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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Mar 02, 2018 - 06:52
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ASC - Quarterfinal
Game 5: Daudy's Chaos "Public Service Announcement" Image

It's over. The SWL career of Freezy Trees is done.

There was the hope that I could repeat the antics of the Bob Borc Cup II quarters, and brought stars Helmut and Chaney along again, but it was not to be.

The players simply didn't turn up. Gox got injured (apoed), New Fish got KOed early (didn't come back), Helmut didn't last long (badly hurt), Chaney failed a dodge to score, the new hope One Fish (S4 guard runner) got broken, well his neck did anyway (-Ag)

And the star of last game? Clark, roared and roared and roared.

The highlight for me was after his S4 M8 Blodge freak did some Ag3 elf BS and collected the ball, One Fish blitzed him into Helmut who knocked him out.

After that the air slowly seeped out of the Freezy Trees balloon. Out with a whimper not a bang.

0-2 (2/0/0) - (1/1/0)

A shame, as Daudy is always a fun opponent. The screeds of blue text hasn't diminished since the first time I played him.

Feedback from the sidelines, what was the general vibe in he stands? much chatter?:
"Smegish wanted you both to entirely die, other than that just tussock trying to psychically channel the best odds to you and everyone laughing at Clark. Lost focus on spec chat through walls of daudy blue text in second half"

And that's one thing that's really cool about Fumbbl [L]eague. The community.

SWL Does it Better. I'll be back, with a new race and new lessons to learn.


Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Mar 23, 2018 - 23:40
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Well that was fun. 40 teams in the Season 71 draft, for the big SWL reset and BB16 seasons rules. Maximum of 3 of any race, and also a Rock/Paper/Scissors requirement (no more than 14 in any category).

Discord was frantic on the night. I was determined to try something new in the new season. A new play style that I hadn't really ventured into before. My draft list was the following:

#1 Wood Elf
#2 Dark Elf
#3 Elf
#4 Skaven
#5 Orc
#6 Chaos Dwarf
#7 Lizardman
#8 Ogre
rest unimportant

Yes, paper is what I wanted. I had a team theme all lined up and ready to go. But I needed the luck of the draw, and that didn't appear to be happening.

Throughout the live draw, coaches' names were pulled out of a hat and their selection announced. Some races filled up, but the RSP balance seemed to be maintained. Paper pulled ahead early which had me nervous, then dropped back.

Orcs, Chorfs filled up the 3 team quota. Lizards had 2 selected. Getting late in the draft and my name still hadn't been called. There was a real possibility that Paper could top out at 14, lizards could have a 3rd picked, then I'd be left with Ogres.

It took until the 35th coach before the first Wood Elf team was drawn. At that stage it was 11 paper: 11 rock: 12 scissors: 1 dynamite. And I was near s#!tting myself.

Coach #36: "ramchop got their 1st draft pick of Wood Elf"

Poor coach #40 cdwat. Also put all his eggs in the paper basket. Paper filled up at #39, he got his first Rock pick (7th on his list) - Dwarf.

Next is the division draw. Looks like 5 groups of 8 or more. All vying for that first Prem title in the following season. Can't wait!

Joined: Sep 14, 2015

Post   Posted: Mar 24, 2018 - 00:10 Reply with quote Back to top

Looking forwards to reading about your adventures in the all-new SWL rambo!

Woodies eh Very Happy


Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Mar 27, 2018 - 12:36
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I can't believe that team name hasn't been taken before. Well, I've got it now, and my arrogant Wood Elves intend to play it up.

First season since the reset, a level playing field, and I find myself in....

Ramchop's Chronicled Conference LXXI

That's sweet. SWL admin have named the 5 conferences after coaches outside the admin team who have done stuff for the League, and by the roll of the dice I ended up in my own division. Who else is there? (in order):

Image ☠Refreshingly Dead☠ (bigbullies)
Image [adult swim] (Tomay)
Image Wildwood Windlords (Sandune)
Image SWL Sentinels (cdwat)
Image Waaaaghton Redskins (Pyates16)
Image Cheasy Hardon Malaprops (jevouse)
Image Jötunheimr Yetis (Boriz)

A nice mix of bash and dash.

Season goals. There could be many goals: player survival, cash savings for the rebuy, an elusive 1TTD... but really there is only one goal this season. Make Prem LXXII

Two coaches with 5 Prem titles between them in this division, it won't be easy.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Mar 28, 2018 - 20:22
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Chronicled Conference LXXI
Game 1: bigbullies's Necromantic "☠Refreshingly Dead☠" Image

M7 S3 A4 A7. That's the statline of Freezy Trees' best player. Almost a SWL Legend (got there in the first game after the League ended). That's also the statline of the worst player in a Wood Elf team - the lineman. A whole team of New Fishes? This should be easy!

I have a lot to learn. There were glimpses of Elf BS. Came close to turning things around when things went bad. Dodges, long pass, leap, I can see how this could be fun. However, I was really undone by a few amateur positional errors. After turning the ball over I forgot about frenzy, and got surfed. Bloody wolves.

This is how to elf right....?


As part of the "Twice the Legend" theme, player bios play up the capabilities of the players. Captain and Thrower Kai Bollinger for example "could do what they did... with his eyes closed."

Linemen, being mere linemen, are better than their namesakes in less impressive ways:

player bio wrote:
Image Jetta (226spp) carried six injuries
Image Limelight (198spp) is dead

Jetta Limelight is in perfect health

Giant target on his back. Guess which player got -ag Very Happy

1-2 (1/0/0 - 3/1/0). 10k winnings, this could be a long season.

Joined: Mar 08, 2014

Post   Posted: Apr 01, 2018 - 00:07 Reply with quote Back to top

Hehe, welcome to wood elf fun Ramchop.

Thats not too bad start, only one badly injured...

Remember, you only need dancers, rest of them are sacrificial lambs (although, you do need them on field rather than on dugout).

Have fun.

- D

Joined: Sep 02, 2007

Post   Posted: Apr 01, 2018 - 10:29 Reply with quote Back to top

Disco Dan to have words to that upstart in jersey #1.

They see me Trollin', they hatin'...

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Apr 01, 2018 - 10:45
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feeling left out is he?

Joined: May 25, 2009

Post   Posted: Apr 01, 2018 - 10:46 Reply with quote Back to top

Foad wrote:
Disco Dan to have words to that upstart in jersey #1.

I’m pretty sure Disco Dan isn’t famous enough to get a mention in this team.

SWL the place to be.

If you're interested join the Fringe

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Apr 18, 2018 - 23:06
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Chronicled Conference LXXI
Game 2: Tomay's Orc "[adult swim]" Image

I am a conservative elf coach. That seemed to be the general consensus from the viewers in the stadium.

I think that's a pretty fair assessment of my game play this game. Tomay is no slouch, having previously won 3 prems with 3 different races. Options were to go full elf, loosen the straps, and hope Nuffle favours me. Or to ease into this elf machine, and try to play sensibly.

I'm pretty happy with how things went. Received and scored in turn 5, then somehow managed to hold the orcs out for their next 4 turns of the half. Loving the speed and dodging ability of these creatures.

Second half I tried the blitz one free, and dodge the rest back maneuvers that served me well in the first half. And this was working pretty well. However, it seemed inevitable that the green machine would simply rumble up for a tedious 1-1 draw.

So turn 12, with the orc cage 1 step past the half way line, I felt it was time to pull the trigger on this Leap thing:

T12 Blitz Leap 1D block, [BOTH DOWN] rr [PUSH]
T13 Blitz gfi 1D block [PUSH]
T14 Blitz Leap, fail
T15 Blitz 4+ dodge, 1D block [PUSH] rr [POW/PUSH] - SUCCESS
ball bounces to another orc blitzer 5+ catch [6]
T16 Orc scores

A more conservative elf coach might have tried to maintain the screen and not pull the trigger. A less conservative elf coach would have gone all in and swarmed the cage after pulling that Leap trigger. Still learning, but pretty happy with the draw.

1-1 (0/0/0 - 1/0/0)

Sh!t POWs are a scary thing on a war dancer. I was pretty fortunate on the cas and skulls front. At least I'll have an apo for the next game. Eventually though I'll face tackle and mighty blow - then the fear will really set in.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Apr 25, 2018 - 00:43
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Chronicled Conference LXXI
Game 3: Sandune's Wood Elf "Wildwood Windlords" Image

Eflball! Time to loosen the straps. Let's rack up the TDs and earn some cash for the next season rebuy. That was the plan.... it lasted about one turn.

Sandune's positional play was superb. I retreated into my shell and played the standard score on T8 stall. Stalling against Wood Elves, especially one with a strip ball leaper is worrisome, but I got there in the end. Half time 1-0

Sandune scored quickly in the second half (he knows how to elf), but burnt his only reroll early, so I was hopeful that in my next un-elfy grind I'd withstand the strippy onslaught and win.

Not to be. Turn 5 his dancer leapt in, 1D [PUSH]. Ball bounced over one of my men onto his lino in 2TZs who caught it. Well at least he doesn't have blodge. With my own stripper badly hurt by the tree it was down to the other dancer to have a crack. 1D [SKULL], rr, [SKULL]. uh oh.

The other elves screen up and canter toward the line. I can't stop this, unless he stalls. He didn't stall..... but he did go for it....


Crowd screams "THIS, is how you elf ball". Thanks crowd.

2-1 (3/0/0 - 1/2/1)

A very bloody game. Next round I enter the wonderful world of journeymen.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Apr 27, 2018 - 07:48
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Chronicled Conference LXXI
Game 4: cdwat's Elf "SWL Sentinels" Image

3-3, that's what cdwat's elves achieved against the other Woodies. Maybe it takes two to play elfball, had I found my dance partner?

Nope. Elves received and tied things up. In my most foolish move of the game I left my strip ball Dancer exposed, his tackler didn't hestiate, and suddenly I was down a strip ball Dancer for this game (and the next).

The closest I came to elfball was when pressed I blocked, dodged, ran, passed (to the Ag3 Jetta), gfi scored.

There were a few openings cdwat showed me during my final defence. However, shots fired at these openings (leap fail rr fail; dodge into cage fail rr success 1D block fail) simply didn't come off. In the end it was left to me to hope that his final moves' spp farming would fail. Ultimately, they didn't

1-2 (1/0/1 - 1/1/0)


Season over halfway through, and weird things are happening to my thinking. Long term strategy? What's that? Freezy Trees never looked further ahead than the next game.

BB16 Seasons. In 3 games time, at season's end I have to rebuy my whole team. Cash is useful for buying stuff. I have 130k in the bank, and swaying between two options:

1) Buy a catcher. Sod the Seasons rules! I need to train myself in the art of elfing, and I need a catcher for that. Worry about financial stuff later.

2) Live for tomorrow. Prem dreams look dashed for S72. Save that money, live frugally, avoid expensive mistakes and start the new season with that catcher (and maybe even a Tree!)

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: May 07, 2018 - 13:02
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Chronicled Conference LXXI
Game 5: Pyates16's Orc "Waaaaghton Redskins" Image

Down a war dancer (mng), I ended up buying that catcher before the game. 150k inducement, I'd need some magic to beat these orcs, so I got a Magic Card and two babes to encourage the inevitable procession of players in the KO bin back onto the field.

I received, rushed down the sideline and in a fairly good space to score in Turn 4. There were a few orc blitzers who could swing around and partially screen off my score...


...but no. Instead, in came the S4 blitzer, 5+ dodge into the sideline cage and into the crowd goes Dan Dan. KOed. Orcs secure the ball and grind up-field smashing anyone in their path.

Half time 0-1. Three badly hurt elves, and the only KO was the war dancer, and the babes didn't work!

As I set up my 7 elves to kick to the 11 orcs, I started to think about redrafting. I really don't know how to drive elves (/aah). Ball is collected by the S4 sure hands blitzer, cage and grind. This'll be fun.

Turn 12. 6 elves against the 11 orcs. S4 in the safety of the cage a mere 4 steps from scoring. Sod it! Let's try some BS.


Line elf dodges away and goes for it to cancel the assists that'd make it -3D. Then in comes the catcher! 5+ into the cage [2] dodge rr [6], -2D hit [POW/PUSH][POW]. YES!
Into the crowd please ball. YES!!
Big throw please crowd. [1][1] NO!!!


What to do? Ball surrounded by angry orcs and my catcher sure to be smashed into the crowd. So he keeps going. Onto the ball, dodge failed. Into the crowd please ball. YES!!
Big throw please crowd [4][2] Southeast YES!!
Another big throw please crowd [1][6] Southwest YES!!!

Ball in the clear, but these are Orcs not mummies, they're slow but not that slow. I get the ball, they smash it off me.

Turn 14, no rerolls, only 2 elves really in the picture:

Luke Grindhauler dodges and runs away.

Gone Off tries to elf:
Bonehead (from the hypno card that never worked) [3]
Dodge into 2 tzs 4+ [4]
Pick up in 2 tzs 4+ [6]
maybe more dice rolls could have got me in a better position, but instead I pinned all my hopes on 1 dice roll
No intercept
Pass, long bomb in 2 tzs 7+ [6] YES!!!

Orcs got 1 hit on the receiver, but a burnt rr on the gfi meant they couldn't rr the [SKULL][PUSH]. Elf runs away and scores.

There is no way in hell I deserved that, but shit it was fun.

1-1 (0/0/0 - 2/0/0)

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: May 17, 2018 - 09:13
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Chronicled Conference LXXI
Game 6: jevouse's Chaos Dwarf "Cheasy Hardon Malaprops" Image

Sitting in 7th, the relegation zone. I needed a draw to hop into the relative safety of 6th.

Drive 1: Elves receive, no dicking about, score Turn 2
Drive 2: Chorfs receive. Elves do the annoying thing of dodge away and screen. Worked really well until Turn 8. All that was needed was a couple of dodges and it'd become really difficult for the Bull to score. [1]

Halftime 1-1

Drive 3: Chorfs receive. Elves harrass, leaping stripper fails. Chorfs score
Drive 4: Elves receive, bit of dicking about, stall, score.
Drive 5: Chorfs receive, two turns to score. Elves screen. All that was needed was a single dodge from the thrower and it'd become near impossible for the Bull to score. [1]

GFI [4], Pass 3+ [6], Bull Catch 4+ [3] rr [5], Bull blitz [BothDown][POW], Dodge 4+ [4], GFI [6], GFI [6] - Score!

Even when I suffer no Cas I can't win
2 - 3 (0/0/0 - 0/0/0)

And to top it off my pitiful 20k winnings is wiped out by expensive mistakes. Sitting in 7th at 90k treasury.

Going into the final round the pressure is really on. Awesome - I love the big games!

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: May 20, 2018 - 00:09
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Chronicled Conference LXXI
Game 7: Boriz's Norse "Jötunheimr Yetis" Image

Norse! When I was norse playing wood elves, the game plan was a simple one: Smash the Elves! This norse team had an abundance of tackle, but no mighty blow.

First Drive - the norse received and the elf dodge and screen machine worked a treat. Half Time 0-0

Second Drive - Elves scored after leaping out of trouble against the sideline.

Third Drive - deep kick, a failed block before the norse pick up meant elves swarmed in. Got the ball then this...


<ramchop> this is interesting
<ramchop> i could skill my catcher
<ramchop> but if i skill my catcher, maybe i can't aford to rebuy my catcher
<Boriz> lol
<ramchop> i really want the tree
<Boriz> cut one of your block lineman for him
<Boriz> a more skilled catcher is surely better than a block lino
<ramchop> and he'll roll strenght just to spite me and make the tree impossible :)

I did the hand off and scored. Guess what the catcher rolled?

2 - 0 (6/0/0) - (0/0/0)


My season over. 2/2/3. Currently 6th but still a chance of being overtaken, finishing 7th and getting relegated. Then it's the interesting exercise of rebuying the team. That'll get a blog post all its own.
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