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The Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg is a weekly league for New Zealand based coaches. Coaches from elsewhere able to commit to NZ prime time (7pm - 9pm nzt) are also welcome.

Season 11 kicks off Sunday 21st January. Teams new to DIBBL can build up to 1500 TW (including treasury) with friendlies to prep for entry into the league. Can play anyone in competitive games (no all snotling teams), but cannot play the same team twice. So if you're interested, you have just under 2 weeks to get your team sorted.

One rule change is being brought in to close the gap slightly between established teams and newcomers. The treasury system is currently broken in League. No spiraling expenses, no expensive mistakes. This has meant the old timers have been able to build up massive cash reserves, so even if they get smashed they can replenish easily. Compare this to the 1500tv teams that come in with no cash at all.

Existing teams and returning teams who have not played friendlies since leaving the league:
No cap on TW. However if TV+treasury>2100k, then treasury must be cut to 100k
e.g. TW = 1950, treasury can be no more than 150k; TW = 2000, treasury can be no more than 100k; TW = 2500k treasury can be no more than 100k.
The treasury restriction is only for the first game of the season, treasury can grow freely throughout the season.

Previous seasons have seen 16 teams split over the two divisions. Top 3 of each qualify for the main finals. Structure of S11 will depend on numbers.

Players who have signed up:

ramchop:Image Transfusion Time Image
pdarbs: Image mountain gorillas Image
JPM: Image Roman Renegades Image
DustBunny: Image Back Alley Burglars Image
Foad: Image Injury Time!!!! Image
Wozzaa:Image Talabheim Timelords Image
tussock:Image Otago Spirit Image
mushoomy:Image Pitch Slap Image
OrcCleaver:Image or ImageImage
Sharper:Image Wild Ex-pacts Image
paradocks: Image Disregarded Derelicts Image
bigbullies:Image Crouching Saurus Hidden Skink Image
Jevouse:Image Overly Refined Image
PlantingLemur:Image Bonesfield Bakers Image
barberfett:Image Slaan Francisco 69ers Image
Geoffro: ImageNorse Code (probably) Image
DDAmAge112: Image Hauraki Horrors Image

That's 17. Awkward number.
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