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Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
I've been playing Blood Bowl since 1994, when I found by chance a second edition box in a model shop of my city. Love at first sight: the concept of fantasy races playing a twisted and crazy parody of American football was freaking awesome! In 1995 I bought the third edition box.
I like more or less to play all the teams, but I prefer the agile ones for their creative, unpredictable, dynamic game style. Khemri Tomb Kings are my favourite bash team because it requires brain, good positioning and it's unforgiving.

My gaming ethics
- I don't play in Ranked because choosing opponents and races is uncompatible with a competitive division;
- I time out at 4 minutes unless my opponent informs me he's experiencing issues;
- All my teams have at least 2 team re-rolls and Apothecary if allowed;
- I have no more than 1 team per race;
- I don't cycle teams;
- I don't activate only high TV teams because this makes big TV gap matches less likely;
- I never concede.

Best Coach Ranking: 178.04
Best Coach Standing: 2
Best Win Percentage: 66%

Top 1 TV gap match: 1170
Top 2 TV gap match: 740

★ Hall of Fame ★

Nabuk (dead), 81 matches


Hyppolita (dead), 90 matches

Morten (dead), 106 matches

Ochaloq (retired), 83 matches

Narin (retired), 68 matches


Bukir (retired), 94 matches

Spitch (retired), 50 matches




Box grid filled with: Amazons; Elven Union; High Elves; Shambling Undead; Slann; Vampires.
Pearls of wisdom
- When you're winning play conservative. When you're losing or when failure doesn't matter play high risk high reward.
- Try to have the right players in the right place.
- The actions you don't try have 0 chance of happening: no guts, no glory! Audentes fortuna iuvat.
- When you lose try not to blame dice, instead focus on your mistakes and on what you could have done not to lose.
- The best remedy for bad luck is playing more games.
- Generally the lower a player's cost is, the less return you have on skilling him up.
- Coach plans, Nuffle laughs. Even the best plan can fail.
- Concession is for the weak. Conceders lose in shame.
- Sometimes you are not playing against a coach, but the dice and/or super skilled players.
- Simple rule for the Box: win the current game, and build only for the next one.
- Never take Sneaky Git.
- If one of the teams is bashier, almost always receive; if both teams are bashy, receive; if both teams are agile, kick; vs Vampires, kick; with Sweltering Heat receive; with Blizzard vs a team with one turner receive.
My house rules
- No characteristic may be increased by more than 1 point over its starting value;
- Claw: treats AV 9 and 10 as AV 8;
- Disturbing Presence and Foul Appearance merged into a single skill;
- Very Long Legs: works as now, but it adds +MA as well;
- GFI: first square requires 2+, second square 3+, third square 4+;
- Wild Animal: the player requires 2+ to Block or Blitz and 3+ to perform all the other Actions;
- Sure Hands can be taken as General or Agility skill (little buff to Stunty players);
- 10 TV skill/stat discount for Stunty players;
- Bitten Thralls are Knocked Out with 8+ (no more Badly Hurt by bite);
- Every failed KO recovery roll gives a +1 stacking modifier to the next recovery roll of that player. To remind it on TT, miniature lying face down in KO box: 4+; lying face up in KO box: 3+; standing in KO box: 2+;
- Sweltering Heat: exhausted players can be set up but they have Loner until the next kick off (then every player on the pitch at the end of a drive must test to see if they will be affected in the next drive) or Sweltering Heat ends; Loner skill doesn't stack;
- Perfect Defence: like Quick Snap, but for the kicking team (at least 3 defending players must be on the LOS after the free move);
- High Kick: further -1 to catch the ball if kicked by a player with Kick skill (Kick-Off Return cancels the Kick malus);
- Blitz!: the kicking team's coach rolls a D6 and adds +1 if he has not been ejected by referee and +1 for each
assistant coach and cheerleader, the total is the number of players allowed to perform the free turn;
- Throw a Rock: the target player is Placed Prone and an Armour roll is made: if Armour is broken then roll for injury;
- Pitch Invasion: the affected players are Placed Prone;
- MVP: After a match D6 SPPs are assigned randomly to a player who gained 1 or more SPPs in the match. After the D6 SPPs have been assigned, every non-Legend player earns 1 SPP.