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Necromantic Horror
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Necromantic Horror
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High Elf
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Back in 2011 a friend said to me "have you heard of Fumbbl?" years later I'm still hooked. I take occasional breaks (BB can be incredibly frustrating) but always come back for more. I will warn you now, dice annoy me and if I feel they are being unfair I will complain about it. It isn't a dig at you, I just need to vent :-)

Highest ever coach rank = 176.58

On 20/04/17

Highest ever coach standing = 6 (Legend)

On 20/04/17

Proudest Fumbbl moment:

Beating EndZone -No.1 ranked on Fumbbl at the time (20/05/2013). Goes to show never give in and Nuffle may just smile on you

Living Legends:

Ebhirs Starwanderer - High Elf Catcher - Phoenix Guard Griffins (R)
Lucas Von Doom - Vampire - Bhagar Bloodsuckers (R)
Alexander Ghoulblade - Vampire - Transylvanian Tyrantz (R)
Vilder Snakecrypt - Vampire - Transylvanian Tyrantz (R)
Vigoth Coldbane - Vampire - Transylanian Tyrantz (R)
Ragaon Silvertraveller - Pro Elf Catcher - Shadowmoon Stormrage (R)
Jericho Warlock - Human Catcher - Altdorf Assailers (R)
Wolverine - Necro Werewolf- X.Men: Children of the Atom (R)
Throatripper - Necro Werewolf- .The Dead of Night (B)
Hellion Veinlash- Necro Werewolf- - High Pass Howlers (B)
Udorsatn Lancehunter- High Elf Blitzer- Dragonwake Dashers (R)
Idahubh Stargleam- High Elf Catcher- Dragonwake Dashers (R)
Luhalend Skyprayer- High Elf Catcher- Dragonwake Dashers (R)
Psylocke III- Necro Ghoul- X.Men: Children of the Atom (R)
Snab the Lethal- Skaven Rat Ogre- Hell Pit Husslers (R)
Fadereek Throttle- Skaven Gutter Runner- Hell Pit Husslers (R)
Tag Bonegrinder- Ogre- Great Maw Murderers (R)
Kazelt Gobsmasher- Ogre- Great Maw Murderers (R)

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