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I check messages alot more often than I able to play, so the best way to know if I am actually online is to use IRC. Thanks.

23/06/11 My third FUMBBL birthday, with 1064 games played. A very healthy 354.66 games per year. (had i realised 1 more game would have made it a neat whole number I would have got it in :D) Target number of games to be played by my 4th birthday : 1460 (this will average at 1 game per day; not taking leap years into concideration)

24/06/2012 My fourth FUMBBL birthday (yesterday) saw me total just 3 shy of 1600 games. Aim for the coming year: 2000 games with my win score at 300-350. That said, I still aim to have fun first and worry about the result never.

23/06/2013 So after announcing I was off-line until I moved house I realised it was my 5th FUMBBL birthday so logged on :p Total games moves on to 2255 (409/287/1559) so it seems I hit my targets from last year. My hopes for next year are; to hit 3000 games; have more than 500 wins; be at less than 2200 lost games; to have completed more races grids in R, B and stunty. Win a Smack/RRR/lottery (more chance with the lottery!)

23/06/2014 Almost a year in the new house... time flies by so quickly!! 2664 (500/349/1815) is the game count. Will edit my hopes for the next year later... when I am actually meant to be logged in :p

24/06/2015 Whilst I had every intention of logging in yesterday my Grandson had other ideas! any how stats remain the same; 3044 (611/402/2031) Ranked grid is finished, played a couple more Stunty games and will be playing more Box throughout the coming year, although I doubt I will be playing as many games as I have been over the last 7 years.

25/06/2016 Couple of days late for this update but only 1 game played over the anniversary date. 3341 (682/445/2214) prediction was correct I played less than 300 games fortunately I have played sufficient games to maintain my 1 game per day average.

23/06/17 Just into 23rd of June but after 6 straight defeats I cannot see me playing again for a few days (not sour grapes just such swing in dice but I enjoyed the games though!) anyhoo update on the stats so I can look back and reminisce later... 729/481/2306 meaning I have had my least number of games in a given a year since joining way back in 2008, that said my yearly stats of 47/36/92 have resulted in my best annual performance since I started recording these things. Hopefully I will play a bit more this year as I would like to maintain my average 1 game per day and only playing 173 will soon put pay to that. With 271 Wins away from the 1000 I doubt that will be a reasonable target for the coming year but its one I will aim for. 500 draws would be nice to trip as well, whilst staying under 3500 loses would also be a positive for me.

17/06/2018 Ok so I am a week early for my annual review, I can always edit it if I go and play any games :P My record has moved on to 767/507/2388 for a yearly record low number of games (again!) of 146 (38/26/82), a whooping 27 less games this year. The bad news, for me is that my overall games per has dropped below 1 by being just 22 games short. Can I make a comeback with a year like 12/13? when I amassed a huge 658 games... probably but it will not be next year as I need to focus on my health and family far more than I have in the past. Thanks to everyone who makes this site what it is, especially Christer of course :)

Trying to fill the Ranked grid: Blog lists the last few games I need.

[22:46] <Chewie> Dalf - i don't -play Zons
[22:46] <Dalfort> :(
Edited for space and to remove none important posts
[22:48] <Chewie> however Dalf, you're cool, so link the team and i'll take a look. Which is more than i give to other Zon coaches.
[22:48] <Dalfort> thanks
[22:48] <Dalfort> may have to post that in my bio.... :D

[23:35] <Dalfort> wd with tackle gets normal second skill?
[23:35] <Dalfort> sorry dude
[23:35] <Shigurui> Hehe
[23:35] <Shigurui> Strip Ball for the dancer?
[23:36] <Shigurui> Or is that a waste?
[23:36] <eldritchfox> noooo
[23:36] <eldritchfox> sb is awesome
[23:36] <Dalfort> sb is very useful
[23:36] <Shigurui> I'll remember that from now on
[23:37] <Shigurui> I'm making a book called "Dalfort's tips"
[23:37] <Dalfort> hahahahahahahahahhaa
[23:37] <Shigurui> In it is "Foul Dalfort's war dancer into a living death"
[23:37] <Dalfort> thats going on my profile
[23:37] <Shigurui> lol
[23:37] <Shigurui> Fame at last!

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