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<-- A slightly more up to date picture now! Though no hat. Sorry. Also, I now have short hair anyway, so it's still not very up to date. I'm not sorry about this though. Sorry.


The Great Zaganza Says

You are very fat and stupid and persistently wear a ridiculous hat which you should be ashamed of.

Synn is my new master

I used to be at university, studying Mathematics and Calculus. I was unsure about what I would do afterwards, but hoped that when the zombie apocalypse came, I would be deciding who to save.

Please try to contact me for a game through chat. If I'm not there it means one of two things:
1. I have had to leave very suddenly (either connection problem, laptop power failure etc) and so I couldn't log out of GameFinder (this happens very rarely) and I apologise for this inconvenience.
2. Far more likely, I am just about to log into chat. Wait a moment for me. Maybe have a look around the room and try and notice something you hadn't really taken notice of before. Go and find a banana to eat. Run around the house and check how everyone else is doing. If you are in so much of a hurry, then just challenge someone else.

Challenge me with whatever you like, I'm normally pretty easy going about match-ups. I don't accept everything though... :P

I don't play too seriously, but equally I do enjoy winning. If you are better than me, feel free to give me advice on my gameplay, team building etc. I will listen. I may take action based on your advice, but don't be offended if I don't. I play in my own way because I enjoy it. :)

I try to accept any offer that I think is reasonably fair (and looks fun/interesting), and if I make you an offer it is because I think it is fair. Also I may decline an offer that I don't think looks much fun for me. Feel free to make up your own mind about whether this makes me a cherry picker, and if you have any great insight into this feel free to message me with your findings. Or, better still, don't.

I once thought I was the noobiest noob that ever noobed but now I worship PeteW.

My favourite player (of someone else's) so far:
I foul Mummies with -3 assists

Spoony wuv dance!




<forrest_gump|1000> seems hoggy is useful for something afterall though :)

<krytie> he could play on MY team :p
<Hogshine> Hehe
<Hogshine> You can have him!
<Hogshine> Stealing MVPs from the more important players...
<krytie> russo's mother.? everyone already has :D

<Chewie> my god, watching silly and hoggy is like watching those late night phone line adverts or summat

<;@Angie> can we have less of the raping...

* SillyReader soon will be able to "suprise" hoggy in real life anyway
<SillyReader> :{D
* Hogshine is looking forward to it!
<Astarael> You really should be looking backwards
<Hogshine> lol
<Hogshine> Nah, I like the surprise... :P
<SillyReader> that would spoil the suprise

<Gromrilram> shake shake shake.... shakeshakeshake... shake your mooobies... shake your mooooooooooobier
<hungaryray> LOL
* Hogshine shakes hungaryray's moobies
<hungaryray> gromril, you are teh awesome
<hungaryray> hogshine, you are teh sexeh

<;@BowlBot> *** Thriller Princes 0 vs 2 Resivoir Hogs ***
<Hogshine> RESIVOIR HOGS!!!!
<Hogshine> YIPPEEE!!
<shadow46x2> wow
<shadow46x2> ....
<TheSpoonyBard> would be much more clever if he'd spelled 'reservoir' right
<Hogshine> True
<Hogshine> But I'm in that team
<shadow46x2> i've seen some hideous spelling before, but i think that takes the cake
<Hogshine> So watch what you say ;)
<Synn|Pro|Elite> hehhe
<TheSpoonyBard> I'm half tempted to make a team called the reservoir hogs now
<Synn|Pro|Elite> thats a funny one
<TheSpoonyBard> just so it would be spelled right
<Synn|Pro|Elite> please do spoony
<Synn|Pro|Elite> :D
<shadow46x2> i think you should
<shadow46x2> then you can play the resivoir hogs
<shadow46x2> slaughter the team
<shadow46x2> force them to retire
<shadow46x2> and be the one and only...
<shadow46x2> kinda like highlander
<shadow46x2> with just as much suck
<Hogshine> lol
<LicentiousHamster> There can only be one... pig?
<Hogshine> You're not allowed to kill Hogshine on that team tho
<TheSpoonyBard> :/
<Hogshine> Otherwise I'll hunt you down with my halflings
<pigstar-69|ex|pro> me pig
<pigstar-69|ex|pro> yo hog
<Hogshine> Why didn't hogshine do anything in that game?
<pigstar-69|ex|pro> he is rubbish
<Synn|Pro|Elite> cos he sucks

* Hogshine hates Jesus (but only when PeteW's not watching)
<PeteW> Oi!
<Hogshine> aw...
<KingSnakeeyes> busted
* Hogshine runs
<TheSpoonyBard> hey pete!
<TheSpoonyBard> jesus was gay!

<Hogshine> I agree, but if anyone wants to impersonate me, feel free. Just don't get me banned...
*** Ameranth changed nick to ShinyHog
*** shadow46x2 changed nick to Hogshine-
<TheSpoonyBard> you can't be serious
<Synn> i think the context here is important
<Hogshine-> hi i'm hoggy
<Hogshine-> i have an unhealthy obsession with synn's naked bits
<Hogshine> Hi Hoggy
<Hogshine> Oooh, me too!!
<ShinyHog> damn timelimit on nick changes
<Hogshine-> https://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&team_id=423979 <--
* Hogshine wonders if Hogshine- wants to meet up sometime
<Hogshine-> and i look like harry potter

* @PeteW distributes hoggy's body parts around the field
<;@PeteW> time to feed my daughter!

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