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High Elf
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Win Percentage

Basic Informations:
Coach CategoryAllrounder (The way I approach the game doesn't really fit into any category. I do play any style just as long as it gets me somewhere.)
Coach RaceHuman (I'm a human, go figure. Lol.)
Prefered Team RaceSlann, Chaos Pact
Avoiding Team RaceNurgle Rotters, Dark Elves (They are evil, lol.)
Personal Status Elite (Elite seems to be more befitting than Legend, because I'm very good. But not one of the best. Unfortunatly the ranked rankings just go up to Legendary and also it's easier for me to just tell you. Don't trust the stats.)
Personality Chaotic Good (I'll get to that later in detail in this reworked version.)
Highest Loss1 - 6
Highest Win 7 - 0
Highest Tie 5 - 5
(This is all probably terribly outdated. Not that I was really paying attention.)
Highest CR 185.74
(Changed to 179.8 after latest reset - Christer sometimes completely recalculates this stuff... like ex tunc.)
Highest Ranked Standing 3
Highest Blackbox Standing 1
(Same problem really, might not be correct ex tunc, but how would I check, right?)
Highest Box Ranking 183.87

Views make up a persons personalty. Views are really all that matters. It's pointless to ask to know about anything else on a human level. Of course we do not often want to engage other people on a human level. Usually we have ulterior motives. Is he qualified to do a job and whatnot.. In a game like this one we want to learn about their abilities in the game. To do that it is much easier to check the stats.
I'll use this place now in this reworked version to seriously talk about myself and why this is all so silly.

Winning is an attitude. And BB is a great anecdote for life. BB makes you feel like you're constantly at a disadvantage. But not just you alone, you and your opponent. Everybody feels screwed in this game. You need the mentality of a masochist to be able to deal with it. Winning in BB is all about understanding when a tide that comes your way brings you fortune and when its better to lie down and take a beating.
Which again is totally dependent on probabilities. It's not magical. There is no force that makes you naturally unlucky or lucky. You're just like everybody else. Christer didn't write some extra lines of code for you to screw you over every game. The RNG is fine. If it wasn't fine, you still wouldn't be the victim. So don't say stuff like that it just makes you look like an idiot.
Games are encapsulated problem solving environments. Beating a game means solving a problem under clearly defined conditions. It's the same as what is done in science. It's different from what's happening in reality.
It's all about honing your analytical mind.

I'm not gonna judge you as a person based on how well you play the game. It obviously doesn't matter. If I feel like you do really think it matters I might judge you negatively because you do. But don't worry, I'm not very quick to judge. It's not just that tho, let me be perfectly clear. None of your 'archievements' in life really matter. Your job, your wife, your money, your grades, lol. Why would I give a damn whether you're a junkie or a millionaire? Ever. A real achievement is something you do for somebody else. Not something you do for yourself.
I'm not gonna debate these obvious things with you unless you would ever ask me straight up. It's a given. It's obvious. If you talk to me I'll not explain to you that I believe we all are equals, that i believe in freedom of speech, a secular state, in democracy. It's a given. I will joke about these things. I will joke with you about my archievements. And joke about your archievements. And if you feel insulted because of that. Then yes, you do deserve to be insulted. But I don't make that call. I'm just naive because I think you are better than that. And believe you get the joke in all of it. But yes I admit, it really means all nothing to me.

Stuck in construction...

Archievements (no longer interesting):
Won all types of Fumbbl Smack
Won a XFL Tournament three yearss in a row
Played in a live tournament

unfortunatly I don't have much time right now to persue my goals right now :(

Momentary goals:
Build a team for a major (archieved)
Win a major (not archieved)
Top 10 Blackbox (archieved)
Constantly hold a CR in the 170's area (archieved)

Future goals(not yet important):
Play in a Royal Rookie Rumble
Win a Royal Rookie Rumble
Play in the Fumbbl Tour
Being at least once Nr.1 in ranked
Win some kind of cup with NoTrees
Win a live tournament

things to tell:
a turn 2 score is not that bad... a turn 8 score is the best thing and try not to give the oppo 5 or 4 turns to fight back... you yourself should have no troubles to score in four turns comfortably...

don't like...
I really don't like it when people disconnect and don't come back, this would be the only reason why i would not play a coach again.
ok for special reason i decided to create a new Ultrablacklist for players i wouldnt play any other sort of games with... Right now, there is just one person on this list.

This used to be my mainleague... but some rulechanges made me do sth. else. No point in playing on a national level anyhow if there is an entire world out there to explore... still was a very nice System. Enjoyed it alot.

I spend a lot of my time there... I like giving advises... latlely i realized that the amount of perfection i expect my opponent to do is that sparse by new coaches that i feel the need to advise the ones that latley have at least at good basic amount of expierence....

It's pretty awsome to get games just like that. Hhh.. i shouldnt edit my profile anymore.. it takes way too much time.

I try to keep my Ranking around 170... anything else i dont care that much here...i win ca. half of the smacks im playing in... (have i really been rewarded with +ff?) one smack (these brackets have nothing to do with the text you are reading right now. but when you are at this point its very likley you was reading all my coachinformation (woah) thats why i feel the need to tell you now that i've stolen the text at the beginning from the rancid song, daily city train... i just thought it suited good to me) i lost in the second round, because my opponent ejected in the first round and the loss of money and spp i originally gained in this game was too big and my luck to small (in other words i just lost)
..the other game i lost was with cds vs a khemri team with 5 dp- sekelletons on the first round... i think i paniked when i saw them and was so much busy with trying to survive i didnt cared much enough about the balll... ...after all i lost the game AND many players(later add:)....ok guess i lost the one other smack more right now :)

T16 fouls
oh... and about turn 16 fouls...i put coaches occasionally on my blacklist for that... not every player on my blacklist is there for such a minor reason, tough...

i don't like playing people that hurt me when there is no technical reason for it...
its actually the thing that makes it personal... anything else... stalling one turn scoring everything goes what helps to win... about fouling in general... however iam expecting you to foul on a sensefull level..

recently, since i joined blackbox, i ve developed a more foul intense gamestyle since it helps alot to handle especially, khemri, orcs and dwarves....

Erm.... well... i think i said before: i whine (most of the times) about loosing players.... still i have the believe that whining is a sign of being a bad gamer and a bad sportsman, so you will find me not complaining about immensly unlucky moves from time to time...other times you will find me analyzing what happend during the turn, trying to find out if i was lucky or just played bad... i dont care if you whine but most certainly will think of you as a worse coach......

Its very likley you gonna meet me in a tourtnament when you play some.... you might think if you foul me here t16 it doesnt matter because im forced to play you..... i can tell you if you foul me t16 in a ranked game it wont matter more or less.. the charakter of a t16 foul is that it doesnt matter in itself... thats why some people (like me) dont like it.... the effect kicks in later in the next game.... so please note that i still can put you on my blacklist and not play you in ranked even if you "just" t16 foul me in a tournament.

ok have fun guys, don't foul too much... but enjoy when you do...

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