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I originally played this game in the 1st edition (cardboard cut outs!), also the 2nd, returned after finding the Cyanide game on PC. After a while I appreciated the extra stuff you get on FUMBBL so here I am...

I'm often unavailable due to work and other commitments, so I have to treasure the occasional game! This is a great shame as Nuffle came to me in a dream and said I would win a Grand Slam of Majors :( To those of you who are interested he looks a bit like John Madden, except for the two heads. And fur. Oh and he's green. Maybe one day I'll have the time and a high tv team to fulfil my destiny ;)

Edit 7/12/13: Well, I just got to my first Major final, the FUMMBL Cup, and lost it in Overtime. On my opponent's last turn in normal time, I had ~ 68% chance of winning it (including overtime roll, assuming the toss would decide it). Ouch. So guess either a) there's another God and he's annoyed with me (sorry God. I do play wood elfs a lot too, and anyway lots of coaches have won with these devil-things?), or b) Nuffle is a git.

I'm a big skaven and wood elf fan, also like other agi teams. Think it's the buzz of 'will I score an amazing touchdown'/ 'get squashed into jelly'. I therefore like the tactical side and can take my time moving - though I do respect the 4 min rule. I also like the variety of strategies in the game, e.g. agility vs bash is always interesting. However I dislike ClawPOMB when overused, which I think is boring, and a bit overpowered in long leagues (although not in other formats. Just boring sometimes when every other coach is playing the same one-trick tactic. Yawn). Still, nothing is better than beating a boring ClawPOMB squad with a few surviving elfs/skaven!

Another thing I like is teams with some thought and background behind them (hence a lot of fluff on my teams!). Yes you shouldn't get too attached to your players - especially skaven and elfs - but it can add to the fun and humour behind Blood Bowl.

Best/most disturbing quote heard online so far:

> Damn, my girlfriend just pulled up in the drive
> The most I can hope for is a pair of underpants


Shraaaag's excellent FUMMBL scripts: http://www.pvv.ntnu.no/~brill/fumbbl/ (thanks Shraaaag!)

Highest CR: 175.95
Highest Rank: 5
Highest Skaven Ranking (Overall): 1st (176.93, 4/3/18)

NAF Tournaments
Welsh Open 2015: 10/50 (Skaven)
Albion Coast Cup XI: 6/32 (Wood Elf)
Exebowl II: 9/30 (Wood Elf)
Albion Coast Trophy III: 1/28 (Wood Elf)
Bubba Bowl III: 6/34 (Skaven)
Auld World Masters II: 5/26 (Human)
Albion Coast Cup XII: 3/18 (Skaven)
Exebowl 3: 13/40 (Wood Elf)
Albion Coast Trophy IV: 15/26 (Wood Elf)
Welsh Open 2017: 2/46 (Norse)
SAWBBowl 1: 17/56 (Skaven)
Auld World Masters III: 14/40 (Lizardman)
Exebowl 4: 4/28 (Slann)
Welsh Open 2018 34/50 (Wood Elf. I think there was one on the pitch XD)
Auld World Masters IV 5/34 (Undead)
Manticore Mug 2018 18/26 (Nurgle, Vampire, Skaven)
Exebowl 5: 1/17 (Lizardmen)
Bubba Bowl VI: 11/36 (Skaven)
SAWBBowl 3: 1/49 (Undead)