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NBC News ~ Your #1 source for Northern Border Confederates news

On the eve of the CBBA’s return, It has been brought to our attention that the Bears of Urslo are putting the hard word on the CBBA administration to change their uniform colours to match those of our very own Confederates! (Brown and dark blue.)

We implore the league office to step in and either:

1) Deny this audacious request; or
2) Demand the Bears pay the sum of 500k to the Confederates to rent the colours for the upcoming season

The Northern Border Confederates may be a fledgling organisation yet to march onto a CBBA field, but we refuse to bow down and accept the brazen theft of our identity, lest of all from stinking, slovenly bear men.

The Bears can go bare for all we care!



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CBBA Chirpfeed - Tussock Moves to Erengrad

Coach Tussock will be packing his woolies as he heads to Erengrad after seizing the top job up in Yhetee land. The pride of kislev is on the line as they seek to make a name for themselves in the CBBA. #HarshNorth #Yhetees #CBBA #4Kislev

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Faulcon Lands in Wolfenburg?!
Debby Demonbreeder – Sports Reporter for the Altdorf Daily

Why? Why would the hottest remaining coach on the market, a proven CBBA commodity, go to the Bulls? Why would a Bowl Calibre coach want to take control of a team who’s last concern is winning the game?

Some believe that there is a master plan at work to turn the Bulls into a ball first team from behind the scenes. Still, it wouldn't explain the puzzling decision to let D_Arquebus walk. There's a ton of questions. It is a truly puzzling development.

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Coach Faulcon woke up in volatile and skittish Ostland with a splitting headache and tried to recall the events of the previous evening.

It all started well enough, an invitation to speak to some of the local recruits as a guest presenter. During the league hiatus any job was a good job, especially one as easy as this riding on the reputation built up in 2 highly successful seasons leading the Barak Varr University team. After that came the reception, with plenty of the local specialties, primarily alcoholic. And that was when it happened. The matter of a promise to take up a position in Wolfenburg if it came available in the future that he could not remember. The evidence was clear though, apparently during the drunken after party from the Red Ribbon Bowl between the Bulls and Anvils in season 2 where both Dwarven and Ostlander players had battled even harder (and far more seriously) at drinking each other under the table than they had on the pitch earlier and himself equally tanked he had scrawled his signature on a napkin. A napkin that an equally wasted member of the Wolfenburg University staff had scribbled the basic idea on. A napkin that was now presented before him. Apalled at the idea of remaining there and yet seeing no way out, coach Faulcon started to acclimatise immediately as he grabbed the nearest flagon and spent the rest of the night making reality less applicable.

As the memories crashed back in he dragged himself out of bed and reached for the nearby jug in an attempt to return to a state of blissful oblivion.

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A snippet from issue #1
The Panther Papers

The new coach Patdragon arrived at the college today and already has made wave of excitement and worry. He has completely disbanded the old team and requires everyone who wants a place to "re-apply" at the first tryout practice next week. What ever your background he is willing to accept you if you think your'e good enough. In an off brushing comment he mentioned "Only the best will do to come out on top." We hope he is right and this season he leads the Panthers to victory.

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Post   Posted: Jun 25, 2016 - 03:59
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Trantio Campus Weekly

Which Head Runs Diavoli?

by Peppe Bua

Mila Fiore Pisciotta
Assistant Coach - TRU Diavoli

With the rapid approach of Tilea's first season in the CBBA, fans are getting increasingly anxious about the apparent lack of organisation and preparation by team management. Yesterday I arranged an interview with Coach Remo Chiappa, but instead was ushered to meet the assistant coach Mila Fiore Pisciotta. This is a transcript of that interview:

Peppe: I was hoping to talk with Head Coach Remo. Where is this coach, nobody I have meet has ever seen him before?

Mila: That is not true. You have met me, I have seen Remo many times.

Peppe: But why has he not met with the public, the fans, journalists like me?

Mila: Remo is a busy man. You should know how much work it is to prepare a successful team. He has no time to meet the public, the fans will see him at home at the stadium, and you? Why you are just a Paper Boy, not even a real journalist.

Peppe: Can you tell us about his coaching background? How did he get the job? It seems to all here that he has no coaching achievements of note. How did he convince the University to appoint him to such an important position?

Mila: That is easy. If you were a real journalist you'd know all about the great achievements of Remo in the highly competitive Pirate League on Sartosa. But you are lazy and weak. Look at you, no muscle on your bones, and no doubt even less between your legs. You cannot play the game so you write about it. Pathetic!

Peppe: How did Remo get the job?

Mila: I told you it was easy. Remo is a great coach. I spoke to Signore Leo."

Peppe: Vice Chancellor Leopoldo Andaloro?

Mila: I spoke to Signore Leo, then I convince him. Then we smoked. Then I convince him again. After that he was convinced.

Peppe: So tell me about some of the more bizarre team appointments. Benito Triscari for example?

Mila: ...

Peppe: From Pavona... the back.... the halfling?

Mila: Ahha, Benni. Yes, the wee one, Benni. I like him, he makes me laugh. You rub his tummy and Nuffle is happy. Lucky see.

Peppe: What?! Couldn't that be a job for a mascot?

Mila: Don't be stupid. We have a mascot. Mira, is a very good mascot. Feed him fish before a game. If he eats it Nuffle is happy. Lucky see.

Peppe: And the Pisciotta triplets? Three unproven players from Sartosa. On their bio it says they are from the TRU School of Fisheries. But I have been unable to get official confirmation that TRU even has such a school. I've met one of them, I doubt he can even read.

Mila: Read? READ?? You are stupid. You say they cannot read, but you can't even tell bream from goatfish. You are the stupid one. Come in here and insult my boys? You are nothing. Take your pens and pencil and tiny manhood out of here. You don't know Blood Bowl, you don't know success, you are not fit to wear trousers let alone TRU colours. Paper Boy. Get OUT!

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MFC Trials Report - Winston "Owl" Peterson

Hello Eicheschatten University!
I, being the schools leading journalist (a prestigious job only given to the best students on campus and I am certainly one of them) have been assigned the task to report to you (the students) how the Mootland Fighting Cockerels trials went down and the most exciting news of all, who made the cut. Personally, I am quite the player myself. However my expertise should be put into journalism. But if I need to fill a space in the team I'll gladly do so.

It is an exciting year for the University. Not only has the now very popular course of card making been introduced but the very popular sport of Blood Bowl 7's has returned! Our university was never really good at it but coach Mushoomy disagrees and will guide us to a first win! Because he's dead serious about coaching a halfling sevens team, he put on a trial to find the best players and only the best players. He believes where the university went wrong last time was only letting everyday halflings into the team. But this season, he's looking for only the best of the best.

There were plenty of stand out events and players in try outs, including the schools top chef Liam "The Chopper" Daniels who was given Captaincy after chopping off William "Wanker" Trentenheimer's arm! It's not often you see such an event on the pitch and coach Mushoomy appreciated the effort Liam made to do such a thing. Another standout in trials was George "Wolf" Cameron, an exchange ogre student from Wolfenburg university. Yes an ogre! However, due to a freak incident where a wolf injured him he was crippled to the abilities of a halfling and yes, he is small enough of an ogre to have right stuff.

There were a few "not so great" players in try outs who got in too such as an exchange halfling from Guisoreux Hugo "The Frog" Miannay, who claims if he got into the team, he'd train to leap like a frog. Personally, with my bloodbowl expertise I think it's a brilliant idea! But coach Mushoomy states that a halfling should never leap. Regardless, he still put him through.

Now the moment you've been waiting for. The squad for this seasons Mootland Fighting Cockerels is...

Peter "Pepper" Polenski
George "Wolf" Cameron
Liam "The Chopper" Daniels (c)
Steve "Stompy" McGee
Louis "Speedy" Dashton
Odin "Lightning" Dashton
Franky "Ghost" Carrington
Hugo "The Frog" Miannay
Andrew "Griffon" Baker
Craig "Troll" Cook
Harry "Big Boy" Olman

Congratulations to all who got in and to the ones who didn't, halflings come and go in Blood Bowl. Even if you didn't get through trials there is always the off chance that you'll still play this season! Yes even you William "Wanker" Trentenheimer!

You can find out more about the team on their website (once it goes up)!

Yours truely, Winston "Owl" Peterson

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First press conference.

Coach Faulcon stumbled to the podium while draining the tankard in his hands and propped up by someone who had been sent to get him down there. All the chatter from the gathered reporters was giving him a headache so he took another swig before being nudged by the helper to respond to a question. Something or other about coaching philosophy?

Taking a deep breath he leaned forwards and spoke as deliberately as he could manage, "you hahve to pelay hthis game lidke sodbmoye just hit your mothger wtish oa twobf-iy-our".

That said he raised the tankard again before discovering it was empty then turned and dropped it as he lurched off in search of another drink.

Joined: May 29, 2011

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Erengrad University public statement on approaching CBBA season.

Yhetees. Great cold ogrish beasts. Remain difficult to encourage into college teams. Still, wrestling students are good, big, strong, not too slow, superb with taking down opposing players, also old wrestling coach with old bowl coach make capable assistants for new wrestling bowl coach.

Team has trained allowing classes and family duties, drinking moderated somewhat, cheer squad recovered from frostbite sufficiently, combined wrestling fans and bowl fans have much reduced fighting after suspensions for deaths. Season most promising. Will show weak imperials real meaning of struggle and resistance! Yes, more better than past.

New coach still very smiles, but time will fix. Additional patronage welcome. End of statement.


Joined: Dec 23, 2014

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Announcement From NC Manticores

The deals are signed (in blood of cause)
The souls are sealed
The starting line up is ready

Come what may from the Lord of Change
All blood is welcome for Khorne
Nurgle will take any offerings
But we must keep our secret play books and take the full pleasure of Winning

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CBBA Chirpfeed - Wolfpack Lead By Jevouse

The Wolfpack will feature in the upcoming CBBA season. The Wolfpack will draw big crowds in away games as worshipers of Ulric support the team accross the Empire. Jevouse will have his hands full with the great expectations of the team. #BattleforMiddenheim #HeartheHowl #CBBA

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Good news! With the news that the CBBA is being revived, the Falcons are now recruiting again! More specifically, they're looking for several... "Strong, sturdy men or women ready to train to one day stop the hordes of Vampires". According to our sources, the team has hired former Witch Hunter Wex to coach them. Looking at his coaching record, it's nothing too stellar, but certainly nothing to scoff at, though it seems that certain teams have been "Redacted"?

In any case, if you're willing to one day stand on the pitch against a horde of bloodthirsty, ravenous Vampires, please report to the pitch at 6 PM for trials this Friday. Our faculty would like to inform the students that should an insufficient number of students volunteer for trials, they will enforce Clause 37, which none of us want. So for all our sakes, any capable students, please report to the pitch at 6 PM this Friday.

Joined: Sep 12, 2014

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Friends, Packmates, Middenlanders! Too long have we sat and watched idly as the clowns in purple and green have capered around spoiling our martial city's reputation! Too long have we growled under our breaths as yet another soft skinned pansy fell down at the slightest nudge and disgraced the name of our glorious sport!! Today, with my appointment as Rudelfuehrer by the Ar-Ulric himself, may his axe always strike true and his fangs find the flesh of his enemies, these times of softness and peace are at an end! War! War! War! The Martial game will once again be played as it was intended, and the league shall once again know the hunger of the Winter Wolf!

-excerpt from the acceptance speech of Rudelfuehrer Jevouse, spoken in the feast hall of Ulric. Soon afterwards rioting erupted in the streets of Middenheim as White Wolf supporters took on the Harlequins'.

The Southern Survivalists League
La grande peur des bien-pensants. The end of an age...the beginning of another.

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A sneak peak - Winston "Owl" Peterson

Pssst! I was searching around the internet about the MFC for my upcoming Blood Bowl history assignment and look what I found! A website for the current Mootland Fighting Cockerels! Whoever made this put a lot of effort into it, and is oh so great. He wrote 44 paragraphs of player bios for Halflings that will most probably retire after a few games. Man, this guy is so cool.

But here you are folks. Just for you students at Eicheschatten University.

-The OFFICIAL MFC Journalist and Website designer,
Winston "Owl" Peterson

(Note: I am the website designer, but mushoomy was whom I interviewed about the players. Just clearing things up Smile Razz Laughing Smile Surprised Razz Wink )

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CBBA Chirpfeed - Wex's Falcons Round Out 20

It has all but been confirmed that we have the 20 schools who will be participating in the CBBA this season. We have not recieved official word from the CBBA yet but with the announcement of Wex as the Head Coach of the Falcons it looks like a certainty. #CBBA #PrepareforKickoff #Falcons

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