yucking it up.

"That is right Bo, you will return to the prime plane as a rookie chump. You must earn your SPP again and prove yourself. And all the time I will be looking over your shoulder. Ready to exact my revenge and give you another dicing of the highest magnitude and strike you down hard on the pitch. In fact Iam already contemplating what form of Dicing I should lay out, Thrown rock? Wizard lightning bolt? A nice combo of epic failness?"

"NUFFLE you bastard god this is all I got to say!"

Bo stands there and gives NUFFLE the double bird to his face. Turns and with the other 3 Buccaneer legendary allstars walk through the portal back to the prime plane.

NUFFLE watches them leave and starts to figure out how he is going to smite that Bo down, once again. Oh, this should be a fun little game to keep me amused for awhille.

The Blood Sea Buccaneers are ready to storm the GLT and show NUFFLE that he is a putz and finally unforlorn humanity.

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Post   Posted: May 19, 2014 - 21:43 Reply with quote Back to top

Awesome read! Let's see how the folks at the GLT in Altdorf react to the return of the former legends...

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Post   Posted: May 19, 2014 - 22:56 Reply with quote Back to top

Rabe wrote:
Awesome read! Let's see how the folks at the GLT in Altdorf react to the return of the former legends...

Buccaneer fan base is in a frenzy mode right now...They think the Buccaneers cannot be denied!!!!!!!!!

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Post   Posted: Aug 26, 2014 - 18:00 Reply with quote Back to top

The Buccaneer Hall of Legends inducts another member into its exclusive club of Awsome.

W 'Sweetness' Payton ascended to the lofty realm of Legend last night. Joing the ranks of the greatest Buccaneers of all time.

Johnny 'Blood Bowl' Manziel The only living legend of the Buccaneers was there to award Payton with the medal of Buccaneer Mega Awesomness. Once Manizel placed the medal around Payton's neck the fans in attendance went bonkers.

The Buccaneers AG5 freak ball handler/sacker/ball hawk has finally arrived on the squad. The fans have high hopes that Coach can surround Payton with some better talent as the squad as hit a rough patch on the CAS/SI front and the team is getting depleted at a alarming rate.

But that is a worry for the future...Today is all about Payton had his rise to legend!!! Can he make a run at Krikacks or Walkers records? Are the All Time #1 Rankings in trouble?

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Post   Posted: Aug 26, 2014 - 18:31 Reply with quote Back to top

Are we going to be seeing the Bucs in the Lustrian Challenge?


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Post   Posted: Aug 26, 2014 - 18:33
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NerdBird wrote:
Are we going to be seeing the Bucs in the Lustrian Challenge?

I doubt it. I think the Bucs had to give up their ship to pay off massive debts from Milford's Black Cup bets.


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Post   Posted: Aug 26, 2014 - 21:03 Reply with quote Back to top

NerdBird wrote:
Are we going to be seeing the Bucs in the Lustrian Challenge?

Buccaneers are already in Lustria, getting in some prep matches and will be ready to lock horns on the grid iron of destruction.

Heck, one of their deepest runs was in the FC a few years back...came in beat down at around 150TR...went to the final 32 before we got taken down.

But the LC is the tournament we want some revenge. Bucs blew into LC II main draw, and then proceeded to roll nothing but 1's and skulls at the climatic point of that tense match and blew our shot.

LC main draw match the Bucs spit the bit and blew their chances at destiny

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Post   Posted: Nov 04, 2014 - 07:55 Reply with quote Back to top

The skies darkened, black clouds that looked ominous rolled over the stadium, Gromstomp crosses the end line and green lightning strikes over the skies, rolling thunder shakes the ground.
Gromstomp 'Limb Render' ascends to LEGEND!!!!!! The Buccaneers 12th Legend player and 4th Legend Ogre.

Later that night after the festival of drinking was over, Gromstomp passes out in his bed. In his dreams he is walking down a long dirt road, crests a hill and before him is the Great Maw. Krikack the Avatar of destruction stands at the end of the road. Holding his two handed sword at the ready and waiting for Grom to approach.

Gromstomp approaches Krikack and keeps walking past him, pulled toward the edge of the Great Maw. Krikack falls in line behind him, gauging his worth, checking out his battle scars, deciding if he can "take" this new upstart, he feels confident.

Gromstomp approaches the edge of the Maw and peers in. Waits for a few moments that turns into minutes, he turns and looks at Krikack.
"What gives man, is something supposed to happen?"
Krikack looks annoyed and walks up to the edge of the Maw and peers in
"Hey down there, wake up man!!! Gromstomp is here, the new legend Ogre for the Buccaneers!"
After about 10 minutes and no response from the Maw, Krikack and Gromstomp sit down at the edge of the maw. Talking shop, trading some beer and just laughing it up about the Buccaneers and all their troubles.

Both of them are laughing and carrying on when the wind begins to pick up and a pressence can be felt in the maw.

"What in da heck are you two doing up there. Woke me up from my mid day nap!!! Numbskulls!!!"

Krikack and GRomstomp immediatly stand at attention at the edge of the maw

"Give me a break you two, standing there all proper and so forth, makes me want to puke. So Gromstomp you have finally ascended. I have been watching your carrer for some time now. I figured you would have been killed or had a DP to the "nads" and the Bucs would of retired your sorry ass.

So, what do you think Krikack? Does he have what it takes?"

Krikack looks Gromstomp over from head to toe.

"Well he is not big enough, he has no doubles or +ST. But his boots are covered in blood and guts. He seems to know how to lay out a good PileOn and he is agile, I will give him that. Not bad considering how bad CRaP gimped Ogres."

the immortal presence in the Great Maw lets out a gasp of disgust

"Yes, that damn CRP, gimped my children. No more natural doubles, screwed up skill ups and to boost a cost increase in TV!!!! It is a miracle that Gromstomp is standing there. I do like that he is the #1 all time fouling ogre for humanity. Should give him a nice shiny PaulHicks medal of achievment or some such.

But I got a better plan. Gromstomp I have decided that you will return to the mortal plane a paladin of the Great Maw. My first champion to remind those stupid humans and orcs that I have not left, not yet. You will stride forth on the Blood Bowl pitch and stomp the life forces out of every pixel you run across. You will guide the Buccaneers to glory and fame.

So I give you this. The shoulder guard of the Great Maw, wear it with pride and the symbols on the metal will show those puny mortals who you serve. May they piss in their britches and run to the hills when they see you. Anybody who stands their ground before you, crush them with spite and malice and if they are still twitching, give them the boot."

Out of the Maw a shiny shoulder guard fit for a Ogre comes flying out, clangs on the ground and spins around like a top, finally resting at the feet of Gromstomp. Krikack reaches over and helps Gromstomp put on the 90 LB guard and fixes it to his shoulder. Krikack bangs on it and gives it a nice dent.

"There you go Grom, I put the first dent into it for you, it is all broken in. It is time for you to leave but I will keep in touch and give them hell on the pitch."

Gromstomp wakes up in the morning, rubbing his eyes and grabbing a beer that was on his night stand. He looks around and over in the corner is the shoulder guard of the Maw with a nice dent in it.

Gromstomp smiles and lays back down to bed..he has a purpose now and is confident that he will sow a field of blood and destruction for the Maw.


Gromstomp rolls down hill with ball in hand for another touchdown

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Post   Posted: Jan 26, 2015 - 20:16 Reply with quote Back to top

** Copied from another post to record for all time **

Buccaneers fan base is shocked, some dismayed others saying it is about freaking time!!!


Blood Sea Buccaneers have traded away Gromstomp 'Limb Render' to Der Green Tide for a goblin and a undisclosed "favor". We have no idea what this favor is or what happened to the goblin. Once the goblin showed up at Buccaneers training camp he vanished. Furthermore we have no idea what "role" Gromstomp will be performing on the Tide, due to, well, according to the very strict rules of FUMBBL he cannot even play for them on the pitch.

It is a very strange move, for sure, but there is this sense of something very "fishy" going on between these two teams.


Gromstomp crests the hill overlooking the canyon of the Great Maw. He can see Krikack the Avatar of Destruction standing next to the Great Maw, having a discussion with the immortal presence that resides inside. He walks up with confidence to the Great Maw but he has a sense that this is very bad news indeed. Coming out of Krikacks hut are two of the biggest Ogres he has ever scene with a Ogre shaman. Yep, that sinking feeling in my gut is very bad news, he thinks to himself.

Krikack sees Gromstomp approaching and takes a step back from the Great Maw. Standing at attention, waiting for something.

*the immortal presence in the Maw is annoyed and disturbed**

"Gromstomp, you putz!! I just knew deep down that you were a chump. How you ever ascended to Legend is beyond me. Krikack here keeps telling me you just need some more time to get your groove on. Bah, to hell with that. You had 125+ games to prove yourself and you are lacking lad. Now do not take it very hard, not every Ogre has the mettle, skill and ferocity of Krikack and his lineage. You tried, I respect that, in fact Iam not just going to vaporize you as a bad after thought of disappointment and crushed dreams."

Gromstomp is very confused at this point, that sinking feeling in his gut is yelling at him to RUN!

"Grom, my boy, I have decided to trade you to Der Green Tide. A respectful goblin team with a coach with a golden tounge and he knows how to kiss some serious ass. Come forth you sniveling, low down gob."

Out of Krikacks hut The Great Gobo himself comes forth from the hut. Looking around at this confab of hulking ogres, a immortal presence in his midst who could vaporize him at any moment and looking around, no place to run and hide.

He gets on all fours, crawling towards the lip of the Great Maw, mumbling under his breath.

"Oh, stop that sniveling Great Gobo, you remind me of my former wife, always sniveling and cowering, crow a pair man."

With shaking knees and a quivering back bone The Great Gobo stands before a GOD.

"Ohsa grets one, Gretest of da Old Gods......."

"Oh,be quit you sniveling rodent. Most of the time I cannot understand you anyway. I have grown bored with your golden tounge. Here is Gromstomp, least of my champions but a God amongest your champions. Do with him as you will. But let me assure you, you greenskin stunty who I can sit on and smash into paste. He is still one of my champions, respect is due."

The Great Gobo thinks to himself. How can he sit on me? He is incorperal or some such, right? Is there even a God in that cavern? This could all be a trick to lure him in, take him out, end his life....he scans the horizon looking for a good place to run to.

"Trust me Great Gobo. I can manifest in any form. Take on your worst nightmare and then sit on you." The Great Gobo senses his presence in his mind and soul.

"You got to be kidding me, serious? Your greatest nightmare is getting killed by a goblin who is dressed up in drag, carrying a balloon in one hand and a troll sized dildo in the other?"

The Great Gobo turns purple in shame.

"Ok, that "tears" it. Iam about to blow you up into a billion atoms Great Gobo. Once again I will show great restraint. Our deal is done. You will take Gromstomp. I get a goblin cup bearer and that favor we discussed. When my agent shows up to collect on that favor, if you back out. Well lets just say there will be a goblin dressed in drag in your hut when you come back one night drunk."

The Ogre guards and the shaman stand around Gromstomp. The Shaman calls out a mighty spell. Gromstomp, the ogres and The Great Goblin vanish. Two seconds later a goblin, with a metal helmet, carrying a large golden goblet appears. He looks around and imediatly runs to Krikacks hut and ducks under the covers of his bed.

Krikack turns and looks at the Great Maw. "Are you &^%^#$ Bat $@%^@%@ INSANE!!!!"

"Yes, Kriakack, my genius maifests itself in insanity. I have a plan, a glorious plan. One that will rock the foundation of FUMBBL and that stupid Great Goblin will be the insturment of the rise of the greatest Ogre legend of all time! Come forth Krikack, we have much to plan and discuss."

Story to be continued in the forums with a glorious poll.

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Post   Posted: Feb 05, 2015 - 22:38 Reply with quote Back to top

** The epic tale reaches its conclusion **

** For those who missed the first part…read it >>>>> Part one of the epic tale of Gromstomp

After Gromstomp and the Great Gobo are whisked away, the Immortal presence in the Great Maw teleports Krikack to his inner sanctuary in the great canyon.

Krikack looks around and sees what seems like what humans would call a “man cave”. He has got a lazy boy recliner with a manticore head foot rest, right in front of his 40” crystal ball to watch all the Blood Bowl action across the world. He has a fully stocked bar in the corner, a nice fridge that is stocked with bachelor chow in it. Man this guy is living it up, Krikack thinks to himself.

The door opens and a man in his 40’s comes walking in. He is all decked out in his BSB gear and is sporting Hellbound themed fluffy slippers. He fills two large steins of beer and hands one to Krikack and sits down in his lazy boy.

“Well, what do you think of my man cave Krikack, really nice, huh?”

Krikack is just staring at him

“Yeah, Yeah, ok, here is the deal. When Iam off of work Krikack I take on this form, it relaxes me. I prefer to be a human since they are the one race that excels at what I like to do, which is nothing. They revel in doing nothing, I like that racial trait.”

“So here is the deal.” Krikack is still standing there with a bewildered look on his face

“I traded Gromstomp to the Great Gobo because I have a devious and cunning plan. Around 40,000 years ago the Slann race controlled around half the planet. They were full of themselves, blowing this up and blowing that up. Flying around in their machines with their lazers and bolters and orbital platforms of death. Oh, yeah, they thought they were the shit man. Then over time they got bored, their society went all soft and progressive. Then they de evolved, gave up technology as unfair to the rest of the world and now they live in swamps and are retrobates.

But some of their technology is still lingering around, buried over here and buried over there if you know where to look. Well I got wind that a group of gnomes have found one of their flying ships in the Moot. Buried under a hill. Well, their leader, Red Nose Frank is no ordinary gnome. Oh, no. Trained by a outcast dwarf his skills increased. That Dwarf must have been mad giving a gnome the knowledge of real engineering.

It turns out that Red Nose Frank can read the Slann engineering diagrams he found in that ship. In fact those stupid gnomes are actually building things. Rumor under the hills is they are taking the highest bid to create a thing called a Death Star. Iam not concerned about that but I am very concernd and want the titanium7 that they are forging. Metal un know to any one in the world, except for Red Nose Frank.”

Krikack finally comes out of it and takes a seat at the bar, pouring himself and the Immortal presence another round of beer.

“Your getting very long winded on telling me what this grand plan is.”

“Ah, there is the Krikack that I admire, straight forward, no details, a real bottom line type of guy. Well then shut up and drink your beer, which is actually my beer. Iam going to be as long winded as I want to be.

Now here is da plan, my man. I need the Great Gobo to raid Red Nose Frank’s workshop under those hills. Steal the titanium7 and give it to me, destroy all the engineering diagrams and he gets to keep what ever loot he can find. Gromstomp is going with them because he will be carrying around 200lbs of C4 explosives that I have around here from the Slann wars, all those years ago.”

“Hold on. Your devious and cunning plan revolves around Gromstomp following a troupe of Goblins lead by the Great Gobo to break into a gnomish workshop, under some hill in the Moot. Blow the joint up, steal the metal stuff, loot the place and most likely kill this Red Nose Frank dude?”

“In a nutshell, yes, but I do not like nutshells, I like long winded discussions over beer.”

Krikack looks at the immortal presence and finally gives in. Refills his beer and sits back for a very, very long detailed explanation of this cunning plan. He sits back and gives the Great Maw a nod.

“Good, now where did I leave off?”

“Gromstomp is needed because he will be carrying the 200lb satchel of C4. Which of course begs the question of why is he carrying 200lbs of C4 but Iam sure that will be answered at some point in the next 12 hours, proceed.”

“Thank you, you are most generous Krikack. Ok, I feel we need to start from the moment I came up with this devious plan.”

Krikack lets out a moan and rolls his eyes.
“What was that man? Rolling your eyes and making that moaning sound.”

“Oh, I moaned because I realized the beer was almost out. I was scanning the ceiling to see if you had a keg suspended from the ceiling.”

“What? who in the hell suspends kegs of beer from the ceiling?”

“Oh, the locals on some island I went to suspended their kegs from the ceiling in their huts. They said the kegs would not wash away in the monsoon season.”

“Do I look like some tribal idiot who lives in a hut?”

“Ah, no, It is just a habit of mine to check the ceiling to make sure there are no suspended kegs of beer.”

The Great Maw is looking at him like he could vaporize him with just his stare.

“Let me grab another keg from the storage locker, you keep telling me your devious plan while I work.”

“Much better, it is your job after all to take care of me. You are the Sentinel of the Great Maw after all.”

17 hours and 3 kegs have passed. The Great Maw finishes his detailed explanation on how this devious and cunning plan will work.

“Ok, any thoughts on the plan Krikack? Any “hole in the plan” I might of overlooked in my genius.”

Krikack looks at the Great Maw, in human form. Stands up and really thinks about what he is going to say, staggers a little and then lets if fly.

“That is the most idiotic plan ever devised in the universe.”

The Great Maw looks shocked, takes a large gulp of beer. Krikack lifts a finger for a moment of pause, reaches over to his note book and starts to read.

“During your long winded explanation of the “plan” I kept notes. Lets see, there are 187 moving parts in this plan. If even 1 or 2 of them go “sideways” this plan falls apart like a house of cards.”

The Great Maw is about to say something and Krikack heads him off with another raised finger of pause.

“I will randomly discuss one of these points in a logical manner.”

Krikack flips a few pages and points his stubby finger at moving part #106

“Lets see. One of the goblins in the Great Gobos service will gain entrance to the gnomish workshop by posing as a female gnomish prostitute and the front guard will open the doors to the workshop thinking he is going to have some fun.”

The Great Maw interrupts Krikacks train of thought.

“Yeah, I can see the flaw in that plan. Gnomes find Brownies to be the most attractive of all creatures. So we might have to find a brownie co conspirator.”

“NO!! there will not be a brownie co conspirator. Lets step back to square #1. You want to use Goblins to pull off the most devious plan ever, that has over 180 moving parts. Just let that sink in. My confidence in goblins is at this level. You see that old woman on the corner? Go mug her and take her purse. That is a 1 part plan. Goblins can handle that. They cannot handle a 4+ moving part plan. This is idiocy of the highest level!!!”

The Great Maw looks at Krikack with a smile on his face, a smile that says I know something you do not.

“Krikack, sit back down. The Great Gobo, well he is special, I know you find that hard to believe. He might just be the most devious Goblin to live in the last 8 years. Iam taking what you would call a leap of faith on the little guy. Plus his greed and thirst for power has no ends, which is why he will go along with this plan.

I can see you are very skeptical of this plan, so let me tell you what the end game is. Once I get my hands on the titanium7 Iam going to craft the most awesome and awe inspiring Blood Bowl gear that has ever been scene.

Teams will throw millions of crowns to me to forge their uniforms. Now, to present my new product to the Blood Bowl masses I will forge you a new BSB uniform from the Titanium7, Krikack.

Yes, I see that gleam in your eye. Iam sending you back into the game man. Back to your home with the Buccaneers and you will show the world that the future of Blood Bowl gear is now on the market.

Then with the death of that stupid gnome, Red Nose, I will have also saved the world from the gnomish machines of destruction that surely would have been unleashed on the world. Lets do this to save the world, although they are all ungrateful gits.”

Krikack has a stunned look on his face. Serious that is the end game? Finally he just shrugs, there is no point talking sense to this insane immortal presence who just so happens to be the God of the Ogre race.

“This is a great plan man. Iam all in and will help out in anyway I can.”

“I knew you would come around to my genius on the plan. Now we must discuss this with the Great Gobo himself. Krikack get my stuff, we are going on a road trip to see him in person.”

Now there might be some new viewers of the Buccaneers Forum thread and have no clue what all this Krikack stuff is all about.

Well go to the Buccaneers main page…scroll down the Hall of Legends and cry as you gaze at true Ogre greatness.

Blood Sea Buccaneers and the Hall of Legends

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It will be interesting how the Great Gobo responds to the appearance of the Great Maw and Krikack in his hut.

stay tuned for the continuation of the tale. From the Great Gobo himself.

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Excellent read Paintstate! You have a talent. And there is even a cautionary tale about laziness in there, sort of.
However you tricked us by calling it a conclusion, when it is but a middle!.. I look forward to the next instalment.

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”
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