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Wood Elf
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Wood Elf
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Elven Union
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Elven Union
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King of the Dice Merchants

Box Schedule

(Once every team is at 100 games)

(Mortal!) Monday - Humans, Norse, Amazon, Dwarf
(TARRible!) Tuesday - Goblins, Halflings, Vampires, Ogre, Slann
(Wicked!) Wednesday - Chaos, Chaos Pact, Chaos Dwarves, Nurgle, Underworld
(Throw It!) Thursday - Dark Elves, High Elves, Pro Elves, Wood Elves
(Freaks of Nature!) Friday - Lizardmen, Khemri, Orcs, Undead, Necromantic
(Surprise!)Saturday - All Teams
(Speed!)Sunday - High Elves, Pro Elves, Wood Elves
Skaven, Skaven, Skaven, Skaven, Skaven, Skaven

Ranked Schedule

'Star' Coach Rating Or Higher, Elfball Only

Favorite Games

(Don't Call It A Comeback)
(Failing for Fun and Intrigue)
(Another Brasky Creation) *Black Box Brawl CCXCII FINAL*
(Conquer Your Fears) *Black Cup VIII Second Round*
(Rainy Rat Rumble) *SKAVEN XFL X FINAL*
(Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?) *BRAWL CCLX FINAL*
(The Separation is in the Preparation)
(The Thrilla That Killed Morcilla)
(Magic Kaboola II, -2d6 Boogaloo)
(Crown of Sand VII - Qualifier VII First Round)
(Tents ain't ****)
(Ogre Pain Train 2)
(Bittersweet Larson)
(The Agony of Defeat)
(Magic Kaboola!)
(Ogre Pain Train)
(Cold Blooded Crazy Fun)
(Nuffle has the Last Laugh)
(Hot Dogging It for an Epic Finale)
(Going the Distance for a Brawl Trophy) *BRAWL CCVI FINAL*
(Humanity is up to Any Task)
(A Classic for the Ages) *FLAGSHIP FACEOFF*
(Hot Weather, Hotter Dice)
(Nuffle Outweighs the Fans)
(5 Skills Reward for Sprint)
(Nuffle's Eternal Reward)
(The Most Inexplicable Win)
(Greased Shoes Win MVP)
(Definition of Elfball)
(The Fans and Promoters Don't Know What They Missed)
(Gobbo Pain Train 5)
(A Legend is Born)
(A Whole Lot of Effort For Nothing)
(Gobbo Pain Train 4)
(3 Players and Hubris!)
(Boxing Match With Nuffle)
(Gobbo Pain Train 3)
(Pain, Pie Pays, Rain, Risky Plays)
(200th Box Win is Best Win!)
(Dirty Tricks Debut)
(Gobbo Cannon Proof of Concept)
(Heroicism Defined)
(Halfling Pain Train)
(Bend, Don't Break)
(Eleven casualties for the win!)
(Chaotic is an understatement)
(Gobbo Pain Train 2)
(Death, Elfball and Bullshit)
(Elfballs finest display)
(Rats in Elven Clothing)
(Sniper in the crowd! Lizard trampling ensues!) *BLOOD FEUD*
(Six scores and no winners) *BLOOD FEUD*
(Playing crazy is crazy fun)*BLOOD FEUD*
(AG4 Gobbos weren't as tasty as this win)
(Gobbo Pain Train 1)
(Rough Riders Ride Roughshod) *BLOOD FEUD*
(Pass Block is actively harmful to Legend's health)
(Concession through Elfball)
(Out of my element but not out of the game) *BLOOD FEUD*
(Nobody played defense)
(Nuffle lets you off the ground so he can knock you down again)
(The Dumbest Game)

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