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2020-03-30 05:53:58
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Yikes - approaching 500 matches
As I approach 500 matches, I made the error of looking at my coach standing (2294) and wondering where that stood against the rest of the world.

Right now that puts me at 20 places off the very bottom. Now, happiness does not come from judging yourself against the achievements of others. You're never going to find yourself content if your goal is to have slightly more of a certain placeholder of value than other people are. But at the same time, there's that mental itch, the struggle to say well, I'm sure I'm not that bad. I'm a legend in my own mind, why can't reality catch up with me?

So with that in mind, I figured I'd just suffered from a lot of being picked against when I used to spend all my time in Ranked, the "beginner-friendly" division of Fumbbl where you definitely don't have people hunting out easy prey. Surely in Box, where the system was fairer, I'd be doing better?

Oh hubris, thy name is Cushtie, for while there's 20 people arguably doing worse than me overall, if we look at the depths of the Box standings then I'm just one place from bottom. And while he's on 129.01, that's off 71 games; I've put in 223 Box matches since I started and I've won only 4 more than he has.

Was it a constant diet of stunty matches that's making me dreadful? Imposter Syndrome does me no favours, although my hope is that in twenty or thirty games they might become threatening. But nope: third from bottom in box with Goblins, ninth from bottom with Ogres - I can't even claim I'm great with terrible tools.

I know I can hurt you: in Ranked I average 2.83 casualties per game vs 2.04 against. But bodycount alone doesn't dictate success, and perhaps that's because I learned to pick and choose a bit too.

So, what next? As I said to begin with, there's little point chasing numbers in the hope that one or two more pixels on the page will make you happier, but I started this journey on Fumbbl in the hope it would improve my tabletop game a little. It seems to indicate a bit of a waste of time if that hasn't happened.

I already have some other excuses lined up:

* I'm doing it for the fun of the game, so winning's not important (but if you're not even trying to win, that's a pointless attitude and somewhat insulting to your opponent
* I've kept teams for too long when they're broken to the point they should be left to die (those poor, unloved Tiny Nightmares)
* People who put Guard on players are just awful and should stop
* Nobody is in the Box in North American time zones so you can't get a game anyway

But those seem a bit weakminded. When I hit 500, I'm going to put some of these old, or bloated, or misguided teams away for a while, try a fresh start, and see if that makes a difference for the next 100. Where will we be at 600?
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Posted by MenonaLoco on 2020-03-30 06:03:30
Hey Cushtie, Keep fighting!

If you want advice, you should play about 3 top tier Teams in box, imho.
I offer to manage one of them (decide on skills and buying players etc.) if you are interested (and if you allow me to put guard on some players.
Posted by DrClaes on 2020-03-30 07:27:35
Hey Mr. C!

Keep it up! I made a note when I hit 500 games a little over a year ago: https://fumbbl.com/p/blog&c=DrClaes&id=22084 . I was at 61 wins (you're at 59), and have kept at it and at least improved my win rate. Like you, I learned about the perils of Ranked, the difficulty of playing stunty teams, and about the squishiness of AV7 players...

I've said it before (to justify my poor performance, perhaps) that we all take different things from the game, and find pleasure in them. A lot of this can be sports role playing, and the silly things that happen on pitch are plenty of fodder for that side of things... and when the underdog does win, it's amazing!

The Blackbox was very good for my development and saw me playing match-ups that I would not have had in ranked. Your playing hours will make it a little more difficult to find matches (except now, apparently, due to covid 19).

See you out there, happy for a match anytime!

And like Menona said: take Guard!
Posted by Happy_Amateur on 2020-03-30 07:52:39
Yo! I think you're awesome. And you should consider yourself the foundation of FUMBBL that all others build upon.... or something....
Posted by Mattius on 2020-03-30 09:59:21
If it helps, I was below 50% win for nearly my whole time here, 14 years. Only now is the tide really changing.

I've written up a guide I wrote from my own mistakes that I can pm you if you like. Biggest factor imo is mind set. As soon as I worked on this, my performance changed dramatically.

Ps love your posts!
Posted by SanKuKai on 2020-03-30 12:48:53
I think Ranked is boooring, you meet only pickers...
And not competitive so much...

Come in da box !
Play all races (like me...), and TAKE THE FUN !!!
Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2020-03-30 16:03:35
If you would like some advice Cushtie, and it seems you're seeking it a bit, here's my tuppence:

1. Work out exactly what you want from BB - define your goals. Be it simply improving winrate, improving your game, or even just understanding what's going wrong. Simply saying "I'm having a fresh start for 500-600" is taking the first step - but define to yourself *exactly* what you want from this. It doesn't really matter if you don't get there within that 100, but it's something we aim for.

2. Focus on the process - while you appear to want to make an effort to have a better record over the next 100, don't get hung up on this. Simply make sure you do your best to win each game, and examine each one afterwards as you go: see if you can see the leaks in your game, and if you can't possibly even contact someone else to go through it with an objective eye. Do this on wins as well as ties/losses.

Posted by MrCushtie on 2020-03-31 06:36:30
Thanks all - I'll be reaching out to some of you later. Two games to go, hoping it's a blaze of glory to this arbitrary finish line, and then the studious improvements begin