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Original DP OG in the LRB.... won the WO for the LoA. Put the 'FU' in Fumbbl.

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<The_Provocateur> As spiro said "The Luckometer lies like blind dog with broken legs"
<The_Provocateur> I miss spiro
<The_Provocateur> even though I've never played vs. him
<The_Provocateur> fumbbl suffered a grave loss that day
<The_Provocateur> he had the shiniest tin foil hat

<;@Woodstock> I guess you never been to amsterdam...
<;@Woodstock> left side whores, right side drugs.
<Synn> sounds like how i organize my closet

<;@Woodstock> so synn, who was it that was a techno legend?
<Kryten> richie hawtin
* Synn points at Kryten
<Synn> that guy has done drugs
<;@Woodstock> lol

<C3I2> dont BJs get you banned in this channel?
<Synn> depends on how good you are at it
<Masterplan32> hehe yeah
<Synn> you see pizzamogul?
<Synn> he is still here
<Synn> you see shadow46x2?
<Synn> get the point?
<Masterplan32> :o
<Synn> errr....
<Synn> don't you think that is a bad emoticon there Masterplan32?

<;@Kryten> today I noticed that my "Admin" folder in the PMs crossed 1000 threads
<Gromrilram> you typed threats wrong
<;@Kryten> :P

<Daudy> hah
<Daudy> the pittsburgh 49ers game
<Daudy> power outage
<Nightbird> lol
<Daudy> Perfect opportunity to streak the field
<Daudy> Ironic it's at a place named Candlestick park

<;@BowlBot> Processing round.
<;@BowlBot> Found 5 coaches.
<;@BowlBot> - Garnak vs neophyte (Necromantic 1690 vs 1760 Chaos) @960
<;@BowlBot> - poundfist vs rackam (Chaos 1100 vs 1060 Necromantic) @936
<;@BowlBot> Scheduled 2 matches
<;@BowlBot> Not scheduled: Synn
<Synn> pwnt! :(
<Garnak> lol
<Synn> i like to think that bowlbot is at least all like "its business..... not pleasure Synn"
<Synn> as opposed to sending me msgs saying <Bowlbot> I banged your mother
* magistern (~magistern@188-222-38-217.zone13.bethere.co.uk) has joined #FumbblBlackbox
<Garnak> well Synn... at least the bot sent a message
<;@BowlBot> *** Five minutes until the draw. Please activate if you want to participate.
* divino77 (thedevil@ Quit (Quit)
<;@BowlBot> Processing round.
<;@BowlBot> Found 2 coaches.
<;@BowlBot> Not enough coaches to start.
<Synn> pwnt again!
<Synn> grrr
<Flashback13> <Bowlbot> I banged your mother

<Ro> where were you when i needed you
<pizzamogul> you needed me?
<pizzamogul> sex advice again?
<Ro> yes
<pizzamogul> i told you
<pizzamogul> just put it in the pooper
<Ro> actually it was elf advice
<Ro> but thanks
<pizzamogul> works for elves too

<turboraton> oi spoony
<turboraton> whenn will be available?
<turboraton> i really want to but it
<;@TheSpoonyBard> it's available nao
<;@TheSpoonyBard> for 360 and PS3
<;@TheSpoonyBard> has been for months
<;@TheSpoonyBard> you could buy it if you weren't a poor third worlder :(
<turboraton> ill wait for the steam version
<;@TheSpoonyBard> yeah, that's easier than moving to a real country :/
<turboraton> :P

<Synn> NBA finals
<Synn> Lakers vs Celtics
<Synn> who do i root for?
<Jeffro> root for injuries
<Jeffro> ;)

<Miyuso> Question, does College Football have a salary cap?
<blizzt95> not in the SEC, it doesn't.

<Synn> video link
<shadow46x2> work
<Synn> oh..
<Synn> in that case...
<shadow46x2> die
<Synn> :)
<shadow46x2> lol

<;@BowlBot> \o/ Concession \o/ *** Ratlanta Fowlkids 0 vs 2 RedWood Warriors Revenge ***
<;@BowlBot> \o/ Concession \o/ *** Interview with me 0 vs 1 Wood Smokers ***
<;@BowlBot> \o/ Concession \o/ *** Darlo GW Legends 0 vs 1 Back to Back ***
<Britnoth> ....
<Apojar> keep 'em comin'
<Synn> that is impressive
<Britnoth> has france bb closed and they all came here?
<Britnoth> :)

<rooster08> help?
<rooster08> what does morleys revenge do?
<TheSpoonyBard> apparently forces you to read the rulebook
<HooliganTuesday> lol

In case anyone wonders why I love shadow.....
<;@shadow46x2> but frankly, i'm sick of all these stupid whine fests about "oh the RNG is out to get me, blah blah blah" when the fact of the matter is, you suck as a coach, and you need to worry more about learning better tactics, instead of blaming an inanimate object for your failures

<;@shadow46x2> has anyone noticed
<;@shadow46x2> ....the censorbot is gone?
<;@TheSpoonyBard> yarr
<;@Meech> not really
<;@Meech> there is still some #$^%* in main booting people

<;@Texan> :/
<;@Texan> so, my father is a traditional Texan
<;@Texan> the one time he visits me in Portland it is gay pride week
<;@Texan> he is eating seafood downtown when the all-nude gay pride men's parade rolls by
<;@Texan> \o/

<Sttucker13> I made the mistake of making a comment along the lines of "I like my women like I like my wine, aged 12 years and never opened" over the phone while in line at the grocery store

<EggShapedAubergine> i'm liquid inside
<Ro> you will be when im done
<Ro> :P

<;@paulIG> <blu> why has the troll dp^^
<;@paulIG> <paulhicks> he has leap too :D
<;@paulIG> <paulhicks> and 499 fouls to his name so far
<;@paulIG> <blu> omg
<;@shadow46x2> jesus christ you find the ripe ones

<;@Manbush> hey there killers :)
<;@paulhicks> howdy bushy
<;@Manbush> hey Paul!
<;@paulhicks> guess what.....!
<;@Manbush> your testicles grew back?
<;@paulhicks> nah but my missus let me look at them for 5 minutes
<;@Manbush> LOL
<;@Manbush> she held your belly aside for ya?

<;@Meech> awesome
<;@Meech> My daughter is sick and wheezing
<;@Meech> may have a fever
<;@TheSpoonyBard> \o/
<;@TheSpoonyBard> it's ades
<;@Meech> so I better bundle her up so we can get to Walmart
<;@Meech> so i can get CoD5
<;@TheSpoonyBard> nice to see you have your priorities straight
* @Meech accepts his Daddeh of the Year award
<;@TheSpoonyBard> you can always get another kid
<;@TheSpoonyBard> CoD is moar important
<;@Meech> This kid is cool, she thinks Jesus loves her because Barbie tells her so
<;@Meech> I think I will keep this one

<Synn> be thankful i didn't advise just making a new account
<Synn> ;)
<Gromrilram> no
<soerenkepler> lol
<paulhicks> hehe
<Gromrilram> YOU be thankful you didnt
<pythrr> just one? why one when you can have three?
* Layla (~Layla@74-46-208-41.dsl1.chtw.wv.frontiernet.net) has joined #Fumbbl
<paulhicks> speaking of nw accounts...
* Layla (~Layla@74-46-208-41.dsl1.chtw.wv.frontiernet.net) Quit (Quit)

<svirrusdickus> but fisted means nothing offensive. not more than "i jsut won over you"
<svirrusdickus> well i dont mean it in its real meaning. its more a figure of speech
<svirrusdickus> a inside joke
<HolyG> I bet he loves it..
<Synn> LOL
<TexMurphy> surely its "inside"
<DukeTyrion> lol
<TexMurphy> lol
<DukeTyrion> inside joke
<DukeTyrion> lol

<;@shadow46x2> just look forward to something nice :-D
<;@Synn> thats a relief
<;@Synn> usually around you....
<;@Synn> i have to look backward
<;@Synn> :D

<DreadClaw> wanna chance at the apo? ;)
<Synn> haha
<Synn> yes
<Synn> but bear in mind
<Synn> last time you asked that
<Synn> a[poth failed
<DreadClaw> i'll try to satisfy your need then
Select an action for Quela
Foul selected.
Quela fouls Nasty Nasty Naama. (6, 3) +5
(6, 5) + 0, 6: Nasty Nasty Naama has been KILLED!!
IGMEOY Roll = 4
Move ended for Quela
(1) Apothecary FAILS!
<Synn> \o/
<Synn> \o/
<DreadClaw> \o/
<Synn> hahahhah
<DreadClaw> LAUGH
<DreadClaw> LOL!
<Synn> so worth it
<Synn> hold on
<DreadClaw> i'm still laughing
<Synn> this is bio time

<Albator2001> where is naama?
<Albator2001> is he affraid or what?
<morehouse> torturing a small child in his basement
<morehouse> to get in the mood to play you

<;@SneakyFox> robitussin is a cold medicine?
<;@SneakyFox> "Some Robitussin medicines have been taken in high doses by recreational drug users for their dextromethorphan, which has dissociative effects (sometimes colloquially known as a "robotrip'")."
<;@morehouse> \o/
<;@SneakyFox> are you a recreational drug user?
<;@morehouse> no
<;@morehouse> im a proffessional

<Sorenfrey> another question: I roll 4+2 to on a skill roll for a human catcher and I can't choose normal skills, why is this?
<Sorenfrey> block is a normal skill right?
<Synn> yes
<Sorenfrey> then why?
<Synn> ummmm
<Synn> possibly because you are blind
<Synn> what skills do you see?
<Sorenfrey> skills: dp, diving catch, diving tackle,
<Russo|Elite> Block is a general skill but catxchers can take general
<Synn> omg
<Synn> this is great
<Synn> umm
<Synn> Sorenfrey
* Lineman415 has quit IRC (Quit)
<Synn> you are looking for Block
<Synn> right?
<Sorenfrey> yup
<Plorg> scroll up
<Synn> do you think.,..
<Synn> perhaps
<Synn> that the fact that he already has block
<Synn> may be why you can't see it
<Synn> :D
<Sorenfrey> ahem
<Russo|Elite> hehehe
<Synn> http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=4845906
* Krypton has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Sorenfrey> could it be that I'm an idiot?
<Sorenfrey> DOOOOOH
* Synn hands Sorenfrey a gun
<Russo|Elite> LOL
<Sorenfrey> thank you
<Sorenfrey> LOL
<Synn> :D
<Russo|Elite> public suicide
<Synn> i like you
<Petter> that was a good moment, thank you
* Candlejack hands Sorenfrey a medal
<Plorg> shadow was idle
<Plorg> be thankful

<shadow46x2> strip ball or PO imo
<PeteW> PO for britnoth
<shadow46x2> and use it religiously
<shadow46x2> which i'm sure you're familiar with
<shadow46x2> jesus boy
<PeteW> hehehe

<hasu|exp|vet|pro> synn would you care to beat me a bit?
<LicentiousHamster> Now THERE'S a question.
<Emphasy|pro|vet> :)

<Bergh|Leg> think i will go to bed
<Astarael> With?
<Bergh|Leg> myself stupid
<Bergh|Leg> hehe
<Bergh|Leg> i could have gotten company
<HamsterWitAnAxe> Your dog?
* pirigin has joined #Fumbbl
<Bergh|Leg> but i have sleeped with her the last 3 nights, and now i need som REAL sleep
<Aequitas> eww
<Synn-Legend> ....
* TheStrict has quit IRC (Quit)
<Bergh|Leg> no the dog
<Aequitas> poor dog :(
<Bergh|Leg> lol
<Bergh|Leg> NOT THE DOG
<HamsterWitAnAxe> Hahaha

<Synn|Vet2> ewwwww

<spads> synn, ate my team and i thanked him for it, i feel dirty inside

<Melmoth> how young?
<Synn> "dateline" young
<paulhicks> lol
* Peter_Thorpe has joined #Fumbbl
<Synn> not "shadow" young
<rostern> whos young
<Synn> speaking of dateline young
<Dogbarian> I guess we all were at some point. :)
* Warpork has joined #Fumbbl
<Synn> howdy Thorpe!
<Synn> :)

Foul selected.
Fledgling fouls Methadone. (3, 4) +5
DIRTY PLAYER skill used on injury roll.
(4, 6) + 2, 6: Methadone has been KILLED!!
IGMEOY Roll = 3
Move ended for Fledgling
<Synn> \o/
<Synn> god i love that sound
<Jxaing> i know
<Jxaing> you need a moment, or can i do my turn

* paulhicks strokes synn lovingly
<TheSpoonyBard> poor starbreeze
<TheSpoonyBard> :/
<Synn> lower dude
* groin has quit IRC (Quit)
* paulhicks cant get much lower
<pac> well timed quit there :)

<Synn> Reason #1 to NOT be an admin:
<Synn> <Drakh> marry me now, need you to sort my life out now :P
<Synn> <Synn> O_o
<Synn> <Ash> oO
<Synn> * Angie is not up for marraige
<Synn> <Drakh> ok just sex then?

<Dhaktokh> Synn BH:ed three rats in one turn, then he said:
<Dhaktokh> Ministry of Lahmia turn ended.
<Dhaktokh> <Synn> all BH
<Dhaktokh> <Synn> which is nice
<Dhaktokh> <SvenS> right.. =)

<Dhaktokh> <Synn> only one i will be overly pleased to see die...
<Dhaktokh> <Synn> is the rat ogre
<Dhaktokh> <Synn> again
<Dhaktokh> <Synn> :D
<Dhaktokh> <SvenS> not like my HEs
<Dhaktokh> <SvenS> hehe
<Dhaktokh> Select an action for Gornax the Huge
<Dhaktokh> (3) WILD ANIMAL roll passed.
<Dhaktokh> Blitz selected.
<Dhaktokh> DODGE BEFORE RE_ROLL: Gornax the Huge knocked over trying to dodge.
<Dhaktokh> TARGET: 4 --- ROLL: 1 + 0 = 1
<Dhaktokh> DODGE FINAL RESULT: Gornax the Huge
<Dhaktokh> TARGET: 4 --- ROLL: 1 + 0 = 1
<Dhaktokh> Gornax the Huge is knocked over.
<Dhaktokh> (4, 6) + 0, (5, 5) + 0, 6: Gornax the Huge has been KILLED!!
<Dhaktokh> A pack of Rats turn ended.
<Dhaktokh> <Synn> .....
<Dhaktokh> <SvenS> lol!
<Dhaktokh> <Synn> dude
<Dhaktokh> <Synn> i didn't do that
<Dhaktokh> for your bio! I laughed soooooo hard

<Synn> <Lewdgrip> hi
<Synn> <Synn> howdy
<Synn> <Lewdgrip> ur darkelves vs my dwarves ? ;)
<Synn> <Lewdgrip> http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&team_id=319031
<Synn> <Synn> http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&showstats=1&team_id=287125
<Synn> <Synn> http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&showstats=1&team_id=321928
<Synn> <Synn> what do you think?
<Synn> <Lewdgrip> they are not on gamefinder, but hmmmm.
<Synn> <Synn> no
<Synn> <Synn> i don't want to play them
<Synn> <Synn> i am pointing out that your elves have no balls
<Synn> <Synn> so why the hell would i play your dorfs with my elves?
<Synn> for shadow
<Runefang> <Lewdgrip> hi
<Runefang> <Runefang> hi
<Runefang> <Lewdgrip> ur woodies vs my dwarves?
<Runefang> <Lewdgrip> http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&team_id=319031
<Runefang> <Lewdgrip> :)
<Runefang> <Runefang> http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&showstats=1&team_id=287125
<Runefang> <Runefang> http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&showstats=1&team_id=321928
<Runefang> <Lewdgrip> like synn
<Runefang> <Lewdgrip> k gl
<Runefang> <Runefang> :P
<Runefang> thanks synn ;)
<Synn> \o/

<Smess> hired sibili again :)
<Synn> hehehe
<Smess> 2 sauri down, i can use him/her
<Smess> do lizzards have a sex actualy?
<Synn> i didn't cause a single foul cas
<Synn> they spawn
<Smess> don't wanna know
<Smess> ah right
<Synn> think of a bukkake in a fountain
<Synn> :D
<Smess> lol

* shadow46x2 has quit IRC (Read error: No route to host)
<pac> \o/
<pac> shadow's gone
<Prinz> PARTEH
<pac> now we can say nice things about him
<Prinz> LOL
<Mezir> lol
<Mezir> nice one
<pac> and he'll never know :)

<Nature_Warden> Synn
<Nature_Warden> ...Synn...
<Nature_Warden> I need some advice Synn
<toonook> so many things can go wrong after asking that
* Nature_Warden sits in the middle of the room and mews
<Synn> no you don't really blow....
<Synn> they just call it that
<Synn> there's my advice
<Synn> :D
<toonook> see?
<Subhedgehog> But it's good advice
<Subhedgehog> There should be no raspberries
* Grouchy has quit IRC (Quit)
<toonook> avoid bracers too
* BeerBelly has joined #Fumbbl
* BeerBelly has left #Fumbbl
<deckerCKY> erf!
<Synn> never let a fat girl near it
<Synn> you don't know if she is hungry
<toonook> i have the scar to prove that one
<Synn> they could ALWAYS be hungry
<Nature_Warden> Lol

* You were kicked from #Fumbbl by Christer (cheating is not allowed.)
* You were kicked from #Fumbbl by Christer (unless you're an admin)
* You were kicked from #Fumbbl by Christer (oh, this is a cool way of talking actually.)

<TheSpoonyBard> ...coca cola?
<warriortsuke> all same REALLY annoying gif
<warriortsuke> just a stupid little creature jumping around
* kufu has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
* nThatch has quit IRC (Quit)
<warriortsuke> coca cola is a frined of mine that's black.. so he made the team
<TheSpoonyBard> you have a friend named coca cola?
<warriortsuke> nickname..
<warriortsuke> always drinking cocke..
<TheSpoonyBard> ...
<Ameranth> ...
<warriortsuke> coke..

<KingSnakeeyes> hey bud check out my new team pic
<KingSnakeeyes> http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&team_id=323416
<Synn> team pic?
<KingSnakeeyes> for my khems
<Synn> didn't see a pic
<KingSnakeeyes> thats odd it shows when i pull them up on my page to look at them
<Synn> well...
<Synn> for wasting my time i am reporting them as offensive
<Synn> :D
<KingSnakeeyes> lol

<Meech> You know who is good at hide the pickle?
<Meech> Shadow
<Synn-legend> he is very good
<ginetti-lfg> anyone from australia ?
* Yo has quit IRC (Quit)
<Synn-legend> meech told me
<Meech> It is like hiding a toothpick in the Grand Canton
<zingr> yes
<Meech> Wide and Vast...
<benkobi> haha
<Meech> Err
<zingr> there are many people from australia
<Meech> Grand Canyon
<Synn-legend> and full of visiting boy scouts
<Synn-legend> :)
<benkobi> lol
<Meech> lol
<Meech> and more than one horse has been up one side and down the other
<Synn-legend> lol

<CorporateSlave3> Wait, wait...maybe I am getting FatherShadow and Britnoth mixed up...it has been a while since I've been around..

<FluffySquirrel> blodger?
<Synn> blodge = block + dodge
<FluffySquirrel> ah
<Synn> blackle = block + tackle
<zerkalo> blodger = blodge + r
* WeedSki has joined #Fumbbl
<Synn> Zerkalo = shadow - 15 CR

<Rijssiej> 4v4 is somewhat boring
<freak_in_a_frock> indeed, in fact the main problem with 4 vs 4 is the fact that you can only hurt 4 people
* banana_fish900 has quit IRC (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<Ludvik> but 4vs4 games are quick
<FatherShadow> so?
<FatherShadow> doesn't mean they're good
<freak_in_a_frock> so is sex with me, doesn't make it good
<FatherShadow> lol
<Prinz> rofl
<Rijssiej> hehe
<Ludvik> lol
<Synn> ha

<pizzamogul> i'm in game atm, give me a few
<Synn> no prob
<pizzamogul> i'll poke you when i[m done
<Synn> ok
<Synn> :D
* Synn blushes

**Last turn of the game.... i am up 5-1.... he has a chance to get the ball for a possible long shot score. I leave him with a chance but had moved over a screen of two guys to make him make some 3+ dodges......

<Synn> this is possible
<Synn> but tough
<red> so no problem for this team!
<red> =)
<Synn> and a possibility of you killing yourself
Select an action for Ferrin-Vanna
Blitz selected.
DODGE BEFORE RE_ROLL: Ferrin-Vanna knocked over trying to dodge.
TARGET: 3 --- ROLL: 1 + 0 = 1
Reroll using DODGE.
TARGET: 3 --- ROLL: 1 + 0 = 1
Ferrin-Vanna is knocked over.
(5, 4) + 0, (4, 6) + 0, 6: Ferrin-Vanna has been KILLED!!
<Synn> told you so :)

<Manbush> LOL don't beat me masser!
<Synn> hehe
<Synn> i am not violent
<Manbush> just very touchy-feely
<Prinz> when the person you're hugging stops moving
<Prinz> you're violent
<Manbush> LOL

<Meech> you are a fruit
<Synn> you got spit on by a child at 6:30 in the morning
<Synn> dry em
<Synn> :D
<Meech> lol
<Meech> I deserved it... kinda
<Synn> how old?
<Meech> 6 months
<Synn> cute
<Synn> :)
<Meech> She takes after mom
<Meech> So she isn't deformed or 5 nipples
<Synn> so not bald and scratching her self
<Synn> :D
<Meech> I can't imagine what she would look like if she took after dad.
<Meech> Never met the guy :)
<Meech> hahahahaha
<Meech> Thank god everyone else is asleep

<I_want_candy> how do you forfeit a game?
<Tymless> erm
<Emphasy> you dont
<Prinz> well yeah
<Prinz> but in the case you really want to wuss out :)
<Prinz> I_want_candy: right click in the blue border around the score, select concede
<Prinz> I_want_candy: only at the beginning of your own turn
<I_want_candy> alright thanks
<I_want_candy> was just curious cause someone did it to me
<Prinz> ah :)
<Ameranth> thanks, now where do i click to make my opponent concede? :)
<BowlBot> *** Sratslla Soahc 0 vs 2 Tha Gr33n Rush ***
<Prinz> Ameranth: foul

<Britnoth> yer
<Britnoth> but you have to leave your players there or they stand up and walk away again
<Britnoth> so i keep your player next to mine tho mine is prone
<Texan> you leave prone players often?
<Britnoth> yep
<Synn> no wonder you don't play us
<morehouse> hahaha
<Texan> no doubt
<Redman> brit, want a game? i love prone players ;)

<meech> Watching Synn try to get a game is like watching a hustler picking a woman up at the bar.
<meech> You know you shouldn't play Synn, and after it is over you end up sticky broke and confused as you stumble into the harsh morning light.
<meech> I feel like I should just tell these people "go ahead let him nail you once and he will leave you alone. Just don't look him in the face, he hates that"

<Blockbuster> ive seen men almost kill each other over such words
<Plorg|leg> you need to hang out in a different bar then

<Texan> this is like watching the special olympics
<Texan> except that they have an excuse

<Emphasy> !"#¤
<Emphasy> yaar
<Emphasy> BAM!
<Emphasy> no more stealing the ball
<Sinner> he was so funny to play
<Sinner> *sniff*
<Emphasy> he won you the game vs me
<Synn> was it BAM! or BAM! BOOT!
<GrottyJack> so you did something good for once? oh my...
<Sinner> actually the first player I ever cared about
<Sinner> BOOT
<Synn> he was a pain
<Emphasy> BAM! = niggle or kill
<Sinner> !
<Emphasy> so it was BAM!
<Sinner> but it was with a boot
<Emphasy> yup
<Synn> by the B00t!
<Synn> \\o
<Synn> o//
<Sinner> a tiny gobbo boot
<Emphasy> but in my book its BAM!
<Emphasy> no such thing as boot as i foul with my dick
<Sinner> right in the kisser
<Emphasy> just letting it drop
<Synn> lol
<Sinner> omg
<Emphasy> Timber!!

<Texan> see you guys in a bit--time to put the kids to bed :)
* Texan is now known as Texan|afk
* dacliff has quit IRC (Quit)
* shadow46x2 puts texan's wife to bed
<shadow46x2> :-D
* AFK_Eagle thinks shadow is lonely
* Doc has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Synn-Stable> and by "kids" he means "prositutes" and by "bed" he means "frshly dug hole in the ground"
<shadow46x2> lol
<mikafreak> ...

<Uber> I'm not tasting anyone's pork sword tonight
<CrazyCanuck> ROFL
<Synn> but tomorrow....
<Synn> he's down
<OldBugman> haha
* Willowwing has quit IRC (Quit)
* Darkwolf has joined #Fumbbl
* Lehmund has joined #Fumbbl
<Synn> and when i say "down" i mean "filled out like a McD's application"
<OldBugman> I'll make sure I go for a jog before hand
<OldBugman> so it's salty.
<Synn> is that true....
<Synn> JKA?
* CrazyCanuck roflcopter's until he pukes
* Charles has quit IRC (Quit)
<JKA> What?
<Synn> that is is salty?
<Synn> this is when i wish mika was around
<Synn> she would tell
<Lehmund> Anyone want to play my LIzzies (U) : 157/142?
<JKA> Not so salty, just meaty

<mikafreak> because I asked you to come to admin
<DarkTechnomancer> Ok
<johnston58> Loook This is no longer Johnson58, this is his mom and his borther's mom. He is not trying to pull a fast one just trying to have some fun and play some bloodblow.

<Mezir> griff > count
<Synn> synn > mezir
* Synn was kicked by Mezir (Kick me and I'll concede your point. But your powerlessness proves my superiority. Might makes right.)

<Meech> Not complaining about stalling. I just think in this situation the guy should be scoring every other turn against a team of zombies
<Synn> that they can just maim the stragglers and set up for offense again
<Synn> he should be
<Wyrmtainter> not the right to score, the right to have fun
<Synn> he is playing zombies!
<Meech> Right
<Synn> well wrym
<Synn> your fun is not his concern per say
* necronlord78 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Synn> if you don't like him stalling....
<Synn> don't fuck up on defense
<Synn> ;)
<Meech> LMAO
<Wyrmtainter> yeah and you are of the bunch that whines about T16 fouls?
<Meech> That was poetic

* Synn kicks urien.....er fouls
<Urien> :C
<Urien> synn you want to play now?
<Synn> =D
<Synn> are you serious?
<Urien> oh, heavens no
<Urien> :D
<Urien> checked your team
<shadow46x2> lol
<Synn> LOL

<shadow46x2> god i can't help it
<shadow46x2> i get wood when i hear the toilet bowl sound

Urian is knocked over.
Player pushed to (23, 9)
(5, 4) + 0, (6, 4) + 0, 6: Urian has been KILLED!!
<Synn> splat
<blu> eek
<blu> sorry
<Synn> heheh
Move ended for David DeJesus
[Game Saved]
Select an action for The Dayton Kid
<Synn> don't appologize
<Synn> i love that sound
Normal move selected.
<Synn> ;)
Move ended for The Dayton Kid
Select an action for Jarrod
<Synn> would prefer to hear it on your guys but i am really not picky

[01:02] <ruoste> kick synn too, he started it!
[01:02] <;@mikafreak> really?
[01:02] <Synn> i did not start using foul language
[01:02] <Synn> you can check mika
[01:02] <Synn> ;)
[01:02] * AC (~AC@0x50a0b55a.unknown.tele.dk) Quit (Quit)
[01:02] <skuttlespike12345> anyone want a game?
[01:02] <Synn> and as for ruoste
[01:02] <Synn> you can fuck right off
[01:02] <Synn> ;)
[01:02] <Voorn> foul foul foul
[01:02] <ruoste> :D
[01:02] <shadow46x2-zombie> LOL
[01:02] <buckskin> lol
[01:03] <;@mikafreak> !kick Synn lets not even go there enough
[01:03] * Synn was kicked by Nuffle (lets not even go there enough (mikafreak))
[01:03] <;@mikafreak> next one is kick banned
[01:03] <AlcingRagaholic> bwahaaa

<gamenutter> in your mind they are for killing things
<JanMattys> more guns = more chances to use guns
<RagingGoblin> what are they for?
<gamenutter> i like to target shoot
<Synn> develops hand eye coordination
<RagingGoblin> name another practical use for guns
* pac has joined #Fumbbl
<JanMattys> more chances to use gun = more danger
<RagingGoblin> you can target shoot with a bow or crossbow
<RagingGoblin> or a darts
<gamenutter> how about for fun, just like you spend your time here
<Synn> and the wife can never say no to a BJ when you got 6 inches of cold steel in your OTHER pocket
<gamenutter> i have those too!
* Diabl0658 has joined #Fumbbl
<Synn> >=D
<Falcone> :)

<Tigerhyslop> does anyone know at what point in the spp's taht you can get another skill
<Synn> 6
<Synn> 16
<Synn> 31
<Synn> 51
<Synn> 76
<Synn> 126
<Tigerhyslop> can't seem to find info on that anywhere
<Synn> 666
<TheSpoonyBard> you'd find it in the rulebook
<Tigerhyslop> why the big gap between 126 and 666?

ormal move selected.
<Texan> well, I screwed that turn up nicely
Move ended for Zukk
<heinz9> yes
<Spoony3> a-yup
<Synn1> yep
<Synn1> ;)
Select an action for Zorion

<SoarenHightower> y do u want somea aswell topper
* FatherShadow laughs
* fleischmarkt1 has left #Fumbbl
* Furious_George insinuate he might have @ in this channel
<Furious_George> mocking the man might not be wise :p
<Topper28> SoarenHightower, excuse me???
<Synn> heheh
<vonq> lol
<SoarenHightower> do you want me to spell it out for you topper
<Synn> this could turn classic
<Synn> soaren..
<Topper28> please do
<Synn> notice the @ next to his name...
<Furious_George> list of top 10 things not to do in IRC
<Synn> lol edge
<vonq> lol
* FatherShadow snorts his tea
<FatherShadow> LOL
* Synn waves goodbye
<pac> *sigh*
* macike-afk has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
* Topper28 sets mode: +b *!*@*.mant.adsl.ntlworld.com
* SoarenHightower was kicked by Topper28 (SoarenHightower)

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