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Shambling Undead
Shambling Undead
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Timeouts: I play fast games so I will give you one time of going over the 4 minute limit but after that will have no problem hitting the button as fast as possible. Unless theres a reason. It's the rules, tabletop its forgiveable but on here all the rolls are automatic and it even calculates movement distances now. Please speed up!!!



Words to blood bowl by:

1: Its a game, have fun.
2: Everyones fun is different.
3: No one cares if you have fun. They are having their own fun.
4: Knowing the odds doesnt make you a good player.
5: Ignoring the odds will make you a bad player.
6: Do the safe stuff first, unless you got a better plan.
7: Try not to roll dice, but don't be afraid to at the right time.
8: Players die.
9: 1 in 6 odds of failing does not mean it will work.
10: Never trust an elf.
11: Anything with ag4 or higher counts as an elf. gutter Runners count as dangerous elves.
11: One elf is enough to beat anyone. Two is often overkill.
12: Just because everyone hates dwarves, doesnt mean they are unbeatable.
13: A bad plan can still work.
14: In the abscence of a good plan, a bad plan will do.
15: If you have no plan at all, just be lucky.
16: To get lucky, you have to try to be lucky.
17: Failing a long odds move isnt Nuffle. Making 2 long odds moves and then failing the 2+, thats Nuffle.
18: Nuffle knows funny, and Nuffle LIKES funny.
19: Yes. Someone, somewhere has done that already.
20: Anything can work, one sixth of the time.

1 Your ‘Bad Dice’ are not the fault of your opponent.
2 Your opponents ‘Good Dice’ are not the fault of your opponent.
3 Your opponent does not usually think your dice are as bad as you think they are.
4 Your opponent does not usually think his dice are as good as you think they are.
5 Any roll can succeed on a six no matter how unlikely it is.
6 Any roll can fail on a one no matter how easy it should be.
7 Re-rolls will fail sometimes.
8 Every other Coach has suffered from this at sometime in the past.
9 Most other coaches understand when you are truly having bad luck but there is nothing they can do that will help ease your frustration.
10 It is a dice game./>